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Instrumented Football Helmet

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1 Instrumented Football Helmet

2 Patent Liability Data Collection : Accelerometers mounted inside the football helmet measure impacts. Data Recording : Data from the accelerometers are stored on a mass memory device. Notification : Officials are notified upon a possible injury.

3 Riddell Revolution HITS Helmet
Similar Product: Riddell Revolution HITS Helmet Electronics: Physical Helmet: D465067 D475486 D492818 D528705

4 Riddell Inc. HITS Helmet
US Patent: Riddell Inc. HITS Helmet System and method for measuring the linear and rotational acceleration of a body part. Filled October 10, 2001 Patent covers the position of accelerometers around the head. Patent covers algorithm used to calculate impact levels from single axis-accelerometers.

5 Riddell Inc. HITS Helmet
US Patent: Riddell Inc. HITS Helmet Accelerometer placement for best accuracy (spaced 120o°apart). Each accelerometer’s data is fed into an equation that generates a cosine wave and compares them to known data. One is chosen as a best fit using least squares regression techniques. Impact location, direction, and magnitude is found from this algorithm.

6 Riddell Inc. HITS Helmet
Patent Liability: ( ) Riddell Inc. HITS Helmet Possible literal infringement. We have 3 accelerometers placed throughout the helmet at the 0o, 120o, -120o locations. We do not use a cosine best fit method. We do not use single-axis accelerometers. Solution: Keep 3 accelerometers but place them at different locations. Maybe 0o, 140o, -140o. Increase the number of accelerometers.

7 Head Acceleration-monitoring Technology (HAT)
US Patent: Head Acceleration-monitoring Technology (HAT) Helmet system including at least three accelerometers and mass memory and method for recording in real-time orthogonal acceleration. Filled June 11, 1997 Recording head movement during a sport or other activity into mass memory for later study. Memory can be local or sent wirelessly to another device’s storage medium.

8 Head Acceleration-monitoring Technology (HAT)
Patent Liability: ( ) Head Acceleration-monitoring Technology (HAT) Possible literal infringement. We do record all significant head movement onto a removable memory card. Data is time stamped for future reference and study. Solution: Remove the ‘record threshold’ and only record impacts that trigger a sideline alert. Limit the user from setting the trigger threshold too low. Do not store raw data, only calculated results.

9 Helmet-mounted Injury Notification System
US Patent: Helmet-mounted Injury Notification System A signaling device is installed in headwear and includes sensing devices for detecting linearly and rotationally directed impacts above a selected magnitude. Filled December 20, 1995 Uses LEDs mounted on helmet to notify officials, players, coach or other supervisor when a player is potentially injured.

10 Helmet-mounted Injury Notification System
Patent Liability ( ): Helmet-mounted Injury Notification System Possible infringement under doctrine of equivalence. The Instrumented Football Helmet impact notification feature does not use any perceivable light or audio signals. Solution: Possible licensing or royalty fees.

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