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Skyline Newsletter September, 2011 Current Job Openings are.. Direct Care Managers Pt 2 nd in Clinton & DeWitt “ “ “ FT 1 st /2 nd in DeWitt Calendar of.

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Presentation on theme: "Skyline Newsletter September, 2011 Current Job Openings are.. Direct Care Managers Pt 2 nd in Clinton & DeWitt “ “ “ FT 1 st /2 nd in DeWitt Calendar of."— Presentation transcript:

1 Skyline Newsletter September, 2011 Current Job Openings are.. Direct Care Managers Pt 2 nd in Clinton & DeWitt “ “ “ FT 1 st /2 nd in DeWitt Calendar of Events Employee Birthdays 1 st Crystal Pataska 14 th Julie Kremer 16 th Katie Flood 16 th Candie Schipper 17th Crystal Renkenthaler 19 th Shannon Cook 23 rd Denise Mayers 24 th Angie Marshall 25 th Jacque McTier 27 th Bill Goble 28 th Tiffany Bechtel Our sympathy to……. AMY STODDARD and her family. Amy’s sister-in-law, Kris Weiskircher, passed away at the University of Iowa Hospital on August 23 rd. She was 42 years of age. Kris leaves behind Amy’s brother, Kevin and their 2 year old daughter, Emily. Our thoughts will be ith you and your family during this very difficult time. New Employees are….. Heather Brooks and Ange Volkers are Direct Care Managers. Welcome Ladies!!!! Employee Anniversaries… 7 th Danyka Hoover 6 Yrs 12 th Chrissy Kyseth10 “ 15 th Jennifer Green14 “ 15 th Kim Gooch 7 “ 20 th Jared Voss 1 “ 27 th Mike Postma 1 “ Congratulations!! CPI RecertSept 13 th 8:30am – Noon “ “ “ 15 th 12:30pm - 4:00 OrientationSept 19 th – 23 rd Brain InjurySept 21 st 12:30pm - 4:00 Med Mgr RvuSept 27 th 9:00am – 11:00

2 SCI & Day Hab Attendance Award Winners …………….. SCI had 59 Attendance Winners. Despite the heat in August, the Individuals knew that they were needed at the workshop because they are so busy. Their dedication to their jobs is very much appreciated by the supervisors. DAY HAB had 16 Attendance Winners. Day Hab had several special events planned for the month of August. We are very glad that so many Individuals were able to join us for those events and the fun we had during that time. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU for being August, 2011 Attendance Award Winners at SCI and Day Habilitation!!!! Employee of the month for August, 2011 is………………………… KIM GOOCH!! Kim came to us from DSP in DeWitt back in 2006. Recently, at SCI, Kim has taken on extra responsibilities and has done a magnificent job of juggling these extra duties. She not only takes time for her staff, but also for the Individuals. Kim makes sure to take time everyday to talk with her staff and see how they are doing. She also stops by and talks with the Individuals and sometimes puts a smile on their face. Kim tries to make sure all of the staff at SCI work together like a team to make for a better working environment. We think that Kim has earned this acknowledgement. CONGRATULATIONS KIM GOOCH for being chosen September, 2011 Employee of the Month!!! SARCASTIC TOO SOON A burglar broke into a house late one night. Sneaking through the living room, he froze in his tracks when he heard a loud voice say, “Heaven sees you.” Nothing happened, so the burglar crept forward again. But then the voice repeated, “Heaven sees you!” The burglar stopped again and looked all around. Then he spotted a parrot in a corner of the room. “Was that you who said Heaven can see me?” asked the burglar. “Yes,” said the parrot. The burglar sighed with relief. “What’s you name?” “Clarence,” said the bird. “Clarence? That’s a dumb name for a parrot,” sneered the burglar. “What idiot named you Clarence?” “The same idiot who named the Rottweiler Heaven,” answered the parrot. If you win, you win by doing the things you do best. Doug Dickey Be always sure you are right – then go ahead. Davy Crockett

3  That in 1964 you could get a full lunch meal at K-Mart grill for $1.47…..WOW;  That Alexis K is meeting herself coming & going;  That apples, not caffeine are more efficient at waking you up in the morning;  That Tracy P & hubby are now proud home owners;  That the San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments;  That Ann B did some cross training at the front desk;  That the average number of people airborne over the U. S. in any given hour is 61,000;  That Joan H was in the land of sand & sun last month;  That honey bees will collect from as many as 500 flowers in a single trip;  That in 2006 TSA Airlines banned all liquids carried on to a plane, that was later changed;  That the first monorail opened in 1888 in Ireland;  That I am VERY proud of Chrissy K….2 Big Ones;  That Deidra H and Vicki F ventured up to the Center to see us…….that was nice;  That the famous distress SOS doesn’t mean anything;  That school has started not only for children but for adults as well…...way to go;  That Bridget has alien feet…..yep, that’s what I said;  That truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell;  That Val M needed more than Pepsi to stay awake;  That Pierre & Marie Curie shared the Noble Prize in Physics;  That Teresa takes notes on the palm of her hand;  That the first novel written on a typewriter-Tom Sawyer;  That Melissa S. wants donuts & chocolate for training ;  That the most popular boat name requested owners is “Obsession”;  That honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil;  That our dignity is not negotiable;  That no living creature can exist without water;  That knowledge without conscience is the ruination of the soul;  That Coca Cola was originally green;  That to listen well is as powerful a means of communication as to talk well;  That to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it, so don’t carry a grudge;  That if you find a path with no obstacles on it, chances are it doesn’t lead anywhere; Did You Know???  That in 1975 we paid.79 cents for a bag of baking flour;  That school is back in session, drive safely;  That Samantha is always quiet but has a smile; That we should ask Dani or Lynn how long it actually takes to get to Des Moines; That a spider can have as many as eight eyes; That Julie K can’t tell the difference between dog or cat food (you’d think the picture on the bag would give it away); That in 1973 3lbs of hamburger were.99cents; That Jan K gets her exercise walking the halls; That the wheelbarrow was invented in China; That Chiquita is expecting an addition to her family; That when sea water freezes much of the salt is concentrated into pockets of liquid; That Barb E-M is the “delivering” bakery lady; That 1973 we paid.47 cents for a gallon of gas; That you should not ask Candie to set up “reliable” appointments; That a spider can have up to 8 eyes; That Jennifer was a “filler” and handled it well; That the legendary Pony Express lasted a mere 18 months; That men can read smaller print than women, but women can hear better; That there is no difficulty that love wont conquer; That Fred & Wilma Flintstone were the first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV; That it is impossible to lick your elbow (I know that some of you will try it: That Skyline’s bowling team is “going for it” and starting another year; Go Team!! That the SCI workshop is very busy; That the cost of raising a medium size dog to the age of 11 is $16,400….Huh!! That Samantha K is not going to let her husband drive her vehicles anymore – he totals them: That the State with the highest percentage of people who walk to work is Alaska; That Jack R helped out with A LOT of the DYK’s; That the percentage of North America that is wilderness is 38%; That the Training Room at the Center is available for meeting, as well as the Board Room; That intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair; That a duck’s quack doesn’t echo and we don’t know why; That dentists recommend that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid contact with airborne particles (I’m keeping mine in the living room from now on); Have a Safe and Fun Labor Day!!!

4 Traveling to School: Safety tips to share with your children Whether children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus to school, it is extremely important that they take proper safety precautions. Here are some tips to share with your children to ensure their safety when traveling to school. Walking to school Walk to school with a group of kids and always have a responsible adult with you. Always walk on the sidewalk if one is available. If no sidewalk is available, walk facing the traffic. The safest place to cross is at a street corner or intersection. If you are 10 years old or younger, you need to cross the street with an adult. You should not cross by yourself. Before you step off the curb to cross the street, stop and look all ways to see if cars are coming. When no cars are coming, it is safe for you and an adult to cross. But look left-right-left as you do it, and hold the adult’s hand. Walk, don’t run. This gives time for drivers to see you before you enter the roadway. Running also makes you more likely to fall in the street. Don’t dart out in front of a parked car. The driver of the car coming down the street will not be able to see you. Stay safe because we love you!! Riding a bicycle to school Always wear your helmet when riding your bicycle. Make sure that your helmet fits correctly. The helmet should fit low on your forehead so that two fingers fit between it and your eyebrows. Another way to check is to put the helmet on your head and look up. If you can’t see your helmet, it is too far back. To ride safely, you need to know the rules of the road. If you don’t, then you should not ride in traffic or without an adult. Ride on the right side of the road or trail in a single file line in the same direction as other vehicles and come to a complete stop before crossing streets. Wait for a driver’s signal before crossing the street. When you ride your bicycle, you should wear bright colors during the day and right before the sun rises or sets. Riding the bus to school When the bus arrives, stand at least three giant steps away from the curb. Be sure the bus driver can see you and you can see the bus driver. When on the bus, find a seat and sit down. Loud talking or other noise can distract the bus driver and is not allowed. Before you reach your stop, get ready to leave by getting your books and belongings together. When getting off the bus, if you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk at least ten feet ahead of the bus along the side of the road until you can turn around and see the driver. Wait for a signal from the bus driver to cross. When the driver signals, walk across the road keeping an eye out for sudden traffic changes. Stay away from the wheels of the bus at all times. Riding at night can be dangerous. If you have to ride your bicycle at night, you should ride with an adult. You should have a white light on the front of your bicycle and a red reflector on the back. You also can get lights and reflective materials to put on your shoes, helmet and clothing.

5 Chuckles When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock – so, I stopped wearing socks. Albert Einstein I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly. Steven Wright Physical fitness is in. I recently had a physical fit myself. Steve Allen Too many people think they are being creative when they are just being different. Unknown Author There’s a difference between opinion & conviction. My opinion is something that is true for me personally; my conviction is something that is true for everybody – in my opinion. Sylvia Cordwood 5 Everyday Health Tips IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH can be as easy as enjoying a nutritious meal or listening to your favorite tunes. Here are five simple ways to improve your well-being today: EAT BREAKFAST. “Breakfast is essential for brain stamina & weight management,” says a Baltimore, MD dietitian. Studies show eating breakfast helps you lose weight & keep it off. Easy grab-&-go breakfasts such as yogurt with sliced mango or blueberries or toasted whole grain waffles topped with nut butter, a sliced banana and cinnamon. MOVE MORE. Create opportunities for exercise throughout the day. Take a short walk during lunch & spend a few minutes playing outside with the kids. Dance around the house says a personal trainer in New York City. Any sort of movement that increases your heart rate by 10% or more is stimulating your muscles & metabolism. LISTEN TO MUSIC. Upbeat music can boost your energy & mood, & soothing music can relieve stress and promote sleep. Listening to music also can lower blood pressure, alleviate pain and even promote heart health. ADD A FRUIT AND A VEGETABLE TO EACH MEAL. Each fruit or vegetable provides fiber and essential vitamins for heart and skin, and anti-aging benefits. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. We tend to underestimate the impact that lack of sleep has on our life. Lack of sleep can cause concentration problems, irritation, depression and anxiety….as well as headaches, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems and other ailments. The average healthy adult needs six to eight hours of sleep each night. For better sleep, avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening and don’t nap during the day. *

6 Recipes of the Month….. we had a lot of requests for certain recipes, so here you go. Enjoy!! E-Z PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES 1 cup peanut butter1 cup sugar1 egg Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Prepare a cookie sheet covered in foil. Mix together the sugar, peanut butter and egg in that order. Then scoop spoonfuls of the dough and put them about an inch apart on the foil covered cookie sheet. Take a fork and press down each cookie, criss-crossed. Bake in the oven for 7 minutes or until golden brown. Makes about 18 cookies. You wanted easy, these are easy!! SUMMER SAUERKRAUT SALAD 1 27oz. jar Sauerkraut (drain & squeeze excess liquid)½ c each red & green pepper, diced ½ medium onion, diced½ c. canola oil1 c. sugar Mix together, cover and refrigerate overnight. Easy and sounds good!!! Thanks Jeff! PINANGEL CAKE 1 angel food cake mix.1 15oz can pineappleContainer Lite Cool Whip Make cake mix as directed on box. Add can of pineapple. Mix all ingredients and pour into a 9x13” pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes (or until brown). Once it’s cool top with the cool whip. If you like pineapple, you will like this. Thanks Barb L!!!! COLLARD GREENS 6lbs Collard Greens¼ c. vegetable oil (this makes them tender) 1Tbs. sugar(this is added because they tend to be a little bit of a bitter green) 2 Smoked turkey wings or necks (Hy-Vee has them-adds great flavor) 1 Small onion - cut up Sprinkle Seasoning salt after cooking for about 2 hours– only if needed. Wash collard greens, set aside. Boil smoke turkey for 30 minutes, then add greens a little at a time, as all may not fit until they cook down (keep adding more to pot as they cook). Add vegetable oil, chopped onion and sugar. Cook on medium heat for 2 ½ to 3 hours or until tender (to meet your satisfaction), but should not be mushy. After 2 hours may want to add season salt. This is Tracy P’s Mom’s recipe. We had a lot of people ask how to make this after tasting it when cooked in the Day Hab. If you like spinach, you will like this. It’s delicious!!!!!! NO MATTER YOUR AGE, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO LEARN Here’s some wisdom found on an anonymous e-mail that’s worth sharing and pondering:  I’ve learned that our dog doesn’t want to eat my broccoli either. Author age 7.  I’ve learned that if you want to cheer yourself up, you should try cheering someone else up. Age 14.  I’ve learned that silent company is often more healing than words of advice. Author age 24.  I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it. Author age 30.  I’ve learned that the greater a person’s sense of guilt, the greater his or her need to cast blame on others. Author age 46.  I’ve learned that motel mattresses are better on the side away from the phone. Author age 50.  I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you miss them terribly after they die. Author age 53.

7 9 FYI JUST A REMINDER to send your Monthly Wellness Charts to the H.R. Department. We are a little behind at issuing your incentives and for that I apologize. However, all of your steps will be getting updated very soon and you will hear from us. PLEASE, do not give up!! Even if you have missed a few months, as I have, we need to get back at it. Hope to hear from you even if it is just to get a new chart or ask where your incentive is!!! Two things rob people of their peace of mind: work unfinished and work not yet begun. Author Unknown Around here you’re either expense or you’re revenue. Donna Vaillancourt Accept and Adjust…..I believe in bad luck. I believe I will always have it, and I plan accordingly. Napoleon Bonaparte Monday Morning Mantra…..another week, another opportunity to be a maverick. Patricia O’Connor Have a reason for making a decision. You won’t always be right, but be sure your reasoning was correct. Eddie Kasko When we realize we are part of the same team, then we’ll come up with real solutions. Charles H. Wright A MESSAGE FOR THE NEWLY HIRED: At various points in your careers, you will be called to take a risk. And I think you will find, as I have found, those will be the times of your greatest opportunities. Raymond Gilmartin

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