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The art of discovering yourself volume four Turn speakers on. Click manually. typhoon ondoy - a wake-up call eastwind poems.

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1 the art of discovering yourself volume four Turn speakers on. Click manually. typhoon ondoy - a wake-up call eastwind poems

2 You are the Lord our God, there is no other the God of abraham and moses typhoon ondoy, philippines, oct 2009 music debussy claire de lune pianist tonying pastor

3 You give and You take away life and death, light and darkness typhoon ondoy

4 You give joy and misery, benediction and destruction typhoon ondoy

5 You are the God of mercy and wrath forgive us for turning to You only when we need You typhoon ondoy

6 Your will be done, Lord, we surrender our spirits to You let your Light shine upon us in our hour of darkness

7 there is a parallelism between the twin towers of babel and the twin towers of new york their destruction is a message from the Lord that man has abandoned Him and does not regret his sin of pride it is the same message in noah’s ark, sodom and gomorrah the babylonian exile He is the God of mercy for those who have embraced Him He is the God of wrath for those who have abandoned Him

8 when you offer your pain to the Lord, it is no longer pain but prayer yielding inner strength and inner peace, which consume the pain

9 I send darkness that you may seek My light I send a storm that you may seek My shelter

10 a meaningful life revolves around a spirit that grows strong as the body grows weak

11 i get lost, i grow cold, i grow weary seeking shelter from the storm and i cry in the wind though i grope and i wander still i find to my wonder every path leads to Thee the cardinal, the movie

12 forgiveness heals, hatred consumes

13 perspective is power

14 perspective is wisdom

15 a foot soldier sees the trees - he has a ground view

16 a general sees the forests - he has a helicopter view

17 a pilot sees the stratosphere - he has an airplane view

18 an astronaut sees the earth he has a satellite view

19 a child sees the unseen

20 he has a cosmic view

21 a child intuitively sees infinity in a flower which adults have forgotten to see

22 in the world of children there is no vanity jealousy or manipulation only simplicity, sharing and discovery that is why the Lord said we should be like them in order to enter His kingdom

23 children build bridges to reach out to an undiscovered world adults destroy bridges to protect themselves from a cruel world

24 do not resist, flow with the wind do not grasp, touch lightly shout and be ignored whisper and be heard be anonymous in order to progress take the limelight in order to regress with too much effort, you miss the shot with little effort, you make the shot meditation begins with no thoughts confusion with many thoughts look inward and get lost look outward and find the way give and you are satisfied get and you want more eastwind

25 jonathan livingston seagull was always learning and practicing how to fly trying so hard to achieve perfection but because he was different from the rest of the other seagulls he was sent away to live as an outcast he later attained perfection only after he knew about love for there are no more limits to flight when one has learned to love bernadette lopez

26 if your heart is kind, you can see forever Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM

27 Hardwood is stronger than steel In weathering rain and rust A smile is stronger than a stick In winning hearts and minds you must empty yourself so you can be filled, you must give so you can receive you must forgive so you can be forgiven, you must love so you can be loved star t.

28 love is not reciprocal it is unconditional love is blind to the peripheral it sees only the essential love is immune to pain it is obsessed with giving love is its own reward and there are no expectations nor regrets odette a

29 hardwood is stronger than steel in weathering rain and rust a smile is stronger than a stick in winning hearts and minds


31 you end up in the same place because the universe is curved being finite but unbounded like a circle without an end if you travel at the speed of light, your mass is zero you return to the same place at another time but the same place is no longer the same straight lines have become curved and you are no longer you now and forever are one finite & infinite merge you are nowhere you stop aging for a while eastwind amdg VV v

32 LOVE what is mine is yours DOMINATION what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine PARTNERSHIP what is mine is mine, what is your is yours COMMUNION there is no mine or yours, what is is ours UNION we are one i am you you are me LEVEL 5 the spirit LEVEL 4 the giver LEVEL 3 the sharer LEVEL 2 the businessman LEVEL 1 the conqueror the relationship pyramid please share with your friends

33 more inspirationals - queries - eastwind journals - images typhoon photos, aleena arco, AFP bernie lopez, eastwind archives hubble heritage team, NASA paul harris, dr drauzio varella the all colour children’s bible in appreciation also for images from unnamed or anonymous internet sources

34 amdg IMPORTANT MINISTRY MATERIALS GO TO LINK BELOW - 1 Healing oil and disaster prophecies 2 Award winning powerpoints 3 Selected youtube healing documentaries -–-blogsite-library-links/ - THE LORD REIGNS IN CYBERSPACE - amdg -

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