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BAPTIST HISTORY LESSON 17 More About Spurgeon. Building Project 1857-1861 Metropolitan tabernacle 3600 permanent seats 1000 ‘temporary’ seats Standing.

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1 BAPTIST HISTORY LESSON 17 More About Spurgeon

2 Building Project 1857-1861 Metropolitan tabernacle 3600 permanent seats 1000 ‘temporary’ seats Standing room: 1000+

3 Spurgeon the author 1854 Penny Pulpit 1855 1 st edition sermons Joseph Passmore (deacon) printer & partner in Passmore & Allibaster 1865: 25,000 weekly subscriptions! 1865: monthly magazine The Sword & Trowel ‘A record of Combat with Sin and Labor for the Lord” The Saint and His SaviourAll of Grace

4 Spurgeon the Soul Winner “I will do better; I will stay in London and try to save 50 souls!” 14,000 + members of Metropolitan Tabernacle “Compel Them To Come In” Spurgeon & Cigars Spurgeon the Churchman

5 Spurgeon and the Down-Grade controversy March 1887 “The Down Grade” The Sword and Trowel Rev. Robert Shindler “Earnest attention is requested for this paper…We are going down hill at breakneck speed” Down Grade 1 Traced the history of the major Protestant denominations since the beginning of Puritanism decline in 1662 "These facts furnish a lesson for the present times, when, as in some cases, it is all too plainly apparent men are willing to forego the old for the sake of the new. But commonly it is found in theology that that which is true is not new, and that which is new is not true."

6 Down Grade II Blame for the down grade laid at the feet of the ministers Inadequate view of divine inspiration Inadequate view of divine sovereignty "We care far more for the central evangelical truths than we do for Calvinism as a system; but we believe that Calvinism has in it a conservative force which helps to hold men to the vital truth.“ CHS Down Grade III August Another Word Concerning the Down-Grade “A new religion has been initiated, which is no more Christianity than chalk is cheese; and this religion, being destitute of moral honesty, palms itself off as the old faith with slight improvements, and on this plea usurps pulpits which were erected for gospel preaching.” How long can good men fraternize with preachers of false doctrine? Even those orthodox were unwilling to contend for truth

7 Down Grade IV September article Reader response confirming problem Need to answer critics Raised stronger question about breaking fellowship Let those who will keep the narrow way keep it, and suffer for their choice; but to hope to follow the broad road at the same time is an absurdity. What communion hath Christ with Belial? The times are perilous, and the responsibility of every individual believer is a burden which he must bear, or prove a traitor. What each man's place and course should be the Lord will make clear unto him.

8 Down Grade V October “The Case Proved” From people who wanted to still the brewing storm Spurgeon accused such people of being "so supremely amiable that they see all things through spectacles of tinted glass." From people who affirmed his assessment of the dismal state of affairs One thing is clear to us: we cannot be expected to meet in any Union which comprehends those whose teaching is upon fundamental points exactly the reverse of that which we hold dear.... To us it appears that there are many things upon which compromise is possible, but there are others in which it would be an act of treason to pretend to fellowship. With deep regret we abstain from assembling with those whom we dearly love and heartily respect, since it would involve us in a confederacy with those with whom we can have no communion in the Lord.

9 October 28, 1887 letter to S.H. Booth, general secretary of The Baptist Union November “A Fragment upon the Down-Grade Controversy” "To be very plain, we are unable to call these things Christian Unions, they begin to look like Confederacies in Evil. Before the face of God we fear that they wear no other aspect. To our inmost heart this is a sad truth from which we cannot break away." I do this with the utmost regret; but I have no choice. I wish also to add that no personal pique or ill-will has in the least degree operated upon me. I have personally received more respect than I desired. It is on the highest ground alone that I take this step, and you know that I have long delayed it because I hoped for better things.—Yours always heartily, C. H. Spurgeon January 18, 1888 Baptist Union Council Voted to accept Spurgeon’s resignation Voted to censure him! Why didn’t Spurgeon name names? He did not want to wage a dispute over individuals To name names would be to miss the real issue: the policy of the Baptist Union Withdrawal from the Union

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