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How Free is Free? Downloading on the Internet U101 - Fall 2012.

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1 How Free is Free? Downloading on the Internet U101 - Fall 2012

2 Some terms and definitions Copyright Copyright infringement DMCA and “Safe Harbor” Illegal file sharing p2p file sharing IP address Infringement notice Subpoena

3 Introduction to scenario USC’s “Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement” (AKA Copyright Agent) received multiple infringement notices: –Movie: “She’s out of My League” –TV Show: “Top Chef” –Music: “Our Song” by Taylor Swift The same IP address is cited in each notice

4 Scenario assumptions Infringement notices in each packet were received by USC’s Copyright Agent (these are actual notices with private information changed) University technical staff researched the notices to identify alleged infringer (USC student John Doe) This is at least the second alleged infringement matched to student John Doe, resulting in referral to USC Student Judicial

5 Scenario assumptions These infringement notices are not subpoenas, but may eventually lead to one Except for the specifics pertaining to this case (i.e. student name and infringement notices), all other information is publicly and freely available online

6 What is in your packet Media Owner Student University Student Judicial

7 Possible approaches Media owner wants/expects… –USC to stop illegal file sharing –USC to provide better education and awareness Student (alleged infringer) wants/expects… –USC to stop sending him notices –USC to defend him –To apologize for his behavior and commits to stop illegally sharing files –Free/cheaper digital media (e.g., movies, music, books, etc.) –Anonymity on the Internet

8 Possible approaches University wants/expects… –Faculty, staff and students to obey applicable laws and policies –To maintain “safe harbor” status –To not lose federal funding as a result of copyright infringements Student Judicial wants/expects… –Students to follow the rules and uphold the Carolina Creed

9 Closing security tips Staying anonymous on the Internet is very, very difficult – don’t do anything online you may regret later… The Internet has a very, very long memory On the Internet, even people/”identities” you recognize may be strangers – always stay alert Keep all of your software up to date – especially anti-virus

10 Questions? Marcos Vieyra Kimberly South Kenny Edwards PHONE: (803) 777-7474 EMAIL: WEB: How Free is Free: Downloading on the Internet

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