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Lisa Bray Bethany Horner Duane Mitry Sean Slaughter Amanda Smith.

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1 Lisa Bray Bethany Horner Duane Mitry Sean Slaughter Amanda Smith

2  West Valley Focus  Target audience and production  Youth-Centric  Elegant Product or Process  Unique, but not quirky  Fill a critical need but not currently readily available  Salient, Effective, Enduring, Sustainable  MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

3  Target audience: 12- to 18-year-olds in crisis  Create in a single, simple product, a resource information conduit for the target audience  Make that product accessible, exciting, and widely circulated  Make a difference for West Valley Teens in Crisis





8  General Crisis  Bullying  Suicide  Substance Abuse  Pregnancy  Runaway  Homelessness  Domestic Abuse  Violence  Sexual Abuse  Rape



11  Jerry Hoyler – Owner, FASTSIGNS; LW Alumnus  Jim Dean – Dysart School District  Betty Lynch - Chair for West Valley Human Services Alliance  Program Directors at local YMCA’s, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs

12  Dr. Pilar Byra – Director of Suicide Prevention from EMPACT  Lindsay St. Claire – Not My Kid  Mrs. Regina Olivas – Head Guidance Counselor at Raymond S. Kellis High School


14  Background: Crisis Response Network, Inc. operates the largest crisis response network in the nation providing a continuum of crisis services, including the nation’s largest publicly funded Crisis Call Center  Mission : Inspiring hope during life’s most challenging times.  Value: Local 24/7/365 resource with mobile response for immediate help in all crisis situations  Statistic: In 2012, Crisis Hotline received 223,113 calls; 92% of those people were connected to needed resources. 

15  Background: Began in 1986 to address the specific problem of teen suicide through the peer-counseling. Since inception, they have trained over 700 teens in Life Skills Development as Peer Counselors and have reached more than 30,000 individuals.  Mission : To provide a safe, confidential and crucial crisis service where teens help teens make healthy decisions  Value: Local resource specifically addressing teen suicide with peer counseling, but also providing valuable help in other areas of need  Statistic: Each year, nearly 26,400 teens in Arizona attempt suicide 

16  Background: coordinates closely with Federal Partners in the Bullying Prevention Steering Committee, an interagency effort led by the Department of Education that works to coordinate policy, research, and communications on bullying  Mission: Educates people on bullying, cyber bullying, at-risk populations, and prevention & response measures  Value: National-level resource with interagency support and expertise  Statistic: 28% of students ages 12-18 were bullied at school during the 2008/2009 school year. 

17  Background: Active for over 40 years, EMPACT provides crisis response, counseling, substance abuse prevention/response, support groups, and trauma services to individuals and families  Mission : To be a partner for safe, strong, and healthy communities  Value : National and local 24/7/365 crisis hotline, treatment, and face-to-face, local services  Statistic: EMPACT clients were less likely to commit suicide than all populations groups 

18  Background: Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services (TOPS) is an Arizona non-profit organization founded in 2000 to address the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens  Mission: Provide teen-specific education on safe sexual behavior, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting so the teen and her family can experience a positive outcome  Value: Local, free face-to-face support and classes for pregnant teens, teen parents, and their families; large array of useful programs  Statistic: Arizona had the 13 th highest teen birth rate in the nation 

19  Background : Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development is a private, nonprofit agency founded in 1972 by Soroptimist International of Phoenix to provide emergency shelter and services for runaway and homeless youth  Mission: To provide a safe space for collaborating with youth and young adults in our community who are vulnerable or experiencing homelessness  Value : Local organization providing a safe refuge and access to caring relationships and resources; numerous locations and programs  Statistic: There are 1.3 million homeless kids in the US and 53,000 homeless kids in Arizona 

20  Background: Founded in 2010 to bring awareness about the plight of homeless teens and care for those who need it most  Mission : To provide homeless teens with basic needs and services as they make positive, life-affirming choices toward becoming responsible, productive adults  Value: Provide basic needs, medical care, guidance and educational assistance to over 200 homeless students in the West Valley.  Statistic: On any given day there are 1,800 homeless kids in the West Valley  ‎

21  Background: Founded in 2006 to complement the work of “traditional” domestic violence programs across the U.S  Mission: To educate youth, engage communities, and empower families to prevent domestic abuse through projects that Break the Silence, Break the Cycle, and Save Lives  Value: Local resource based in Peoria that provides education and assistance in all areas of domestic abuse with an area of focus on Teen Dating Abuse  Statistic: 33% of adolescents in America are victim to sexual, physical, verbal or emotional dating abuse. Only 1 in 3 report their victimization. 

22  Background: Resource provided through the AZ Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program established in 2001 with a broad goal of ending all sexual violence  Mission : Through community level cooperative interventions, provide rape prevention and education to students, professionals and community members  Value: Local, state-funded program with a focus on sexual abuse help, prevention and education; numerous resources for victims  Statistic: In 2010, only 35% of rape or sexual assault victimizations were reported to police, and victimizations against youth ages 12-17 were more likely to go unreported than other age categories 


24  2,000 Bookmarks  Dysart Community Center  El Mirage Branch Library  Ground Control-Verrado  Verrado Community Center  Goddard School  Sonny’s Boxing Gym  Valley of the Sun YMCA  Lifetime Fitness  Palm Valley Church Youth Group  Marley Park Community Center

25  Follow-on Distribution  5,000 Bookmarks  Dysart School District High Schools  Other school districts  Other libraries  Other places where kids hang out


27  Enduring community presence  Durable  Inherently retainable and transferable  Sustainability  Small investment  Saving even one child is a huge payoff  Evolution  Tailor resource list  QR code jump to website launch page  Broader distribution




31 West Valley OneSource

32  Arizona In Action Programs – Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Plans for Cities, Turning Thoughts Into Actions, Move-A-Thon, and Lids on Arizona Kids,  Seminar Day – forum to bring together local schools, law enforcement, and motivated citizen to learn how to implement successful “turn key” programs across the valley.  Planning – January 2nd – April 18th

33  TIME!! 6 weeks to complete project from ground up!  Brought on decision to eliminate Charter Schools from list of possible locations to accommodate for small window of approval/distribution time  Funds – had none.  Had to revise our objective and scale back to smaller school districts to allow for broader range of distribution facilities.  Creating a project with multiple resources makes it difficult for specific organizations to support.  Didn’t have time to reach out to organizations and see if they had any specific need that we could address and contribute to.

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