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Adolescent Family Life Program Lansing

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1 Adolescent Family Life Program Lansing
Positive Youth Development (AFLP-PYD)

2 Kids Count in Michigan: 2014 Right Start in Michigan’s Legacy Cities stats Lansing


4 4 Key Target Areas: Overview
AFLP - focuses on developing Protective Factors, through caring relationships, highlighting strengths, exhibiting positive expectations, and opportunities for youth participation and contribution. 4 Key Target Areas: Family Wellness: connects teens to housing, transportation, child care services, parenting classes and other resources. Secondary Education: connect PPT to flexible alternative education, education completion/attainment, job training, financial literacy, and skills training Maternal/Infant Health: connect PPT to primary care, prenatal care, health literacy, contraceptives, postpartum counseling, inter-conception care Adult Connectedness: use case management to increase PPT connection to parent or other positive adult caregiver

5 Youth Empowered Reaching youth Connecting Youth
Individual Life Planning Youth focused on personal success and family success Keeping youth connected to a larger vision Youth Empowered Reduced Teen Pregnancies Healthy Birth outcomes Increased Educational Success Reduced Risk Taking Behaviors Increased Financial Wellness Development and Achievement of Life Goals and Dreams

6 Implementation Plan FY15
Case Management using AFLP-PYD Networking and Partnership with local Agencies, Organizations, Non-profits, Community Supports Supplemental programs for skill development Addressing the unique needs of teen fathers Build teens’ voices and leadership

7 WE NEED YOU! Collaboration:
Partnering to connect PPT with all community resources Referrals of PPT Teens Coordination: Connecting to make all efforts to support PPT count Community Impact: Attend Steering Committee meetings to ID and create new opportunities

8 Stepping Up Together with Teen Parents
Kendra Gibbs MI-APPP AFLP-PYD ERESA Call/text: Office: Fax: Stepping Up Together with Teen Parents

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