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Greentech Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd

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1 Greentech Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd
= 31st October 2014 = A project under the Ministry of Food Processing Industries’ Mega Food Parks Scheme

2 Strictly Private & Confidential
Table of Contents Mega Food Parks Scheme – Overview Greentech Mega Food Park: Project Overview Promoter Background Zone of Influence /Cluster Raw Material Availability Project Infrastructure Proposed Master Plan Indicative List of Units to be set up in the Park Regulatory Approvals Checklist Strictly Private & Confidential

3 Strictly Private & Confidential
Mega Food Parks Scheme overview Strictly Private & Confidential

4 The Mega Food Parks Scheme - Overview
Flagship program of Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), approved during the 11th Five Year Plan and continues in 12th Plan Aims at accelerating growth of food processing industry in the country Targeted towards achievement of the Vision 2015 of MFPI which proposes to to increase the processing of perishables from 6% to 20%, value addition from 20% to 35% and share in global food trade from 1.5% to 3% by the year 2015 The key objectives of the Scheme are outlined as follows: Provide state of the art infrastructure for food processing with latest technology Ensure value addition of agricultural commodities including poultry, meat, dairy, fisheries etc Address issues of small farm size, less remunerative farmer incomes and small and medium nature of processing industries Provide an institutional mechanism for producers, processors, and retailers to work together to build in integrated supply chain from farm to retail Strictly Private & Confidential

5 The Mega Food Parks Scheme – Salient Features
Envisages cluster-based hub & spoke model- farm proximate facilities (primary processing centres- PPCs and collection centres –CCs) and Central Processing Centre (CPC) CPC to have need-based common infrastructure- may include warehouses, cold chain facilities, Quality Control Labs and R&D Facility etc It would also have basic enabling infrastructure like road, water, power, ETP & STP etc. and non-core infrastructure like canteens, admin building, crèche, workers hostel etc Farm proximate infrastructure (PPCs and CCs) to have aggregation facilities, sorting grading, cleaning facilities and basic storage etc. This shall be connected to the fresh retail market as well as the CPC through refrigerated transportation networks. Developed plots at the CPC to be leased out to food processing units. Such units expected to avail the benefits of common facilities on a user fee basis. Responsibility of execution, ownership and management of the Park with the Special Purpose Vehicle Strictly Private & Confidential

6 The Mega Food Parks Model – Picture Representation
Strictly Private & Confidential

7 Strictly Private & Confidential
Greentech Mega Food Park Project overview Strictly Private & Confidential

8 Project Location – Ajmer, Rajasthan
Strictly Private & Confidential

Project is spread across acres Located in Rupangarh village of Kishangarh Block, District Ajmer, Rajasthan. Site approx. 2 Km off the SH-7 (on Main District Road) that connects Kishangarh to Makrana/Kuchaman 50 km from district headquarter Ajmer, approx. 130 Km from Jaipur, approx. 370 km from Delhi and approx. 550 km from Ahemdabad Nearest Railway Station is at Kishangarh (25 km) Nearest Airport - Jaipur, New Airport is coming up in Kishangarh which is just 25 KM Location Advantages Availability of varied raw material produce Excellent connectivity through road and rail as well as proximity to DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) and the Dedicated Western Freight Corridor Proximity to large and ever growing consumption markets- NCR, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Bikaner etc Zone well developed in terms of physical infrastructure requirements Strictly Private & Confidential

10 Strictly Private & Confidential
Greentech Mega Food Park Promoter background Strictly Private & Confidential

11 Promoter Details Greentech Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd. (Food Park SPV)
CG Foods India Private Limited (Lead Promoter) ARG Developers Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. Others (Mr. Surja Ram Meel, Mr, Suresh Aggarwal, Mr. Sunil Bansal and Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd.) Strictly Private & Confidential

12 Lead Promoter Details – CG Foods India Pvt. Ltd.
Sectoral Experience Food Processing CG Foods is a part of CINNOVATION|CG Group, popularly known for its star product Wai Wai CG Foods has five operational noodle manufacturing plants in four locations in India with combined capacity of 2,400 packets of noodles /minute While Wai Wai today is sold in more than 20 countries with the largest variants, Wai Wai and its allied brands command more than 60% of the market share of North Eastern States of India and noodle brands of CG have captured more than 20% market share of entire India Strictly Private & Confidential

13 Other Promoter Details
Sectoral Experience ISO 9001:2008 certified, publicly traded company Part of the $350 million Kailash Group with business portfolio spanning Coal, Power, Paper, Apparel & Electronics Genus deals in manufacturing and distribution of electronic energy meters, metering solutions, power distribution and management projects, inverters, UPS, batteries etc Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. Sectoral Experience Prominent realty and infrastructure developer of Rajasthan Offers wide range of projects and services- integrated townships, group housing, shopping malls, office spaces and infrastructure & utility services ARG Developers Pvt. Ltd. Sectoral Experience Consultancy company providing turnkey project consultancy, quality management system, management consultancy, technology transfer and information technology consultancy Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd Mr. Suraja Ram Meel: Real Estate, Technical Education, Handicraft Exports, Agriculturist Mr. Suresh Aggarwal: Automobile Dealerships and Infrastructure Development Mr. Sunil Bansal: Real Estate Development Individuals Strictly Private & Confidential

Greentech Mega Food Park ZONE OF INFLUENCE/CLUSTER Strictly Private & Confidential

15 The Zone of Influence (ZOI)/ Primary Cluster (spread over 200-250 KM)
Districts in the ZoI include 8 districts Ajmer Nagaur Jodhpur Pali Rajsamand, Bhilwara Tonk Jaipur This is only the primary cluster. Raw material shall be procured from other parts of the state/neighbouring states depending on feasibility and requirement The Project Zone The entire zone is well connected to the state capital as well as the National Capital Connectivity Total population of the cluster is million, which accounts to nearly one third (1/3rd) of the state’s total population Average population density of the cluster is 268 persons per sq km, which is much more that the state’s average of 201 Population Zone has a total geographical area of 95,005 sq km accounting for around 27% of the state’s total geographical area Geographical Coverage Strictly Private & Confidential

16 Primary Processing Centres (PPC)/Spokes
Rational for Selection of PPC’s Adequate coverage of all districts in the catchment To ensure that optimal level of focus crops arrive at the PPCs and, in turn, the CPC Farm proximity of these PPCs to key production areas To ensure that PPCs (as independent entities) cater to the fresh retail trade market by being situated in areas that are close to retail hubs and designated collection centres in the state To ensure that PPCs are located in areas that are well connected to the CPC Location details of four PPCs/spokes proposed for the project - each in 2.50 acres: # District Name Proposed PPC Location Approx. Distance from Food Park Site (Km) Districts that Shall be Catered to 1 Tonk Devli, Tonk Kota, Bhilwara and Bundi, Tonk 2 Jaipur Chomu, Jaipur 90-100 Sikar, Nagaur, Jaipur, Dausa, Alwar 3 Nagaur Merta City, Nagaur Pali, Jalore, Jodhpur, Nagaur and Ajmer 4 Ajmer Jawaja, Ajmer Rajsamand, Bhilwara, Pali, Sirohi and Ajmer Strictly Private & Confidential

17 Collection Centres (CC’s) – Feeding the Spokes
To serve as aggregation points in the catchment areas of each of the PPCs from where produce will be aggregated for onward dispatch Each CC will directly source raw materials from the farmers in the catchment of km Purpose of Setting up CCs CCs would not have any brick and mortar structure Physical Layout of the Facility Designated aggregation points at village level would be identified in consultation with respective Gram Sabhas and Panchayats Identification of CCs Functioning of CCs Producers or village aggregators will bring farm produce to CCs From CCs, depending upon the type of item, it will either be taken directly to the CPC for storage, value addition and processing or to the nearest PPC for intermediate processing like sorting and grading after which it will be sent to the CPC or to the fresh retail markets Strictly Private & Confidential

18 Raw material availability
Greentech Mega Food Park Raw material availability Strictly Private & Confidential

19 Cereal Crops- Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Wheat and Barley
Prominent Kharif Cereals Production in Rabi Cereal Production in Production (in MT) JOWAR BAJRA MAIZE in Cluster 412,216 2,155,332 560,849 in State 508,877 6,117,800 2,061,424 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 81% 35% 27% Production (in MT) WHEAT BARLEY in Cluster 1,984,980 528,212 in State 10,424,350 934,651 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 19% 57% Strictly Private & Confidential

20 Pulses- Moong, Moth, Urad, Chaula, Gram and Masoor
Kharif Pulses Production in Rabi Pulses Production in Production (in MT) MOONG MOTH URAD CHAULA in Cluster 485,809 197,800 43,053 21,082 in State 652,228 774,698 94,156 64,336 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 74% 26% 46% 33% Production (in MT) GRAM MASOOR in Cluster 487,113 9,389 in State 1,600,718 38,449 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 30% 24% Strictly Private & Confidential

21 Oilseeds- Groundnut, Sesamum, Mustard, Taramira
Kharif Oil Seed Production in Rabi Oilseed Production in Production (in MT) GROUNDNUT SESAMUM CASTOR SEED in Cluster 229,054 112,541 14,804 in State 686,817 223,431 241,244 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 33% 50% 6% Production (in MT) RAPE & MUSTARD TARAMIRA in Cluster 725,569 324,691 in State 3,883,283 486,366 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 19% 67% Strictly Private & Confidential

22 Vegetables-Onions, Tomato, Peas, Cauliflower, Melons, Green Chillies
Vegetable Production in Production (in MT) Onion Tomato Peas Cauliflower Water Melon Musk and Long Lemon Green Chilli in Cluster 235,000 30,000 20,000 11,000 12,500 10,000 6,000 in State 541,000 67,000 40,000 14,500 18,000 8,000 Major Areas of Production Jaipur, Jodhpur and Nagaur districts primarily grown in the Jaipur area evenly distributed between Ajmer, Jaipur and Tonk regions Jaipur promine producing area Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 43% 45% almost entire produced in cluster 28% 86% 56% 75% Total Veg. production in the state in was 950,000 MT. Out of this, 363,000 MT was produced in the Project Zone- ~38 % of the state’s total vegetable production Strictly Private & Confidential

23 Spices- Methi, Coriander, Cumin Seed, Garlic
Spices Production in Production (in MT) Coriander Cumin Seed Garlic Fennel Methi Ajwain Red Chilli in Cluster 48,000 7,000 15,000 17,000 5,000 in State 219,000 114,000 186,000 27,000 94,000 13,000 Major Areas of Production Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali and Ajmer regions Jaipur, Jodhpur, Nagaur and Pali regions Bhilwara, Tonk and Jodhpur Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 42% 4% 56% 18% 0% 33% Total spice production in the state in stood at 668,000 MT out of which 94,000 MT or approximately 14 percent is grown in the cluster Amount less but availability fairly diverse Secondary cluster shall also be leveraged Strictly Private & Confidential

24 Medicinal Plants, Aromatic Plants and Flowers
Production in Production (in MT) Isabgol Mehndi in Cluster 55,000 in State 113,000 18,000 Major Areas of Production grown primarily in Jodhpur and Nagaur regions Pali and Jodhpur Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 49% Almost all production in state comes from cluster 146,000 MT of medicinal plants grown in the state in , 50% grown in the cluster Marigold (1900 MT) and Rose (2300 MT) prominent flowers grown in the project zone- Ajmer, Jaipur and Jodhpur prominent growing belts 89 percent of flower production in the state comes from the project zone Strictly Private & Confidential

25 Gaur Seed for Gaur Processing & Livestock & Dairy
Gaur Production in Production (in MT) Gaur in Cluster 177,997 in State 1,546,469 Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 12% Rajasthan contributes approximately percent of Guar production in the country Crop has multiple uses- Guar splits and gum powder are further processed and have applicability in industries such as petroleum, textile, paper, food and pharmaceuticals etc Livestock & Dairy Production Product Unit Milk 000 tones 12,330 13,234 Eggs Million No. 671.30 669.70 Cattle-feed industry growing fast in the state 3rd in India in terms of livestock population Has 11.2 percent of the total livestock in the country, 10 percent of national production of milk 3rd in milk production in India Overall million Livestock and 5 million poultry animals in the state Strictly Private & Confidential

26 Fruits- Mango, Aonla, Custard Apple, Kinnow, Orange
Fruits Production in Production (in MT) Mango Aonla Custard Apple Kinnow Orange Pomegranate in Cluster 10,000 5,000 3,200 in State 83,000 9,000 5,200 126,000 167,000 4,500 Major Areas of Production Bhilwara, Jaipur and Rajsamand Ajmer, Bhilwara and Jaipur Rajsamand Ganganagar belt Production in Cluster as a % of Total State Production 12% 56% 62% Within the project zone, Bhilwara, Jaipur and Rajsamand are the key fruit producing areas Total fruit production in Rajasthan was 460,000 MT in Out of this, 30,000 MT was produced in the Project zone, ~7 % of the state’s total fruit production Amount less but fruit availability is fairly diverse Secondary cluster shall also be leveraged Produce mix ideal for MSME units Strictly Private & Confidential

Greentech Mega Food Park PROJECT INFRASTRUCTURE Strictly Private & Confidential

28 Proposed Core Processing Facilities
Component Capacity Silo 17500 MT RM Warehouse 2500 MT F G Warehouse 5000 MT Cold Storage Ripening Chamber 120 MT IQF along with prep line 2 MTPH Deep Freeze 1000 MT Pack House including Sorting Grading for F&V 10 MTPH Crates, Pallets & Forklifts Lump sum Food Testing Lab CA Chamber 500 MT Reefer Van 6 Nos Steam Generator 8 MTPH Strictly Private & Confidential

29 Basic Enabling Infrastructure Facilities at the Park
State of art infrastructure by renowned architects, master planners and engineers- Road network with pavement, junctions, footpath etc Non-stop water and power availability with captive power Water treatment facilities Parking space Storm water drainage system Fire fighting ETP and STP Signage, landscaping, street lighting Telecommunication infrastructure Strictly Private & Confidential

30 Other Infrastructure Facilities at the Park
Administration Block For office space & other admin facilities., Banking facilities, First Aid Centre, Canteen, Workers hostel and guest house facilities, Offices / Multipurpose Space for conferences etc, agri-related shops, communication rooms etc Procurement & Warehouse Management Cell Would facilitate procurement of raw material for various processors in the park and would facilitate the processors manage their procurement and raw material storage needs. Extension Cell To educate farmers in the catchment area on various aspects of farming and post harvest handling of produce. Quality Control Cell To ensure quality control requirements of various processors, both for raw material as well as end products. Logistics and Distribution Cell A Common logistics and distribution cell will be set up at the CPC that would take care of both inward and outward logistics requirements of the processors. Liaison and Marketing Cell A common marketing cell would be formed that would support various processors in marketing of their end products. Strictly Private & Confidential

31 Strictly Private & Confidential
Greentech Mega Food Park Proposed Master plan Strictly Private & Confidential

32 Strictly Private & Confidential
Proposed Master Plan Strictly Private & Confidential

33 Strictly Private & Confidential
Proposed Land Use Plan # Land Use Area ( Sq Mt) Area ( Acre) Percentage 1 Plots 1,38,642 34.26 45.2 2 Core Infrastructure 32,463 8.02 10.5 3 Green/Open spaces 32,836 8.11 10.7 4 Basic Enabling Infra 95,926 23.70 31.3 5 Non Core Infrastructure 4,483 1.11 1.4 6 Standard Design Factory Sheds 2,160 0.53 0.7 Total 3,06,510 75.74 100.0 Strictly Private & Confidential

34 Indicative list of units
Greentech Mega Food Park Indicative list of units Strictly Private & Confidential

35 Indicative List of Units to be set up in the Park
Type of Food Processing Units Wheat based Unit: Noodles & Pasta Biscuits & Bakery Products Dairy Processing Integrated Maize Processing Oil Milling Cattle/poultry feed Pulses Processing (Cleaning, sorting, grading, destining, polishing & packaging) Potato Processing Frozen vegetable Candies, murabba & Confectionery Ketchup & Sauces (canning / bottling line) Spice Processing Unit Jam, Jelly(canning/bottling line), Pickles etc) Ready To Eat Packaging & Ancillary Units Total Note: The above list of prospective units may be considered as only indicative at this stage and the exact type and size of respective units may only be ascertained during the course of project implementation and marketing efforts that shall be taken by the SPV Strictly Private & Confidential

36 Strictly Private & Confidential
Greentech Mega Food Park Regulatory approvals Strictly Private & Confidential

37 Regulatory Approvals Checklist
Particulars Status In Principle Approval by MoFPI Received Land Acquisition & Commercial Conversion for land measuring acres Acres land Industrial conversion done - Land measuring 7.02 acres Industrial conversion pending. Expected to complete by Jan 2013 Financial closure Achieved Consent to Establish (CTE) Final Approval by MoFPI Note: Policy stipulates that 50 acres contagious land needs to be commercially converted. Same has been complied with Strictly Private & Confidential

38 Strictly Private & Confidential
The Next Steps If you have any questions relating to the Project, then please contact us at the details mentioned below. CONTACT DETAILS: Ajay Kumar Gupta Director Greentech Mega food Park Pvt. Ltd Rupangarh, Ajmer Mobile: Dwijendra Verma GM – Project Greentech Mega food Park Pvt. Ltd Mobile: Strictly Private & Confidential

39 Strictly Private & Confidential
Thanks Strictly Private & Confidential

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