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Are You Smarter than an elementary school student?

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1 Are You Smarter than an elementary school student?

2 Paragraph 1 (introductory paragraph) Glove puppetry 1 (=has been…for a long time) an important part of Taiwanese culture. It 2 (introduce) to the island from the southern region of Fujian Province in China about 250 years ago. ( 譯 )

3 3 ( 在當時 ), people went to temple festivals to enjoy puppet shows. The shows’ live music, colorful costumes, graceful puppet movements, and familiar scripts 4 (base on) classic Chinese stories easily captured the audiences’ interest. (features?)

4 5 ( 從那時開始 ), glove puppetry became more and more popular. Why not “has become?”

5 Paragraph 2 (from down to up) 6 (=Nonetheless), this folk art has had its 7 and (=rise and fall) in Taiwan. For example, it experienced some major but 8 short­ changes during the last stage of the Japanese 殖民時期.

6 It 9 (require) to take on a strong Japanese flavor 10, which made glove puppetry drastically different and, therefore, 11 不受當地人的歡迎. Then, after Japan 12 (defeat) in the Second World War and the colonial era ended, glove puppetry, 13 back to its true nature ( 中 : ), grew in popularity again.

7 不久, Jin Guang, meaning “golden light” 14 (prep.) Mandarin, started to give audiences a new viewing experience with the use of 特殊影音效果. Lighting played a key role during these performances, and 15 流行歌 曲也是.

8 The plot was exciting, and some grotesque characters appeared in the show 16 every (=from time to time). Even the puppets 比一般還要大隻 in order to impress the audience.

9 金光布袋戲

10 Paragraph 3 (peak) After this, glove puppetry became 17 high / highly successful in Taiwan. It attracted a(n) 18 wider audience after a TV station began to broadcast glove puppetry programs in 1962. When The Scholar Swordsman was first broadcast, this TV series 19 (be) an instant hit.


12 Many people, including students, hurried home during their lunch breaks to watch this show. ( 譯 ) Watching and discussing each e e actually became part of their daily routines. Glove puppetry finally 20 登上第一次的高點. 21 (Have) the ratings of more than 90 percent, The Scholar Swordsman still enjoys 22 the / a highest 22 number / amount of viewers in the history of television in Taiwan.

13 Paragraph 4 (fall from the height, but rise again!) After a decade passed, however, the government began to 23 i the development of glove puppetry on TV. 許多法規被設立, 24 that / one which / of which / one of which forced the shows to be dubbed into Mandarin. ( 譯 )

14 25 因為 this, glove puppetry lost many of its fans and faced its worst crisis ever. Then, producers 26 turned to ( 中 : ) the video-cassette rental market in the mid­1980s. This was when Pili 27 (mean) “thunderbolt,” helped to make / have / let glove puppetry popular again. ( 譯 )

15 In 1995, the production team 28 find / found / founded the first cable TV channel for glove puppetry. Five years later, the team made the movie Legend of the Sacred Stone, which 29 ( 結果變成 ) a hit at the box office.Legend of the Sacred Stone With its 30 m (=combination) of traditional and modern elements, this movie also became a success overseas.

16 Apparently (= ), glove puppetry 31 came back with thunder ( 中 : ) and was still able to amaze people, even after its rise and fall (= ). Summarize paragraph 4

17 Paragraph 5 (conclusion) Glove puppetry, as well as most other art forms in Taiwan, now 32 (have) full freedom to develop on its own. ( 譯 ) 33 With / On / By modern production and marketing strategies, glove puppetry 34 (become) fashionable among young Taiwanese today. ( 譯 )

18 N (=many) fan clubs have 35 (spring up), and cosplayers often 36 盛裝扮成 famous glove puppet characters. The fact 37 many foreign visitors have traveled to Taiwan to master this folk art also (prove) its important role 38 在發展台灣的形象上.

19 39 many in Taiwan pushing for the preservation of folk arts, maybe it is time that local folk artists 40 (draw) inspiration from the success of glove puppetry to step forward on the world stage. ( 譯 )

20 大家都表現地很好 ! 給自己拍拍手 ^^

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