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By: Jordan Pierre Rafsun Alam Rehat Mannan Taweek Khan.

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2 By: Jordan Pierre Rafsun Alam Rehat Mannan Taweek Khan

3 Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media. Like videotape, hard disk, or solid state storage, streaming media. The term includes methods of electronic production and post production

4 Event videography started shortly after the introduction of consumer based video cameras, or camcorders, in the late 1970s. The art of event videography is somewhat similar today as it was back when the camcorder was first introduced. The main differences lie in the improved video camera technology and equipment.

5 A videographer combines the skills of a documentary filmmaker with the eyes of a movie director. Options is very plentiful when it comes to capturing the spirit or shaping the story of your video.

6 Today's event videographers uses predominantly high definition DV based equipment. Advances in high technology are also being applied to event videography.

7 Requires: Inspiration Planning Technology Technique Special Effects Leadership Team Stories

8 The leader of the videocast is called the director. The director calls the shots. Like actors directors have lines such as: “Ready on the set” “Roll camera” “Action” “Cut” “It’s a wrap”

9 Plan ahead Clear directions Share jobs Be patient with your team Have back up plans Don’t hog all the credits

10 Before you publish your masterpiece you should edit your piece. Editing means selecting the best take from each shot and putting them together with sounds, music, and special effects.

11 Made By: Rafsun, Rehat, Jordan, Taweek Info From: Attack Of The Killer Video Book By: Mark Shulman and Hazllitt Krog, Google,

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