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Acquisition, Technology and Logistics OSD Policy Session for 2015 NMFWA Annual Training Dr. Rich Fischer ERDC On behalf of DoD’s Natural Resources Program.

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1 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics OSD Policy Session for 2015 NMFWA Annual Training Dr. Rich Fischer ERDC On behalf of DoD’s Natural Resources Program March 10, 2015

2 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Overview  Congrats to DoD Natural Resource Managers  DoD Perspective  The Big Picture  Natural Resources (NR) Program  Legacy Program  Wrap-up and Questions 2

3 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  2012: U.S. Air Force Academy  2013: Naval Base Coronado  2014: Orchard Training Area  2015: Vandenberg Air Force Base Congratulations! DoD Winners of the USFWS Military Conservation Partner Award 3

4 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics DoD Perspective: The Prime Directive Support the Mission  Installations are critical components of our ability to fight and win wars. Whether that installation is a forward operating location or a training center in the United States, our warfighters cannot do their job without bases from which to fight, on which to train, or in which to live when they are not deployed. The bottom line is that installations support our military readiness. Protect Quality of Life  Quality of life – to include not only the physical condition of the facilities in which our servicemen and servicewomen and their families live and work, but whether or not there is a safe, healthy environment around and within those facilities – is critical to the readiness of the force. Promote Efficiency/Reduce Cost  The more we do to drive efficiency and lower our costs, the more pressure we take off of critical warfighting accounts and the more we contribute, again, to the military readiness of the Department. 4

5 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  $487 billion, ten-year defense spending reductions required by the Budget Control Act of 2011  2013 Sequestration = Additional $37 billion cuts  >$200 billion in overhead cuts in last three budget proposals  20% cut in DoD HQ yearly operating budgets  FY2015 budget limited by law to $496 billion  $45 billion less than FY2014 PresBud request DoD Perspective: Fiscal Realities 5

6 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  I&E is now EI&E  The New E - Operational Energy  Top position will be upgraded to Assistant Secretary  Mr. John Conger was nominated on March 3 to be Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)  His replacement - unknown DoD Perspective: Recent Changes 6

7 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics The Big Picture 7

8 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics The Big Picture: Conservation Budget* Providing flexibility for mission activities while protecting natural and cultural resources (millions)FY2013FY2014FY2015FY2016 REQUEST$379$363$381$389 ESTIMATE$380$410$394 - ACTUAL$384$445 -- *Conservation budget line includes funding for Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) and Cultural Resources. FY14 Program Execution (millions) Army$139.9 Air Force$60.2 Marine Corps$41.8 Navy$54.0 DLA$1.0 8

9 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  DoD is responsible for managing ~25 million acres of land and hundreds of square miles of air and sea space  These lands contain ~400 federally-listed species and over 500 species at-risk  DoD is the 5 th largest land managing agency, but harbors more sensitive species per acre than any other federal land managing agency The Big Picture: NR Program Responsibility 9

10 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics The Big Picture: FY2014 EMR Snap Shot Draft Input 10

11 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Manpower  Education and Training (Natural)  Listed and At-Risk Species – Endangered Species Act  Wetlands – Clean Water Act  Natural Resources Conservation & Rehabilitation – Sikes Act  Marine Mammal Protection Act  Other Natural Resources – Migratory Bird Treaty Act – Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act The Big Picture: PB28 Program Elements 11

12 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Natural Resources Program

13 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Strategic Plans for DoD:  Bird Conservation and Management  Amphibian & Reptile Conservation and Management  Sikes Act Tripartite MOU - streamlined reviews  DoD-USFWS Migratory Bird MOU  DoD Policy to Use Pollinator-Friendly Management Prescriptions Memo  DoD-Pollinator Partnership MOU  Candidate Species Tracking NR Program: Accomplishments 13

14 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  INRMPs have helped 57 installations avoid CHD for 93 separate FWS actions since 2004  23 avoided CHD for multiple species  251 MDL Candidate Species  125 on DoD Lands  37 could have moderate (orange) or significant (red) potential to impact mission if CH designated  12 of 37 = “significant” (red) impacts  Of the 12, only 3 remain (all Army)  Other 9 are either listed or listing not warranted NR Program: Candidate Species 14

15 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Minimize costs and impacts to mission through proactive management of candidate species  Minimize negative impacts of alternative energy siting on mission readiness and protected species  Address the need for DoD-specific training and professional development through distance learning options (e.g., ESA course)  Update species at risk information for DoD installations (draft report under review) NR Program: Challenges 15

16 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics N ATURAL R ESOURCES M ANAGEMENT S ERVICES : To the extent practicable using available resources, the Secretary of each military department shall ensure that sufficient numbers of professionally trained natural resources management personnel and natural resources law enforcement personnel are available and assigned responsibility to perform tasks necessary to carry out this title, including the preparation and implementation of integrated natural resources management plans. (SEC. 107. 16 U.S.C. 670e–2) NR Program: Training Challenge 16

17 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Guidelines for Streamlined Review of INRMP Updates (and USFWS Sikes Guidelines)  More Candidate Species  DoDI for Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program  DoDD on Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience  Wildland fire  Invasives  UFC 3-201-2, Landscape Architecture  DoD Natural Resources Strategic Plan NR Program: What’s Next 17

18 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Natural Resources Strategy Objective: To integrate off-base and on-base natural resources management – focus on mitigating off- base to optimize the use of installation land to support the mission. NR Program: Strategic Plan 18

19 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Implementing Strategy Documents  Bird Conservation and Management on DoD Lands  Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and Management on DoD Lands  Update to NEPA DoDI  Incidental Take for Migratory Birds  Off-base Conservation (e.g., REPI) NR Program: Opportunities 19

20 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics 20

21 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics *Includes NR and CR projects Dollar amounts are listed in millions FY11FY12FY13FY14FY15 REQUEST$7.0$6.5$5.3$5.4$2.6 ESTIMATE$7.0$6.5$5.4$4.4 ACTUAL$5.3$5.7$4.3$3.4- Legacy Program: Budget* 21

22 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  FY2013: 316 pre-proposals; 202 full proposals 34 projects (22 NR, 10 CR, 2 INT)  FY2014: 169 pre-proposals; 69 full proposals 35 projects (24 NR, 9 CR, 2 INT)  FY2015: 191 pre-proposals; 86 full proposals ~25-30 projects Legacy Program: Funding Legacy Support Team: Legacy Tracker: 22

23 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Streamlined FY2016 Areas of Emphasis  Areas of Emphasis:  Readiness and Range Sustainment  Planning to Address and Adapt to New and Emerging Threats  Efficiencies in Cultural Resources Management  Asset Resiliency through Historic Preservation  Training and Communication Legacy Program: FY2016 New AOEs FY2016: pre-proposals due to OSD by April 3, 2015 23

24 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Legacy Guidance Documents: - How to Submit a Pre-Proposal - Full Proposals - Receiving an Award - Managing an Ongoing Project - Legacy Review Process Legacy Program: Guidance Documents 24

25 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Wrap Up 25

26 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Enable military mission readiness  Help sustain testing and training flexibility  Comply with all laws of policies Wrap Up: The Bottom Line 26

27 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Natural Selections Newsletter  Contact  DoD Natural Resources Website   DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange:   Twitter: @DoDNatRes Wrap Up: How to Learn More 27

28 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  DoD Partners in Flight (PIF): http://dodpif.org  DoD Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC):  DoD Legacy Program:  DoD REPI Program: Wrap Up: Websites 28

29 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics 29 Wrap Up: Thank you!

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