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Welcome to the OM World Finals Coach Meeting!! Please be sure to mute your computer microphone and/or phone line unless you have a question. If you are.

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1 Welcome to the OM World Finals Coach Meeting!! Please be sure to mute your computer microphone and/or phone line unless you have a question. If you are watching the presentation and calling in, be sure to keep your computer microphone muted or there will be a nasty squeal/feedback. Feel free to download the files – the PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet for pin orders, sample fund raising letter, packing list, state champion t-shirt form, and the pin ordering form. Please type any questions you have in the text box.

2 What – we made it to World Finals??? World Finals Coach Meeting California Odyssey of the Mind 2015

3 Registration Be sure to get your team registered – payment is not due when you register, but you need to secure your team’s spot. Must register before April 15. Go to the “member area” on the odyssey of the mind website to register Save $100 by registering and paying by deadline If the World Finals registration does not appear, then email Lynn (calomerdirector@yahoo.c om)calomerdirector@yahoo.c om

4 Get Travel Arrangements Confirmed soon! Flights disappear quickly There are shuttle buses from Detroit airport to the campus ($50 round trip) Fly into other airports and drive o Grand Rapids, MI (65 miles) o Chicago (3.5 hours) o Flint (52 miles) o Detroit (86 miles) o Lansing (8 miles) Rental car? (pros/cons) o Pros: available transportation to get needed supplies o Cons: cost, parking o District travel permission for team members to ride in rental car while on a trip?

5 Dorms or not? Life in the dorms o Not much sleep o Cafeteria food Different meal plans depending on when you arrive o Communal bathrooms o Hot/cold o Interactions with other teams Hotel o Less interaction with other teams o No opportunity for buddy team o Have to pay $2500 registration fee (not if in dorms)

6 Creative Opportunities Unlimited (COU) Housing grant (COU) grants are designed to assist teams in experiencing the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. A COU grant is intended to supplement efforts of teams to raise sufficient funds to attend World Finals. Funds are extremely limited, and only a small portion of applicants are awarded grants each year. COU grants provide World Finals room and board packages purchased through Creative Competitions, Inc. Only teams electing to stay in official campus housing are eligible. Successful teams will be awarded a variable number of packages, depending on need. Teams wishing to apply for a COU housing grant must submit their application within two weeks of the qualifying tournament. 01-14-34-20/housing-grants

7 Buddy Team You can only have a buddy team if you stay in the dorms Be aware that your team will be placed in a dorm close to your buddy team (usually in the “international” dorm), so you will not be near teams from California Gift exchange Time together during the tournament Communicating with an international coach Coordinator: Paula Mittner: Fill out online form at, by April 19, 2015.

8 Fundraising Business sponsors – put logo on the back of your WF t-shirt o Have sample letter requesting sponsorship – just email Lynn Get creative & work FAST (not cheap to go to WF!) Google “creative fundraising” Be sure to follow all district policies for fundraising!!

9 Tooting your Own Horn o Publicity!!! Newspaper Local TV news School websites Social Media Always mention looking for sponsorships and give an email for contact – we have gotten some great sponsorships this way!

10 Packing/Shipping Packing o Provide a packing list for team members – Lynn has one if you would like it (just email her) o Check the weather and adjust list as needed Shipping o Check with local shipping companies to see if they can donate shipping as a sponsorship o Get together with other teams in your region to try and combine shipping o Ship with plenty of time to allow for delays o Follow the directions for labels in your coach packet to the letter so your props arrive at the correct location on campus o OVERPACK – protect everything – wrap in bubble wrap, saran wrap – most of these large boxes will go freight, which means they will get hot/cold/bumped around o Be sure to pack TOOLS, REPAIR ITEMS, SPARE PARTS, TAPE, GLUE GUNS, and GLUE STICKS in your boxes – anything you will need to make repairs and be prepared to ship one/two boxes back to CA with your repair items and weird things kids want to keep. 8-) o Don’t pack what you need to open your boxes – put that in a checked bag. o Check your props delivery:

11 Forms o The usual OM forms for competition style outside assistance team required list cost o WF specific forms: media release, medical form, team contract These forms are found in your WF packet Make copies for each team member Scan/email to yourself as a backup You must have these forms when you arrive at campus to register. Go right to the registration location, check your team in, then they will direct you to your dorm where you can pick up your room keys.

12 Making the most of WF o Set aside time to prepare for spont and play rehearsal o Set aside time for repairs to props/scenery o See lots of performances o Other campus activities (see packet for what will be offered on campus) o Creativity festival Making repairs on the vehicle at World Finals.

13 Pin Trading BIG – be sure to order plenty of pins by the April 6 th on using Paypal or credit. Can mail in an order if paying by check. The order form is online. Payment by check due May 9 th. Spreadsheet for organizing pin orders is available on under the “world” tab, world finals pin item Mark Lopes will be available to purchase more pins during WF (559-903-9103) Be a savvy trader Keep them safe – in a backpack with a name/phone number/TSA lock on zippers Pin Trading at World Finals

14 Making the most of WF o Opening/Closing ceremonies Will need one team representative to march in for opening ceremonies. o Float/banner competition (let me know if you’re interested) o Creativity Festival – we will have a California booth, need volunteers working the booth on Thursday afternoon, Friday all day, Saturday morning. Will be taking signups through o International Festival – Saturday afternoon, get there early! Countries have items for purchase. o After awards parties – have extra t-shirts and hats to trade!

15 General Tips o Pre-order souvenirs (some things sell out – esp. pin towels) and you get a discount! er.php o Have clear expectations for coaches/chaperones – signed behavior contract Have processes in place for misbehavior or misconduct that everyone has agreed to o Keep practicing/refining your performance – even after props/scenery/costumes are shipped o Keep track of dorm room keys – VERY expensive to replace! Have lanyards for team members – for young teams, have the coach keep keys.

16 Volunteers needed o One team member from each team has the honor of marching in and representing California at opening ceremonies. You must email Lynn no later than May 15 th with the name of your chosen team member. You must also provide a contact phone number and coach/parent name for the student. Lynn will email all coaches the day before to provide a meeting place for the California team members marching in. We will meet at 6:45 pm. o We will need volunteers to work our booth at the Creativity Festival. Please sign up at: creativity creativity o Float and Banner Parade – CA won last year!! Let me know if you are interested.

17 Winner’s Packet Items o Welcome letter o Registration – save $100 (form – do this online) o Meals and Lodging form (do this online) o COU donation o Parent memo o Team Contract – MUST bring this to registration o Media release – MUST bring this to registration o Souvenir pre-order form (strongly encouraged) o Buddy team information (apply online) o Graduation registration form (for seniors who will miss their graduation ceremony) o Coach/officials problem/registration form o Team photo form o Float and Banner Parade o NASA Activities and E-Theatre/Creativity Festival o Odyssey Angels o Pin trading rules

18 Winner’s Packet Items o Fundraising Ideas o Suggested press release o Public relations o Lansing information o Coach packet: On site registration Driving directions Housing Dining Telephones/contact Parking Transportation/shuttles Health Services Campus security Things to do at MSU/Lansing Recreation facilities Checklist Prop storage/Shipping/Prop label (must use!!!)

19 Contact Info. o o o Lynn Larsen: 951-205-9368 (no calls/texts from 9 pm-9 am) o o Lynn will be returning to California Saturday morning to attend her twins’ baccalaureate graduation ceremony. Please contact Mark Lopes (559-903-9103) if you have any issues on Saturday or Sunday morning.

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