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Welcome to World Finals! We are now one team – COLORADO.

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1 Welcome to World Finals! We are now one team – COLORADO

2 Agenda Registration Parents’ Roles Getting You & Your Props To Iowa State University Arriving on Campus International Event Opening Ceremonies Float & Banner Parade Coaches & Officials Problem Closing Ceremonies Creativity Festival Pins and T-Shirt Trading Fund Raising

3 Registration Team – Due 2 weeks after Association Finals – April 26 th – Sooner the better – please don’t delay if you know you are going – Scheduling Considerations – Online and save $100 Housing – Due 2 weeks after Association Finals – April 26 th – Sooner the better – please don’t delay if you know you are going – To stay on campus or not stay? Payment – Due May 1 st – 50% refund after May 1 st ; 0% after May 9 th Tournament Schedule – Tentative – May 6 th – 8 th – Final – May 10 th

4 Parents’ Roles You Decide – No right answer for every team – Depends on your comfort level – Set expectations early Publicity Fund Raising Event per Family Logistics T-Shirt & Pin Ordering Forms Spontaneous Practice Excursions Coaches & Officials Meeting Coaches Recovery Party/Division Party for the team

5 Travelling to Iowa Team – Flights to Des Moines – Airport Transfers –>World Finals>Getting to Campus – Driving to Ames Props – Shipping Companies; UPS; FedEx Ground – Packing Props = Not considered Outside Assistance You can do this, please! Prop Shipping Label – Make arrangements for them to arrive by May 23 rd – Will be delivered to a storage area near your competition site. – Make arrangements for their return home

6 Arriving On Campus Check In at Registration – International Center – Team Packet – Housing Packet – Forms Stations – And more… Housing Check In – Room Assignments – Meal Bands Coaches Meeting – A Must! – Parent(s) available to watch the team

7 International Event Buddy Teams – Not required to speak a foreign language – Email is a great tool – See and support each other’s performances – Usually one excursion together – Most trade cultural gifts with each other – Many stay in touch long after World Finals Homestay Program – Usually 3-4 days; stay in the homes of American families associated with Odyssey of the Mind – International team is responsible for travel to/from homestay location – International teams are expected to pay own personal expenses – Host provides lodging, meals and some planned activities

8 Opening Ceremonies Similar to Olympics One team member from each team to represent CO Will meet at Hilton Coliseum tunnel at 6:45 Sit on floor with me Block of seats for Colorado teams Spectators sit elsewhere in arena Tickets free, but required Wear your t-shirt Meet up with you afterwards to return team member

9 Float & Banner Parade Participation is optional, but really fun! 2 nd night Outside Assistance Allowed

10 Coaches & Officials Problem Participation is optional, but can be hilarious! Humor for older kids at heart Team members can help you 3 rd Night

11 Closing Ceremonies Will sit together in the arena Spectators seated elsewhere in arena Tickets required, but is free and everyone is welcome Spectators will need to pick up tickets the morning of Closing Ceremonies

12 Creativity Festival Hands On Activities for kids of all ages Sponsored by each association Starts at 12 noon on Day 1 and Runs through Day 3 at noon  Staffed by team volunteers and scheduled around long term performance  Creativity Festival Booth Coordinator team receives one complimentary housing package

13 Pin Trading…IT’S REALLY BIG!

14 Colorado Pins

15 Pins, T-Shirts & Opening Ceremonies ITEMCOST Omer Snowmobile (9)-3 colors$3.50 Flood Relief (9)$4.00 Minion Set (6)$10.00 State T-Shirt$13 Youth M, L; Adult S-XL $15 Adult XXL $18 Adult XXXL Opening/Closing Ceremony Item? Minion Hat $ 10.00

16 Minion Hats?

17 Fund Raising Sources: – World Finals Housing Grant – Start with your PTO and school districts for any available funds – emphasize how Odyssey develops 21 st century skills, STEM & Common Core – Corporate sponsors are best sought through employees – Local sponsors like to support the community – be sure to return the favor – Chain restaurants sponsoring proceeds from one day/night of sales – Mother’s Day sales – flowers, nurseries, spa packages – Events at the school Things to Keep In Mind: – It will likely come in small amounts, but it will add up – Ask for a specific amount; keep track and send thank you notes – Generate news and press; make it easy for them to run a story Other ideas that have worked? Words of wisdom…

18 Future Events & Communication The Role of Spontaneous at WF Spontaneous Workshop – May 18 th 1:00 – 5:00 pm Openings Ceremonies delegation – due May 18 th Team member for Float & Banner – due May 18 th Item to wear/carry for Opening Ceremonies Creativity Festival Volunteers Colorado Team Schedule Contact Info at Iowa State University – Cell Phone – Text Messaging

19 Where To Find More Information

20 Some Final Thoughts Have fun and enjoy the experience – it is so awesome! Scoring and judges Support Colorado teams; check the schedule – there is nothing like hearing the roar of a large crowd and seeing a sea of Colorado Odyssey shirts in the audience! Watch the Odyssey website: Like Us on Facebook: Prepare for weather Plan outside trips carefully. Have extra adults with you to help if you go Coaches Recovery Party – Go and have fun, the kids are ready to have fun on their own –hint, hint Parents Responsibilities Coaches Responsibilities

21 Pin Trading & Creativity Festival mw5I mw5I

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