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Food waste: Challenges & Opportunities Dr Richard Swannell Director, WRAP.

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1 Food waste: Challenges & Opportunities Dr Richard Swannell Director, WRAP


3 Trends

4 Unprecedented demand for food

5 Food Waste (Biological Nutrients)


7 Strategy



10 Simple messages around 5 key behaviours planning knowing date labels savvy storage lovely leftovers perfect portions Because it saves people money: £60 per month


12 Industry engagement: Courtauld Commitments  Packaging  Household food waste  Supply Chain waste

13 Courtauld Commitment Phase 3 Signatories

14 Buy the right amount Keep what is bought at its best Use what is bought Objective To change the retail environment to help consumers: - Pack size range and availability - Promotions - Planning / ordering tools - Packaging functionality, re-close - Clear storage guidance - In-home tools - Consistent, simple use of dates - Maximum shelf life - Portioning tools 14

15 Changes in store

16 Trends in food-waste reducing behaviours (% reporting all of the time or most of the time) and those understanding best- before dates (note that y-axis does not start at zero)

17 Impact  2.9 Mt waste reduced  8.2 Mt CO 2 e  > £4 billion savings  CC3 targeting 1.1 Mt more

18 FUSIONS has 21 project partners from 13 different countries.

19 Using Social Innovation to drive change Social innovations are new ideas… …that meet social needs… …and create new social relationships “We simply describe it as innovations that are both social in their ends and in their means” (1) (1)

20 Join more than 100 organisations as a project Member Attend our Platform meetings -30-31 October 2014, Brussels Sign up for our newsletter Ways to get involved Visit -

21 Feasibility Studies Decentralised Food Donation Cr-EAT-ive Schools Advancing Social Supermarkets Food Service Surplus Solution Order-Cook-Pay Disco BôCô Gleaning Network EU


23 Conclusions  Significant opportunity & challenges  Key Features:  Clear Strategy  Build Partnerships  Measure Impact  Potentially replicable

24 A need for system-wide solutions

25 For more information:    

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