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WRAP – Our work in AD Teresa Hogsbjerg Project Manager.

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1 WRAP – Our work in AD Teresa Hogsbjerg Project Manager

2 ABOUT WRAP WRAP’s vision is a world without waste, where resources are used sustainably. We help businesses, individuals and communities reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

3 Business plan – 2011-2015 Two main Priorities Minimise resource use in products and buildings Diverting priority materials from landfill Working in partnership Voluntary agreements Key industry bodies Industry programmes

4 Organics priorities By 2015 we aim to create a step change in the UKs capacity to recover energy recycle nutrients, reduce food & wood waste to landfill by: Increasing processing capacity Developing business models Grow existing and develop new markets for Quality products

5 What we have achieved so Far Grant funded 13 plants through Capital & ETF programmes Increased capacity by 473Ktpa AD – UK Baseline September 2011 PAS110 Digestate QP Due Diligence Templates – ADBA Due Diligence Templates

6 Agriculture and Landscape and Regeneration So far… Established long term Agricultural field trials Biomass and biofuel production on brownfield land Habitat establishment on brownfield land Sports turf management and maintenance

7 AD strategy and Action Plan Continue to deliver our actions from the action plan Trials Data collection Business Modelling Finding solutions for market failures: Delivering increase in AD capacity – directly and indirectly Current and forward focus – AD infrastructure

8 Current Projects - infrastructure AD Loan Fund – Various tranches Driving Innovation in association with SBRI & RASE - Technology Databank – May 2012 Caddy bags for AD & Composting – On going Links with Finance industry - On-going Sourcing waste for AD – Consolidation report

9 Current and future focus – Digestate Markets Landscape and Regeneration trials – Investigating the commercial potential of digestate products Distribution models for digestate – will report early 2012 New Markets – Enhancement of digestate products

10 Agriculture Agriculture trials Market Development work Current analysis:

11 Compost calculator

12 Links with key industry partners Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) Renewable Energy Association (REA) Association for Organics Recycling (AFOR) National Non Food Crops Centre (NNFCC)

13 links Official AD Portal – Latest WRAP Research on Collection VehiclesCollection Vehicles Latest update on the DC-Agri trials - Digestate & Compost in Agriculture update Digestate & Compost in Agriculture update Tel. 01295 819914 Mob. 07540 515578

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