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1 X-102 Glider

2 Tools and Materials 8 ½”x11” 20lb copier paper 8 ½”x11” 64lb card stock 8 ½”x11” cardboard Foamie sheets Rubber bands Paperclips Coffee stirrer sticks Straws Scotch tape Masking tape Scissors Glue gun Colored pencils 12” ruler

3 Construction tricks Scoring: Makes a straight, clean fold especially important on cardboard. 1) Hold ruler VERY firmly where you want a straight fold. 2) Press and run a scissors tip along the ruler edge. 3) Bend the cardboard along the scored line. Use little pieces of scotch tape rather than long strips. (1 inch strips or less) It’s easier to control short strips and it saves tape. The strength of your ‘stickiness’ is usually more a function of how well you clamp or press the bond than it is the amount of tape or glue you use. Use > marks when measuring. If you use ‘ marks, your line is likely to be crooked. Good Bad GoodBad GoodBad

4 Fuselage Score length of cardboard ¾” wide with scissors. Mark another ¾” strip with a pencil. Cut along the mark. Should be 1.5” wide by 11” long. Scoring paper or cardboard makes it bend straight and clean. To score, hold your ruler VERY firmly and run the tip of your scissors straight along the the ruler edge.

5 Fuselage Bend the cardboard along the score line. This will make a pretty light but rigid fuselage. Wrap masking tape around the nose. Cut a notch on scored side. NOT THE OPEN SIDE! This ‘hook’ must be strong enough to support a rubber band sling shot launch.

6 Wings From card stock paper, mark a 5” wide wing x 11” long. Score 1” from the edge. This bend on the front edge of your wing will make it stiff. Bend the wing along the score line. Cut a 1.25” strip for the tail.

7 Tail Cut a 2” slot in the rear of the fuselage for the tail. Bend the 1.5” wide tail strip in the middle.

8 Tail Insert the tail piece in the fuselage slot. The tail fin should stick above the fuselage about 1.5”. Cut the tail wings together about 2” below the fuselage. Bend the tail wings out. Tape the front end of the tail fin so it cuts the air. Wrap scotch tape around the fuselage and tail to secure it.

9 Mount wings (Optional step to increase strength) Cut a cardboard strip 3.75”x2”. Score ½” wide strips. Bend the cardboard to make a strong wing mount. The “V” section will fit in your fuselage. The flaps will be attached to your wing. 3.75” ½ “ 2” Tape or hot glue the cardboard mount piece to the middle of the wing. Measure cut and bend elevator flaps. This mount piece can help keep your wing perpendicular to the fuselage. Front View Top View

10 Mount wings Tape or hot glue the front wing edge to stiffen the wing. Mark the center of your wing. (5.5” on each side.) Tape your wing to fuselage. You may want to tape or hot glue a cardboard strip or coffee stirrer stick to keep the wing extra stiff. Cut and bend elevator flaps. 2” from the edges. 2” long. ½” wide. It usually glides better if the wing is mounted very close to the tail.

11 Test your glider Wrap and tape some foam rubber or a small paper strip around the nose tip so your plane won’t poke your eye out. Two eyes are better than one!!! Before you launch your glider with the rubber band sling shot, throw it gently to see how well it glides. You can control the center of gravity (so your plane does not stall or dive) by wrapping a rubber band around the front of the fuselage. Adjust the position of the rubber band until your glider flies straight. You can also adjust the wing elevators to make your plane fly in a loop.

12 Flying Machines Make your own decals in PowerPoint

13 Decorate

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