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1 Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

2 Tools and Materials 8 ½x11 20lb copier paper 8 ½x11 64lb card stock 8 ½x11 cardboard Foamie sheets Rubber bands Paperclips Coffee stirrer sticks Straws Scotch tape Masking tape Scissors Glue gun Colored pencils 12 ruler

3 Launcher You can get these parts from Home Depot for less than $ foot long ½ PVC pipe. - ½ Right Angle PVC pipe coupling - Block of wood 10x 4x 1 - Two 1 sheet rock screws. - One ½ pipe hanger - 2-liter soda bottle. The wood block helps keep the launcher stable. (Even thought it s called ½ PVC pipe, it is actually 5/8 on the inside and 7/8 on the outside diameters.)

4 Launcher Cut two 1-foot long pipe sections. If you get the PVC pipe from Home Depot, you can usually cut the pipe sections there with a hack saw or pipe cutter. If not you will need a hack saw. Connect the PVC pipes and the soda bottle.

5 Launcher Blast off!!!

6 Fuselage You can use thin card stock or 22lb weight paper (typical printer paper.) Roll an 8.5 x 11 paper around a ½ PVC pipe. Tape this paper to the pipe. Use small 1 sections of tape. It is easier to control small tape pieces. Then wrap a second paper around the paper that is taped. This will make your rocket fuselage have minimum friction with the pipe when it takes off. Tape the second rolled paper and slip it off the pipe. 11 ½ PVC pipe

7 Fuselage Flatten and cut a point on one end. Tape that end so it makes an air tight tube when you blow in the open end.

8 Nose Cone Wrap a 6 x 4 piece of Foamie into a cone. Hot glue or tape the cone shape. Cut the open end of the cone so it is round

9 Nose Cone + Fuselage Hot glue the nose cone to the fuselage.

10 Tail Fins Simple Start with a 8.5 x 11 card stock or 22lb paper Fold in half, Hamburger style. Cut at the fold. Bend in half and cut at the fold. Fold the two strips in the middle and cut at the fold. Mark a straight line from corner to corner. Put the two pieces exactly on top of each other.

11 Tail Fins Simple Cut along the diagonal line and you will have 4 symmetrical fins. Score and fold a flange about ¼ along the long edge of the triangle. Then cut a small slit from the edge to the fold. Bend the top flange to the left and the bottom flange to the right. You need to do this for all 4 fins. You need to make flanges on each fin so you can tape or hot glue them to your rocket fuselage.

12 Tail Fins Rugged Build these fins instead of the simple fins if you want really rugged fins Fold in half. Hamburger style Cut the two halvesFold the two halves in the middle.

13 Tail Fins Rugged Fold the two halves in the middle. Cut the two folded halves in the middle. The goal is to make 4 fins that are exactly symmetrical! Cut the four rectangles into four equal triangles.

14 Tail Fins Rugged The goal is to make 4 fins that are exactly symmetrical! Cut the four fins along the dotted line. Now you need to fold flanges so you can glue or tape the fins to the fuselage.

15 Nose Cone + Fuselage + Fins Hot glue the fins to the fuselage. If you want your rocket to fly straight you will need to mount your fins at right angles. You can make a cross hair template to ensure good alignment. Try mounting your fins so they will make your rocket spin. Your rocket may not go quite as high but it may travel in a straighter line if it is spinning like a bullet. Top View

16 Nose Cone + Fuselage + Fins

17 Hall of Fame Rockets

18 Nose Cone + Fuselage + Wings + Tail You could add wings and a tail instead of fins and launch a glider. Before you launch it, make sure it glides well. You can position the wings forward or backward to control the center of gravity. You could also cut elevators to control loops. You can stiffen the wings by folding the leading edge or taping a coffee stirrer stick to the leading edge.

19 Decorate Your Plane

20 Air Show Competitions: 1)Best looking (scale of 1-10). 2)Furthest distance. 3)Most accurate. 4)Highest flight. 5)Most interesting flight (scale of 1-10).

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