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About Lock n’Pop  Company established 1972  Products sold worldwide  Domestic sales through rep and distributor network  Exclusive focus on load unitization.

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2 About Lock n’Pop  Company established 1972  Products sold worldwide  Domestic sales through rep and distributor network  Exclusive focus on load unitization  Primary in product manufacturing and quality control  Over 4,000,000,000 pallets stabilized by Lock n’Pop

3 Why Lock n’Pop is Used  Increase load stability  Reduce costs  Increase productivity  Eliminate losses due to damages In transit to your DC’s or customers Within the manufacturing location

4 Customers  Food and food ingredient processors  Beverage processors  Chemical manufacturers  Produce packers  Industrial manufacturers  Fine paper manufacturers

5 Customer Examples  Tropicana  Coca-Cola  IBP  McCormick  Con Agra  Hunt-Wesson  Cereal Food Processors  Krispy Kreme  Land O’Lakes  Cargill

6 Product Attributes  Water-based  Repulpable  Ingredients approved by FDA, 21 CFR 175.105  Product will set in temperatures from –20 to 180 degrees F  Firm locks unaffected by temperature, humidity or time

7 Advantages Over Stretch Wrap  Potential cost reduction: Savings in labor and/or materials Minimal capital expense Minimal maintenance Improves throughput

8 Advantages Over Stretch Wrap  Improves: Internal load stability Non-routine inspections Space utilization Partial pallet handling

9 Advantages Over Stretch Wrap  Customer advantages: Loads still stable after partial depalletizing Avoid mess of condensation under wrap Improve stocking efficiency No disposal mess Improved environmental impact

10 High Racking/Close Tolerances are Easy with Lock n’ Pop

11 Preventing Shifting on Stacked Bags is Easy with Lock n’Pop

12 Advantages over Adhesives  Customized product selection  No product separation, so no mixing required  No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to report  Virtually invisible on packaging for clean results  No sticky residue to foul equipment or customers  No heat application saves on cost and injury  No cobwebbing or build up on equipment or conveyors  Low maintenance

13 Lock n’ Pop is Applied Clean, using Unique Low Maintenance Materials and Methods

14 Advantages for Refrigerated or Freezer Storage  Unique capability to bond in cold and freezing conditions without using sticky materials  Reduction in time and energy for cooling  Maintenance of top loading strength by preventing condensation from wrap  Improved efficiency of order picking by eliminating need to remove wrap

15 Effects of Condensation  Study completed by Nethercote and Boisvenu in Performance & Evaluation of Shipping Containers indicates potential loss of compressive strength up to 70% on boxes that were not wax treated and exposed to refrigerated and/or freezer storage. Condensation was cited as the primary factor contributing to the loss.

16 Application Equipment  Auto application (preferred)  Taper application  Manual application  Primitive application

17 U 1000 Automatic Applicator

18 U 1000 Details  No tools required for change adjustment  PLC control  Modular design, pieces can be installed separately  Low pressure alarm  Sensors with background suppression  Single station pump  2 spray guns with spray tips  Spare parts  Electrical 90-240 VAC with 24 VDC control voltage  Air requirements 80-125 PSI  CE approved

19 U 50 (Taper Applicator)

20 U 50 Applicator Details  Liquid pump  Spray tips  Spare parts  CE approved  Requires 110 VAC and 80 PSI air

21 Portable 5-Gallon Manual Applicator

22 Manual Applicator Details  Operates like garden sprayer, except that spray pressure is controlled by plant air entering tank through pressure regulator/relief valve.  Lock n’Pop is filtered and carried through an expandable hose to the spray gun.

23 Product Types Exclusive Lock n’Pop formulations for ambient/refrigerated/frozen:  Corrugated boxes  Point of purchase cases  Point of purchase displays  Kraft bags  Clay coated (point of purchase) display cartons  Woven poly bags  Export containers

24 Getting Started  Plant survey  Packaging evaluation  Plant trial

25 Plant Survey  Customer objectives  Application environment  Plant physical set up  In-house handling, storage, and shipping methods  Pallet configuration/s  Packaging

26 Packaging Evaluations  Product recommendations  Application rate recommendations  Spray tip recommendations  Expectations (good and bad)

27 Preferred Plant Trial  Criteria established with customer for determining success  Equipment set up as recommended  Product run on several pallets for fine tuning  Lock and appearance evaluation by plant personnel  Final set up based on customer feedback  Run for 30 days  Final evaluation

28 Equipment Options  Buy  Rent  Buy or rent by including cost in chemical purchase  Lease option through 3 rd party

29 Customer Support  Reps and distributors provide local service  Field service tech available if needed  24-hour customer service  Orders processed same day with delivery within 1-3 days, depending on location  Packaging evaluations as needed for life of customer  No Questions Asked guarantee on product for 1 year from manufacturing date  National network of reps and distributors to assist with shipping evaluations

30 Partnering for Success  We have developed a special relationship with our customers that maximizes the effect of our experience and expertise  As an outside vendor, we sit on the Damage Assessment Team for Georgia Pacific  We work closely with Damage Assessment Teams from Coors, Perrier, and Cadbury

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