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1 Lessons Learned in Providing 3 Billion Liters of Clean Drinking Water in the Developing World Greg Allgood, PhD.

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1 1 Lessons Learned in Providing 3 Billion Liters of Clean Drinking Water in the Developing World Greg Allgood, PhD

2 P&G and CDC Collaboration on Household Drinking Water Studies in Guatemala identified unmet need Consumers desired visual signal that water is being cleaned Technical need for improved effectiveness in highly turbid waters

3 PUR Purifier of Water Reverse engineered current municipal treatment process Small sachet to treat 10 liters of water using coagulation, flocculation and disinfection Uses same ingredients used in municipal water treatment –Calcium Hypochlorite as Disinfectant –Ferric Sulfate as Coagulant

4 Kenyan Drinking Water Samples Turbidity (NTU) 1850 55 37 1

5 Laboratory and Field Testing EPA approved as microbiological purifier Meets WHO criteria for protective POU  7 log bacteria  4 log viruses  3 log chlorine resistant parasites Reduce heavy metals organics, and pesticides  98% arsenic

6 Health Intervention Studies Diarrhea Reduction ­ Guatemala (2 Studies, Rural) ­ Kenya (Turbid water) ­ Pakistan (Urban) ­ Liberia (Refugee camp)

7 Results of Health Intervention Trials Average Diarrhea Reduction of 50% 87-95%2191 people 12 weeks Liberia Refugee camp 59-64%12090 people 39 weeks Pakistan Urban slum 17-42%**6615 people 20 weeks Kenya Rural, Turbid water 40-72%3401 people 13 weeks Guatemala Rural 24-29%2982 people 52 weeks Guatemala Rural % Diarrhea Reduction Study DesignLocation/Setting

8 P&G Provides on Sustainable, Not-for-Profit Basis Focal philanthropy program of P&G Committed to long-term supply at not-for-profit Focus on most vulnerable  Emergency relief  Social markets combined with community outreach  Rural schools  HIV/AIDS  Malnourished children

9 Emergency Relief CDC monitored use of PUR in Haiti and showed people used it correctly following simple training Trainer of trainer video and SOP available Used for most major disasters including tsunami, earthquakes, floods, cholera outbreaks

10 Sustained Efforts in Developing World Work with international social marketing experts such as PSI in several countries Work with community based groups, schools, clinics to create habit change Existing programs in 12 countries with expansion underway –Existing: Dominican Republic, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda south Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda –Ghana and India in 2011

11 HHWT Helps Keep Kids in School World Vision Malawi measured a 57% decrease in school absenteeism, 90% decrease in diarrhea in schools and 75% increase in pit latrines in schools CDC measured in CARE Kenya school programs a 26% decrease in school absenteeism that was sustained a year following intervention and 30% at 3 years Reached more than 1.6 million children to date

12 HHWT Helps People with HIV/AIDS PUR removes chlorine resistant parasites that are fatal to people living with AIDS UNC Med School demonstrated 99% use of hygiene package in PMTCT program and low rates of diarrhea in mothers and babies at weaning, and increased retention in program Cost effective at $0.02 per day More than a dozen groups providing more than 20 million PUR packets this year including USAID/PEPFAR support in Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, and Tanzania

13 HHWT Helps Malnourished Kids Malnourished children are susceptible to opportunistic infections CARE Ethiopia incorporated PUR into program for malnourished children and found less diarrhea and trend for reduced time on therapy Cost effective at 40x less/day than Plumpy Nut

14 P&G CSDW Program Growth

15 Impact 300 million sachets or 3 billion liters distributed 120 million days of diarrhea averted More than 16,000 lives saved More than 100 partnerships

16 “ Save One Life Every Hour” Commitment Announced at Clinton Global Initiative P&G CEO Bob McDonald and President Clinton announced new goal to save one life every hour by providing 2 billion liters of clean water/year –Leverage marketing assets to build awareness of global clean water crisis –Build new PUR plant in Singapore to provide capacity by 2012 –Scale-up CSDW in new countries and with new partners

17 Build Awareness to Expand Efforts Little awareness that diarrhea kills more children than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined P&G is using our marketing muscle to raise awareness

18 P&G Marketing Efforts to Raise Awareness of Clean Water Crisis Summit on Summit Kilimanjaro generated 2 billion media impressions World Water Day events including BrandSaver that reached 60 million US households and donated 90 million liters P&G brands – Cover Girl, PUR Water Filtration, SKII, Pantene

19 19 THANK YOU! @DrGregAllgood

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