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Truth and Honesty in Media Communication Why does it matter?

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1 Truth and Honesty in Media Communication Why does it matter?

2 Defining the differences Deception Intended to mislead Uses verbal and nonverbal communication Lying Subcategory of deception Giving false information

3 The Commitment to Truth Historically Code of Hammurabi Ten Commandments Socrates Kant John Stuart Mill First Amendment

4 Art of Deception Biblical Times Plato Mythology, folklore, & literature

5 The value of truth Autonomy Individuals expect truthful & accurate information Example: Brian Ross’s Tea PartyBrian Ross’s Tea Party Respect & trust Liane Membis and WSJWSJ Democracy

6 Truth & the Media Truth and reporting Accurate Promote understanding Fair and balanced

7 Images from Vietman War

8 Images from Operation Desert Storm

9 The Feeding Frenzy Compromises all three standards Rush to judgment Example: 1999 NYT article

10 Deception in Journalism Secret Investigations Army recruiters Three-step test News staging News reenactments or re-creations Image manipulation Tamara Bell

11 Fabrication of News Jayson Blair: 2003 Journalism’s Summer of Sin, 2012: Journatic New Canaan News Wall Street Journal Pioneer Press

12 Docudrama Infotainment Goal: make an interesting story Concerns Producer revises history without addressing it History distorted to present biased view 21 st Century Docudrama Examples Red Tails, The Kennedys, Aftershock, Fair Game, 127 Hours

13 Truth in PR & Advertising Public Relations Persuasive True and accurate Advertising Linguistic ability Puffery Example: SkecherSkecher

14 VNR Video News Release Used by Corporate, Government, and NPO News organizations responsible for fact check GM Example

15 Intellectual Dishonesty Plagiarism Mortal sin in media communications “unoriginal sin” Use without credit Examples: Johan Lehrer Misappropriation Use without permission Against copyright Example: Napster, LimewireLimewire

16 Moral reasoning and the truth Deontologists Consequentialists Virtue Ethics

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