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Theme 6. Cochrane Reviews: innovative reviews and methodology.

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1 Theme 6. Cochrane Reviews: innovative reviews and methodology

2 Theme and Session Objective To engage the Collaboration and the users of the Library in a discussion about the strategic direction in the types of reviews and questions to be undertaken by Cochrane and; ascertain the need, relevance, appropriateness and organisational capacity to expand types of systematic reviews and methods beyond the current Cochrane Review model

3 Theme exploration: Review Innovation Pandora’s box Why? How? Intervention Reviews Innovative reviews Prognosis Qualitative syntheses Non randomised studies Economic analyses Experiences Causation

4 Key points 1. There is support but no consensus for enhancing Cochrane reviews or including new review types 2. Moving forward will require: Methods development Enthusiastic authors and CRGs Technological advances 3. Enhancements and new review types should respond to real questions of uncertainty and demonstrated need 4. Preferences of external stakeholders need to be addressed

5 Recommendations 38. Conduct further internal and external consultation, and evaluation, to enable The Cochrane Collaboration to make a strategic decision on continuing with (1) methodological enhancements to Cochrane Reviews of interventions (e.g. qualitative syntheses), and whether to introduce (2) additional types of Cochrane Reviews addressing a broader set of questions (e.g. explanatory). 39. Move towards including non-randomised studies in Cochrane Reviews for harms and potentially where evidence for key benefits is weak; however, we do not recommend this where randomised controlled trials are feasible and would be valuable in addressing an important uncertainty.


7 What is the purpose of today’s meeting? TimeSession structureTask 10.45 (5mins)Introduction Background to theme, recommendations findings 10.50 (40mins) Split into small groups for focused work  Theme discussion of recommendations  Worksheets 11.30-12.00 (30mins) Break Graffiti wall-Getting your point across 12.00-12.20 (20mins) Group feedback (structured) and discussion Feedback from worksheets 12.20-12.30 (10mins) Wrap up and agree theme action points Decisions on next steps

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