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Oregon Kosher © 2015 Oregon Kosher A Tale of Lattes and Ice Cream.

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2 Oregon Kosher

3 © 2015 Oregon Kosher A Tale of Lattes and Ice Cream

4 How to be an informed kosher consumer: Free Kosher Apps


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8 The Powerful and Mighty OU

9 Some Screen Shots and Features

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11 The OK Kosher Food Guide


13 The OK Vegetable Checking Guide


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16 Items that do not require a hechsher: Some retail food items do not require kosher supervision either due to the fact that they are completely natural ingredients, or they undergo very minimal processing. In addition, much research has been done to ascertain that some items are processed in the same way universally, and the production process does not create any kosher concerns. All of these items would be considered category 1 or group 1 ingredients.

17 We can speak out the reasons for many of these items Listed below is the Star-K’s list of some products that do not require kosher certification if they do not have additives, and, if food items are not a product of Israel (if from Israel, needs reliable certification). Check back from time-to-time, since there may be changes. We will discuss why some agencies argue with a few of these items. Aluminum Foil Applesauce plain only, even with high fructose corn syrup and vitamins Baking powder Baking soda Beer domestic unflavored Bran unprocessed Buckwheat raw Carob Powder Cocoa Powder plain (not cocoa mix) Coffee ground unflavored Corn Meal Corn Powder Corn Starch Dental floss Dishwashing gloves Farina-raw plain Grains raw Honey-pure unflavored

18 continued Lip Gloss even flavored Molasses unflavored Oats-pure raw Oven cleaner Paper plates, cups, napkins Popcorn kernels-plain raw Plastic wrap,bags – do not need a hechsher even for hot Paper – for cold – does not need a hechsher Salt Silver polish Split peas raw Sugar-cane, beet, brown, confectioners Tea unflavored Water-unflavored even with fluoride

19 Some Other Prevalent Examples 1. Milk in the USA (for those who consume Chalav Stam ) 2. Chicken Eggs 3. Flour (for those who only eat yoshon wheat, this is more complicated) 4. Many fresh fruits- apples, oranges, peaches, etc. Berries are more complicated due to insect infestation 5. Unflavored water and seltzer

20 Time for a Coffee Fix Let’s Move on to Starbucks and Similar Coffee Houses Does this statement mean anything to you? “I’ll have an iced Grande white chocolate raspberry chip Frappuccino with non-fat whipped cream”? If so, you are officially a Java Junky! If not, consider yourself thrifty, because that costs more than $5!

21 Let’s start with a Question There are many non-kosher restaurants in the world, and the kosher keeping community realizes that they can’t eat there. Why would one think they can eat at a Starbucks or coffee house? Let’s Discuss.

22 The Clear-cut Items Let’s deal with the most clear cut items first: Ingredient Issues: 1.Caramel Macchiato, Espresso Macchiato and White Mochas- Not kosher because the caramel sauce is not certified. This is fairly standard, but one could feel free to ask to check the sauce for a hechsher. 2.Caramel Brulee Latte- same as above. 3.Frappuccino- NK because the bases and flavorings are not kosher. 4.Lemonade- NK because the bases are not kosher. 5.Smoothie- NK because the bases are not kosher. 6.Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles- Not kosher. 7.Any prepared sandwiches and paninis- Not kosher. Clearly Kosher 1.Packaged food items bearing a hechsher. 2.Starbucks bottled beverages bearing a KD are certified as kosher, chalav stam, by R’ Zevulun Charlop. 3.Those beverages and some of the fruit juices can be put into the blender cold and blended with ice to make a delicious ice coffee or smoothie (which happens to be my Starbucks beverage of choice). LET’S TAKE AM MOMENT TO REVIEW THE CRC REPORT

23 The Great Debacle of 2006 You may be wondering- why do the CRC and Star-K state there is a difference between kiosk stores and full service stores. This stems from the great treif debacle of 2006. In fact, if you take a look in your packets at the Star-k statement, you will be able to see what life was like for the coffee drinker prior to 2006.

24 Continued Quote of “What Could be Wrong With My Little Latte” 2013 Article by Victoria Dwek: Treifing Up the Utensils Prior to 2006, ordering the standard cappuccino, latte and coffee drink at Starbucks did not pose much of a kashrus problem ( Hechsherim on ingredients used in specialty drinks, on the other hand, were always changing). Kosher soy milk has always been available for those of us who keep chalav Yisrael. Starbucks does not sell any flavored beans, which would affect the kosher status of the coffee itself. The only foods sold were pastries that were delivered wrapped to the store and served cold. Then, in an effort to compete with other coffee chains, Starbucks began serving hot breakfast sandwiches. The ham sandwiches are heated on a ceramic plate in a special oven, sliced with a knife, and served on a dish. That's when things got sticky...or meaty.

25 New Issues: 1.The three sink model and it’s issues. 2.Status of metal pitchers, shot glasses, brew baskets, steam wands (these will affect the status of lattes, espresso shots, and Americanos, which otherwise would be kosher). 3.Masterna Espresso machine removable shot divider and clover machine whisk. 4.Contradictions in policy. 5.The rags.

26 1.Bitul B’shishim. See Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 98:1. 2.Nosein Tam Lifgam. See Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 104:3. With those leniencies in mind here is a statement from Rabbi Fishbane of the CRC: Based on the above facts: that the utensils used to make your hot latte can be washed in a dishwasher together with actual non kosher food, and if in a three compartment sink (the more common method in coffee houses) there is a real safek if the initial wash has soap, which otherwise could make the utensils non-kosher; and the possibility that non-kosher residue can be spread around via the continuous wiping during the day - it is the policy of the cRc not to recommend the consumption of the ever popular latte purchased from a non- certified coffee house. Although the latte may possibly be mutar b'dieved, we typically shy away from recommending foods that are merely permitted b'dieved, and would advise one to do so only after consulting with a Rav who will weigh the factors, including whether one is allowed to rely on a b'dieved just to have a preferred form of coffee rather than one that is kosher without question.

27 Yay Portland! Thankfully, we live in a city where Rabbi Tzvi Fischer is the Kashrus Administrator and Rosh Kollel!

28 For Those With a Good Memory… A Quote of Rabbi Fischer from our Hotels and traveling class: “Hot water from an urn may be used, and unflavored coffee- from a coffee dispenser that is used for unflavored coffee- may be consumed. This is in line with the halacha of “ Lo Machzikinan Issura ”- meaning, we do not establish something as forbidden unless we know it to be forbidden. In our case, we are discussing a coffee dispenser or urn used for permitted products which were most likely used for the products they were intended to be used for; therefore, one does not have to assume that they became non-kosher. Please see the notes below for a lengthy discussion of other opinions.” Let’s discuss the ramifications for a coffee house Like Starbucks. In Addition: Delicious coffee options are available At the Café at the J under the supervision of Oregon Kosher

29 In The Mood For Some Ice Cream? Let’s Move on to Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Shops Same Question: There are many non-kosher restaurants in the world, and the kosher keeping community realizes that they can’t eat there. Why would one think they can eat at an ice cream parlor?

30 Statements of the Companies Is Dannon ® YoCream ® Frozen Yogurt Kosher certified? Yes, all Dannon ® YoCream ® products are OU-D Kosher certified—the world's most recognized and most trusted Kosher symbol. OU-D applies to Dannon ® YoCream ® products only and does not cover the retail establishment in which our products may be sold. If you would like to serve completely kosher products, please contact your local rabbi for details. Download FREE merchandising featuring the Kosher seal at YoRewards. Not a YoRewards member? Sign up now. Baskin Robbins ® Nutrition Answers 1. Is Baskin-Robbins ice cream Kosher? All Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors are Kosher, except Pink Bubble Gum and Rocky Road. Back to Top 2. Are Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes Kosher? All Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes and pies are Kosher, except for those made with Pink Bubble Gum and Rocky Road.

31 1.Identifying the supplier. YoCream, Baskin Robbins, Yogurtland, etc. 2.Non Kosher Varieties and flavors. 3.Icre cream scoops, blenders, etc. 4.Other items being sold in the store. 5.Toppings, and alternate suppliers. 6.Dedicated scoopers and bins. 7.Ice cream cakes. 8.Bedikas Tolayim.

32 Take a look at the attached Guidelines from Sunny’s Legendary Kosher Yogurt to see some of our controls there. Sunny’s is certified by Oregon Kosher and is a great local option!

33 Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed

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