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DIRT BIKE RACING By Erik Palmer Dirt Bike Racing By: Erik Palmer.

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3 Dirt Bike Racing By: Erik Palmer


5 Erik was afraid, but he called upon all his courage as he jumped across the river. His friend, Cole, was waiting to finish riding the trail too. They both ended up in the quarry at the end of town.


7 Cole was showing Erik some new tricks that he had learned, since the last trip there. Erik had a new move called the “transfer whip”---he turns his bike while in the air.—SWOOSH! Cole just looked and smiled.


9 Then Cole rode a wheelie across the trail. Erik did a “Stoppie”-this is where you stop, your back tires are in the air, and you are balancing on the front tires. This really made Cole take a second look. It started to get dark so the boys headed home.


11 The next day, Cole and Erik go to a race in Ohio. They both check in at the registration table and head to the starting line. They say to each other, “May the best rider win!”


13 The race course is very hilly, with a lot of jumps and a lot turns and steep hills to climb. It’s sunny outside, but the course is dry and dusty like a desert.


15 Cole pulls out in front of all the racers. Erik is making his way up to the front. There are a lot of laps to go.


17 Cole was sad he didn’t finish in good time, but Erik finished in second. Luckily there’s another race next weekend. So, the boys load up their bikes and head home.


19 Finally, the weekend is here. Outside the wind was howling. Cole and Erik get out their bikes and drive two hours to the race in Cleveland, Ohio.


21 This race is for a chance to make the state finals. Both boys unload their bikes, check in and go to the starting line. This race is very important. Everyone is nervous because they want to win.


23 The race begins and they take off>> Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Erik gets a hole shot, which means he got extra points. Cole is right behind Erik. The race is over, and Erik wins the race!

24 My name is Erik Palmer, and I'm a junior at the Lawrence County Career & Technical Center. My home school is Union High Area School District and I am enrolled in the masonry program. DIRT BIKE RACING BY ERIK PALMER GET OUT AND RACE ! #194

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