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Trip to Canada By Justin Bell Trip to Canada by Justin Bell.

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2 Trip to Canada By Justin Bell

3 Trip to Canada by Justin Bell

4 Dream

5 Shane and Thomas worked for a steel plant and are best friends. One day, Shane and Thomas were watching TV, and they saw a commercial about “Dream” which is an airplane company. The commercial was about going Canada on a plane for $1900 a person. For a week, Shane thought it would be fun to go and see another country.


7 Shane and Thomas called the company Dream. The company told them that he would need $3800 by either cash or credit card for the trip.


9 Shane and Thomas go to Canada on a plane, and it took them one day. When they get to the airport, they call a taxi cab to get to their hotel, and they also have to get a car for the week.


11 Shane and Thomas check into their hotel. They find ants and roaches living in the hotel room!


13 Shane and Thomas get so grossed out that they have to move to a different hotel across the street. They find that hotel is clean. Shane and Thomas call the taxi cab again so they can get a rental car.


15 Shane and Thomas check into the hotel and park their car outside. They check the paper to see if there is anything to do. There is nothing to do, and they are bored.


17 Shane and Thomas get in their car and go driving around. They see this old restaurant called Quick Stop. Shane and Thomas decide to go in and eat.


19 After Shane and Thomas eat, they go looking at different restaurant and different stores. Shane and Thomas find a carnival park just a couple of blocks from the hotel.


21 They go to the carnival, and they get on this real big roller coaster. They notice that it is very unstable, and it did not follow many safety procedures. It was too late for Shane and Thomas because they already got on the roller coaster. Shane and Thomas were scared. While the ride is going, Shane and Thomas feel the ride start to shake more and more. It was so bad, and Shane almost got thrown out of the cart.


23 One of the bolts that held the steel tire on comes off and sparks are flying! They are about to get knocked out of the cart like a bowling ball. The cart is faster and faster—SWOOSH! The cart comes off the track, and Thomas and Shane go flying in the air, the cart hits a tree, stops and the tree breaks. The next day, the friends end up in the hospital, and they are there for the next three weeks. They sue the carnival, and the carnival goes out of business. It took Shane and Thomas over four weeks to get home.

24 Justin Bell is a Senior at Lawrence County Career and Technical Center. He’s in the Industrial Electricity Program. He lives in the Neshannock Area School District.

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