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Peter McKinney Introducing effective preservation.

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1 Peter McKinney Introducing effective preservation

2 Introduction The state of digital preservation Lots of awareness, little practical experience Tired of short term funding At the ‘jumping point’ – just do it

3 Digital Preservation at Glasgow CDocS Daedalus DELOS II Digital Curation Centre ERPANET espida EThOS

4 espida an Effective Strategic model for the Preservation and disposal of Institutional Digital Assets

5 Explanations Making it happen, by getting real ‘it’ – preservation of digital assets, normalisation of practice, sustainable funding ‘real’ – practical, effective, everyday, sensible, responsible, normal, natural Digital assets Research & teaching materials, project outputs, departmental records, datasets, papers,..,

6 Who? Core team James Currall Peter McKinney Susan Ashworth Morag Greig Claire Johnson William Nixon Joan Keenan Project Board Chair: Chris Rusbridge, Director Information Services Chris Bailey, Director Library Services James Currall, Information Services Peter Dickman, Computing Science Anton Muscateli, VP for Strategy and Budgets Noel Peacock, French Lesley Richmond, Director Archive Services Alec Scrimgeour, Principal's Office External Experts Simon Bains, National Library for Scotland Neil Beagrie, British Library/JISC Prof. John Feather, Loughborough University Prof. Laurie Hunter, Glasgow Business School Matthew Palmer, The National Archives Prof. Seamus Ross, University of Glasgow David Ryan, Royal Household

7 Bottom Line: Ensuring the survival of digital assets at the University of Glasgow What are we doing?

8 Bottom Line: Ensuring the survival of digital assets at the University of Glasgow Through: Developing a sustainable business focussed model for digital preservation at an FE/HE Institution.

9 What we are NOT doing Creating a preservation policy Solving everyone’s problems Solving technical problems Securing funds to create an eUniversity

10 Effectively Preserving Sustainable actions Digital preservation at the core of strategic thinking and planning Modelling costs, benefits, roles, responsibilities, risks.

11 Your Assets We need to understand them within an ‘Institutional whole’ To ensure what you have of value remains To ensure management of a Universities’ assets (preservation/destruction)

12 Plan of action Engagement Events (meetings, workshops, interviews) Strategic Model in Action Dissemination of model

13 What can your role be? Meetings, input, model evaluation/ development HELP US Requirements Desire Stakeholder champions Focus Groups Questionnaire Needs

14 Beyond Glasgow Not just Glasgow model. Rest of HE/FE. Discussion on suitability of model for other insitutions. Dissemination of solutions, issues, problems. Case study of creation and implementation of model – step-by-step guide?

15 Who cares? Should we care? Is every department/individual happy that they can be the guardians of what they have? Should the University care? Does it believe it is doing enough?

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