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Scott Brownrigg Regulations Review CIC Peter Caplehorn 26 th October 2010.

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1 Scott Brownrigg Regulations Review CIC Peter Caplehorn 26 th October 2010

2 Scott Brownrigg Regulations what have we got? Building Act 1984 +Building Regulations 2000 Needs update Approved Documents A B C D E F G H J K L M N P Reg7 Manual Needs update Accredited Construction Details Robust details Do they work? Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005 Lawyers don’t understand BS 8300: 2009 Guide for designers coming Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Not working Fire Risk Assessments Poor compliance poor understanding EU Works Directive (Tendering/Procurement) Badly used understood EU Construction Products Directive Potentially destructive EU Services Directive Potentially destructive Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 Lord Young review underway The CDM Regulations 2007 Review underway The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 Poor compliance

3 Scott Brownrigg Regulations what have we got? Housing Act 2004 Is it working? Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 Too complex Lifetime Homes Too complex London Housing Design Guides Soon to be replaced? HCA Housing Standards Poor compliance Building for Life Party Wall Act 1996 Climate Change Act 2008 Sustainable and Secure Buildings Act 2004 Not yet used? The Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008 Understood/ignored Code for Sustainable Homes Scope compliance issues BREEAM Commercial validation but is it just points scoring? Energy performance certificates Do they make a difference?

4 Scott Brownrigg Regulations what have we got? And …. BCO (British Council for Offices) Off message? CSCS Card PQP Probably ready for use now British Standards supporting building regulations Approximately 400 quoted directly in the approved documents nearly half of these have been withdrawn SSIP (Safety systems in procurement) Needed because accreditation systems have grown exponentially with no benefit And I’m sure there are more but lets move on before it get really depressing !

5 Scott Brownrigg Regulations What are the RIBA doing now? Rewriting the building regulations approved documents clear simple AD ‘s Producing guides to key British standards (8300) Generating new BSI design guides (designing for working at height) Producing guidance on health and safety for the HSE (published soon) Producing DVD’s (5 in the series so far) Relaunching the PQP card (pr to start soon) Technical Guidance from the task force Knowledge communities guidance and good practice CONIAC CDM Review SFARP definition Slips and Trips designer guide Appropriate persons for fire risk assessment steering group CEN TC 395 action committee

6 Scott Brownrigg Strategic Goals

7 Scott Brownrigg CLG Doc?

8 Scott Brownrigg Regulations The main problems Too much regulation Too complex regulation Not joined up Leads to Just tell me what to do complex And Poor compliance or no compliance Or Just cant tell!

9 Scott Brownrigg Regulations where are we? Several parts of the approved documents conflict with each other. Over half the British standards in the b regs are withdrawn. Planning concents establish renewable standards that are often impossible. Definitions objects and methodologies often clash. Understanding is poor. Compliance methodology poor. Built standards and compliance poor. Health and safety not as good as it should be. Occupational health is nowhere.

10 Scott Brownrigg Regulations where are we? Make goals clear. Synchronise regulations- -planning -building regulations- health and safety. Demystify stop poor and counter productive. advice. Joined up thinking across Government. Government and Industry working closer.

11 Scott Brownrigg Building Regulations Get back to Oliver Palmer clarity Redraft easier to read Remove irrelevant and unwanted content Reduce third party documents Ensure clarity of aim Regulations where are we?

12 Scott Brownrigg Regulations where are we? Health and Safety Legislation Make CDM clearer easier and better deployed. Follow up on the Rita Donaghy report. Reduce roots of accreditation systems. Better relationship with HSE to continue. Building control to help (LACE) project. Ensure occupational health is on the radar.

13 Scott Brownrigg Trade guidance Best practice RIBA CPD guidance information notes Knowledge Communities Information Packs Supporting Documents British Standards clear current and relevant Information that is dependable Regulations where are we?

14 Scott Brownrigg Regulations where are we? To summarise- Obvious deliverable performance. Clear values that clients understand. Regulations that Professionals understand. Convince clients that the green agenda is important. Get back to the confident certainty we did have. Thank you

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