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MGMA Product Review Laura Palmer, FACMPE October 7, 2013.

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1 MGMA Product Review Laura Palmer, FACMPE October 7, 2013

2 How do you learn? Auditory – webinars, online Visual - books Kinesthetic – face to face meetings Combination – online learning We have something for everyone!

3 2014 Face to Face meetings Financial Management and Payer Contracting March 2-4 in Orlando Business of Care Delivery March 23-25 in Orlando MGMA Anesthesiology Conference March 27-29 in San Francisco MGMA14 Annual Conference October 26-29 in Las Vegas

4 Virtual Academy ICD10 Implementation Identify compliance timelines and key differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10 Recognize impact areas on your group Describe costs and changes to clinical documentation Recognize steps to successfully comply with federal requirements OCT 24 from 10am – 1pm CST

5 Virtual Academy ICD10 Implementation MGMA Website – through the store Implementation-Virtual-Academy/ REGISTER NOW! LIVE OCT 24 10am – 1pm CST 3 – 60 min sessions, come and go or on demand (Oct 26 – Nov 26)

6 Virtual Academy MGMA Website – through the store COMING SOON! Strategies for the Value Based Practice LIVE in December

7 On Demand Webinars – by Topic 4 Business operations 25 Financial management 12 Human resource management 3 Information management 16 Organizational governance 15 Patient care systems 10 Quality management 10 Risk management

8 Free Webinars - Examples Strategies and Solutions for Dealing with Unprofessional and Disruptive Physicians Patient Safety Tools for Physician Practices Creating an Internship Program: The Rewards to your Organization Introduction to Electronic Prescribing

9 More … Free Using Dashboards to Communicate Essential Information to Practice Leaders Demystifying Data: How Better Performers Use Data to Go from Good to Great Using Advanced Benchmarking Techniques to Maximize Profits Choose Your Path: Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Performance

10 Member Webinars Get Paid the First Time: Analyze your EOBs to Increase Cash Collections Increasing Leverage in Payer Negotiations Patient Inducements and Discounts: What You Can and Can't Do Ways to Maximize Effective Collections Management Compensation - Using MGMA Data to Negotiate your Salary

11 Member Webinars - examples The Sunshine Act The Advantage of MGMA Data in Physician Compensation Planning The Patient Centered Medical Home Neighbor and Neighborhood - Improving Care Coordination and Communication Improving Your Practice With Meaningful Clinical Data Registering for PQRS Reporting, Understanding Implications and Proposed Policies for the Value Based Payment Modifier

12 Member Webinars Increase Your Revenue with Appropriate Reimbursement for Non-Physician Services Auditing E&M Coding to Enhance Practice Revenue Building a Defensible Fee Schedule Creating Meaningful Reports for Physicians

13 Webinars from Vendors Denial Management - Field-tested Techniques That Get Claims Paid (Optum) Important Steps Medical Practices Can Take to Safeguard Their Business (PNC Bank)

14 Data Dive products Visit the Data Experience to see demos and talk with the analysts

15 Surveys – CD, printed and online

16 Surveys


18 Books



21 New!




25 Books WAYS TO ORDER GO to the Store at CALL toll-free 877.275.6462 FAX or MAIL in an order form PICKUP discounted products at the MGMA13 bookstore on site

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