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PBHCI Project Sustainability Analyzing Clinical Workflows to Support Integrated Care and Seamlessly Maximize Revenue 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET 3/15/2012.

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1 PBHCI Project Sustainability Analyzing Clinical Workflows to Support Integrated Care and Seamlessly Maximize Revenue 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET 3/15/2012

2 Sustainability Administrative/Infrastructure Clinical Financial

3 Administrative Sustainability What is the vision and mission of your agency? Does it need to change? Options Treat SPMI and their behavioral health issues only Treat SPMI in a Health Home with primary care Treat all mental health w/o primary care Treat all behavioral health (MH & SA) without primary care Treat all behavioral health with primary care

4 Administrative Sustainability – Organizational Infrastructure Is your governing board engaged and knowledgeable about integration? Is integration a part of your vision and mission? Is integration embedded in your strategic plan? Do your administrative policies support integration? (Confidentiality policies, Billing and Reimbursement policy, Ethics policy) Do your clinical policies including care coordination, annual lab work, prescribing, smoking, treatment plan policy – Does it include at least one health goal? Does your quality improvement program include benchmarks for integration activities? Does your quality improvement data drive change processes? Are you participating in your state’s health home discussions? Are you in contact with likely Accountable Care Organizations in your area? Do you know the implications of Medicaid expansion in 2014 on your agency? Does your organization support the health and wellness of your employees?

5 Human Resources Do your job descriptions for case managers, therapists, nurses and doctors include key tasks associated with integration? Do your performance evaluations include integration tasks? Does your new staff orientation include integration? Does your staff development program include integration trainings?

6 Health Information Technology Are you using a certified electronic system? Can you system generate registries for staff to use to support integration? Can you generate a Coordination of Care Document (CCD)? Does your clinical record support documentation of physical health related services? Can you system generate an electronic bill after the completion of a documented event?

7 Clinical Sustainability - Consumers Is integration part of the service every consumer receives? Are consumer wellness programs a part of your service array? Are consumers trained in Whole Health Action Management?

8 Clinical Sustainability – Medical Staff Are the medical staff required to monitor physical health issues? Does your annual lab assessment include metabolic syndrome indicators? Are blood pressure and BMI measurements completed at each medical visit? Have nurses transitioned from “mental health nurses” to “integrated health nurses”?

9 Clinical Sustainability – BH Staff Have case managers and therapists been trained on health navigation/care coordination? Are health and wellness goals in your treatment plans? Are supervisors supporting staff to implement integration including reviewing consumer health goals during supervision?

10 Financial - Sustainability Are you billing for all possible behavioral health services provided? Primary care visits? Are your billing staff trained on correct billing procedures such as the proper CPT code, linked with the proper diagnostic code and the proper credential? Are you as an agency and your providers empanelled with all of the appropriate managed care plans? Are your Medicaid and Medicare numbers appropriate linked to the service provided? If partnering with and FQHC, do you understand FQHC billing rules and regulations? Does the FQHC understand the CMHC billing rules and regulations?

11 Financial Sustainability Do you know what existing billing codes for integrated health are billable in your state and to which third party source? Have you walked through your workflow and identified who, can pay for each step of your process - with your clinical and billing staff at the same time? Are you advocating for the use of key interim codes in your state if they are currently not available? Do you have a business plan for growing your integration business? Have you quantified the impact of Medicaid expansion on your business plan in 2014?


13 Sample Workflow

14 Intake and Screening Intake - Front Desk – Reception generally not reimbursable Initial Screening/Assessment and/or /Existing Consumer Visit With A Clinician Is this a billable BH service? For what credential? Are you billing for it? What can you do to make this billable? Different clinician credentials Include billable services (i.e., collecting vitals for all patients on BH side)

15 Primary Care Provider Determination Initial Screen Decision Point Critical to Integration of Care Can the patient identify their primary care physician? If yes, do you have a collaborative relationship? Can you exchange patient information (CCD)? If no, would they like to see your PC provider?

16 Connecting with Primary Care Making sure the connection happens What is next step? Is warm handoff billable directly to primary care provider (two services in one day) When does the Nurse Care Manager get involved? Is a NCM billable? Is billing in place for PC?

17 Assessment n Does the assessment include MH, SA and physical health risk tools? Does it incorporate non-billable workflows that are currently done separately? (i.e., NOMS data collection) Does the clinician license/credential ensure maximum payment? Are the initial planned services billable? Can you make them billable? If no payers, does the treatment plan include a process for identifying payers? Is the treatment plan an integrated plan shared by primary care and behavioral health care?

18 Patient Treatment, Is the next appointment a billable service? If so, have you matched the billing requirements to the Session planned duration? Service setting? Clinician credential? (does the credential maximize reimbursement?) Is there a process in place for maximizing attendance at appointments? Reminders? Late? No shows? Is outreach billable? Are appointments linked?

19 Patient Treatment Has the patient made their next appointment with PC? With BH? Have you made referrals for specialty care? Is there a process in place too support the referral (i.e., transportation or reminders needed?) Does the referral have a follow up process? Does this include a process for connecting with the patient if they don’t follow through?

20 How many patients need to be seen? Question #1 Do you know how much money your organization needs to make in order to support your integrated care vision? Key elements - number of consumers seen; how often are they seen per year; payer mix; reimbursement per visit Question #2 Have you identified the baseline caseloads for both primary care and behavioral health clinicians? (i.e., NP = 750, PC = 1500 at 3 visits per patient per year, 15- 20 minute visits) Question #3 Are your clinicians seeing enough patients to meet the financial nee d?

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