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MITOCHONDRIA By Meghan Klapper, Taylor Dawson and Sophia Goswami.

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1 MITOCHONDRIA By Meghan Klapper, Taylor Dawson and Sophia Goswami

2 An organelle able to “convert energy from one chemical form to another.” This is done using a process called cellular respiration. Function

3 They Are Found In Both Plant and Animal Cells Plant CellAnimal Cell Mitochondria

4 2 Membranes and 2 Compartments Structure Outer Compartment Inner Compartment

5 Intermembrane Space: A fluid filled compartment enclosed by the outter membrane and surrounding the 2 nd compartment. Outer Compartment Outer compartment

6 Contains:  Mitochondrial matrix where cellular respiration chemical reactions occur  Cristae: Folds in the inner membrane home to enzyme molecules capable of producing ATP Inner Compartment More about Cristae: More folds in the membrane= more surface area = more enzymes can be there= more ATP= more energy!

7 Cellular Respiration “Chemical energy of foods such as sugars is converted to the chemical energy of a molecule called ATP …the main energy source for cellular work”( Biology: Concepts and Connections).

8 Two of the Steps in Cellular Respiration  Kerbs Cycle: The purpose of this cycle is to “break down glucose by decomposing a derivative of pyruvic acid to carbon dioxide”(Biology: Concepts and Connections). More at this site:  Electron Transport: Click here to see an animation: 237cctBYJAhCSvJxsuMP5G0vpQ

9 Fun (And Important) Facts  Mitochondria are one of the few organelles to reproduce without the rest of the cell!  Mitochondria have their own DNA  They also have their own ribosomes  This enables the Mitochondria to produce their own protein as well

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