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How to Pronounce International Names

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1 How to Pronounce International Names
RSL Retreat 2012 Stanford University

2 Part I: General Pronunciation Rules

3 Jingyuan Chen Qingfei Luo

4 International Language Presentation - Chinese
Qingfei 庆飞 慶飛 Jingyuan 景媛 景媛

5 Pin Yin Simplified Traditional

6 Qingfei Xu Tao Cao Cao /tʃ/ /ʃ/ /au/ /ts/ Cheek She Cow Hats

7 Zhang Ziyi Debiao Li Hou Zi /dʒ/ /dz/ /ə/ /əu/ /dz/ Java Kids Idea So Kids

8 Deqiang Qiu Chunlei Scott Hsieh (Xie) /ə//tʃ/ /iəu/ /uən/ /ʃ/ /ie/ Idea Cheek yo-yo when She Yes

9 Useful Pinyin Pronunciation Tool

10 Acknowledge Wikipedia & Baidu Baike (Chinese Wikipedia)
Thank You! Acknowledge Wikipedia & Baidu Baike (Chinese Wikipedia)

11 Thomas Christen Ives Levesque

12 La prononciation des noms français
Ives Levesque Thomas Christen

13 Survol (overview) Relatively close to English pronunciation
Most differences are subtle Vowel sounds are a bit different Dropped letters (mainly at the end of names) Accents (é, è, ô, …) Letter combinations (an, on, ch, …) Male/Female variants Many exceptions…

14 François “Throaty” soft “nasal” inflexion “wah” Françoise

15 Bérengère “throaty” soft “nasal” inflexion flat, as in “meh”

16 Bragi Sveinsson

17 Names in Icelandic Emphasis is almost always on first syllable
Icelandic letters: Þ: Th (as in thought) ð: Th (as in this) Æ: I (as in like) Ö: U (as in sun) All vowels can have acute accents: á (ow), é (ye), í (ee), ó (o), ú (oo)

18 Names in Icelandic R is trilled (rolled)
G is often almost silent when in between two vowels Some other interesting facts: Naming system is patronymic – no family names: [Name] [Name of father] + son/dóttir (son/daughter) Bragi Sveinsson Last names not used much – if you refer to someone by last name, people will look at you weird

19 Prachi Pandit Manoj Saranathan Urvi Vyas


21 Two major language groups
Dravidian and Indo-Aryan (Australo-asiatic, Tibeto-Burman) Roughly North vs. South (74% vs 24%) Indo Aryan languages are derived from Sanskrit, Dravidian from Tamil/proto Dravidian Very different grammar and sound rules

22 Some rules English transliteration is very arbitrary
e.g zh as in pazham found in Tamil/Malayalam ‘a’ sound is more common than Ah or <a>h E.g. ravi shankar is not rAvi shankAr Stress is usually equally distributed unlike English (unless it is not) Vowel ending names are usually feminine and consonant ending names masculine A and I sounding (e.g. prachi, urvi, preeti, lat) Consonant ending (e.g. manoj, prasheel) Indians conflate v and w

23 Interactive game

24 RSL Examples prAchI pandit urvI vyAs Preeti bAlchandani Sonal Josan
Mandeep Kaur Manojkumar Saranathan

25 Tough names Mridula Maitreyi Radhika Siddhartha Nripjit Hrithik
Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar (Nobel laureate of the Chandra moon probe fame) Venkatasubramaniam

26 Uche Monu

27 Three major ethnic groups in Nigeria
Yoruba Igbo Hausa Within the three major language groups, there are various dialects Ndi Igbo (Igbo people) are located in the south east part of Nigeria Over 18 million Igbo speaking people Igbo people are predominantly Christians (Catholic, Anglican and Others) and their faith plays a very intrinsic role in the family, community and the naming culture

28 Igbo Names Consonants: The Igbo alphabet has a lot of compound consonants (ch, gb, gw, gh, kw, kp, nn, nw, ny) Chinyere Nwabugwu Ikokwu There are also many consonants that are combined in names Njideka Nduka Mbelu No two consonants stand together with the exception of “m”, “n” and “l” (these serve for emphasis) Illoh Nnenna Mmadubuike

29 Vowels: Double vowels were traditional used in the Igbo language for vowel intensiveness
Maazi (Mazi) Mbaamaonyeukwu (Mbama) Ejiike (Ejike) Mgbeeke (Mgbeke) The long and the short forms of Igbo names Emeka or Meks (Chukwuemeka) Niki (Nkiruka, Nkilinwa) Chichi (Chinyere, Chisolum) Chuks (Chukwuka, Ogochukwu)

30 Common Naming Occurrences
All Igbo names (and Nigerian names in general) have a meaning The Igbo people give their names to reflect their extensive experiences as a nation, reflective religiosity, social sophistication, and as a tribute to their traditional tenet Examples Market Day names: In Igbo land, there are 4 days when the market is open for shopping (Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo) Okeke Okorie Okafor Okonkwo

31 There are usually key words that serve as underlying roots in a name
Chi: Spirit/luck/personal God Chioma: Good spirit/luck Chinonso: God is nearby Chukwu: God Chukwuemeka: God has done well Chukwudi: There is a God Obi: Heart Obiajulu: Heart is full of joy Obiora: Heart of the masses Nne: Mother Nnenna: Fathers mother Nneoma: Sweet mother Nna: Father Nnamdi: My father is alive Obinna: Kind to his father Oma: Fine/Good Ifeoma: Beautiful Nkeoma: That which is good

32 Juan Plata

33 RSL Retreat: Spanish Pronunciation
Juan Plata

34 Vowels A as in ”apple” and not “game” or “Andy”:
E as in “Bed” and not “He” I as in “ee” in teeth not “I” in Pin O like boat but stop before the w sound U silent after Q and G otherwise like “O” in “Do” Sounds “never” change but get shorter when stressed.

35 Consonants Consonants are pronounced as in English except:
C before e and i (cement,cinderella) Ch always as in church and not monarch G before e and i (more like an h) H is a mute letter J (like h in hat) not as in Jello or silent LL kind of like y in yell Ñ opiNIon Q (ui, ue) U is silent R (rolled) RR (rolled strongly)

36 Rule of thumb Every Letter is pronounced
Exception: H is mute and U is not sounded in some cases as explained earlier.

37 Practice Fellow RSL/ISIS members: Francisco Gimenez Luis de Sisternes
Examples: Maria Alejandra Lee Lino Mejia Helena Quiñonez Guillermo Lopez Arrillaga, Junipero, Alameda de las Pulgas

38 Hien Nguyen Anh Van




42 Nguyễn Vietnamese alphabet is Latin-based!

43 “Different” consonants
English closest D/Gi (Giang / Duyên) zebra Đ (Đạt) dad Kh (Khanh) ??? Ng/Ngh (Nguyễn / Nghi) sing Nh (Nhàn) caipirinha Th (Thành) tea S (Sang) shine X (Xuân) sun

44 Vowels a ă â e ê i/y o ô ơ u ư Combinations
Nguyễn, Châu, Khôi, Khương, Hiền, Tuấn

45 Accents a á à ạ ả ã Khanh, Khánh (raised voice) Thanh, Thành
Vương, Vượng thơ, thở Nga, ngã

46 Common Last Names Nguyễn (39%) Phạm (12.9%) Trần (9.5%) Lê (7.5%)
Huỳnh/Hoàng (5.1%) Phan (4.5%) Văn (<< 1%) 

47 Names & Meaning Hồng (Rose), Mận (Plum)
- Chiến Thắng(Victory), Độc Lập(Independence), Thanh Bình (Peace), Hoài Bão (Hope) - Cát Tường (Happy & Healthy) , Hương Giang (Perfume River), Trúc Quỳnh, Lam Nghi, Miên Ân

48 Part II: Examples from Lucas

49 陈 景媛 陳景媛 王 Jingyuan Chen Jean Yoo-an Chen Simplified Traditional
Pin Yin Jean Yoo-an Chen

50 Thomas Christen For part 2

51 Ives Levesque (Yves) For Part 2

52 Simplified Traditional 骆庆飞 駱慶飛 Qingfei Luo Pin Yin Ching Fay Law

53 Uchechukwuka Diana Monu
OO – CHAY – CHU – K(W)U –KA Uche stands for wisdom Chukwu stands for God Together: God’s mind is the best Variations: Uche/Uchenna/Uchechukwu/Uchechukwuka e.t.c Unisex name Most notable Nigerians with the name “Uche” are in sports Ikechukwu Uche (football) Kalu Uche (football) Uche Okechukwu (football)

54 Nguyễn Minh Hiền (Hien Nguyen)

55 Juan Camilo Plata

56 My name Bragi Sveinsson
G is almost silent Remember to roll the r “Brye – yi” “ei” in last name pronounced like “ay” Brye-yi Svaynsson Name of the god of song and poetry worshipped in N-Europe 1000 years ago

57 Văn Tú Anh (Anh Van)

58 urvI vyAs

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