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Structure, characters, and themes

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1 Structure, characters, and themes
King Lear Structure, characters, and themes

2 King Lear King Lear Goneril Regan Cordelia Albany Cornwall France

3 King Lear Characters Main Plot Primary -- dynamic Secondary -- static
Protagonist, changes through play Lear Antagonist, character revealed Goneril, Regan Secondary -- static Reflection characters Cordelia, Kent, Fool, France

4 King Lear Characters Sub Plot Good Evil Gloucester, Edgar Edmund
Reflection characters Oswald, Albany, Cornwall, servant to Cornwall

5 King Lear Foils Character foiling Lear and Gloucester
Cordelia and Edgar Goneril/Regan and Edmund Plot foiling Act 1, sc 1 & Act 5, sc 3 Act 3, sc 6 and sc 7

6 King Lear Motifs and Imagery
Seeing Judging Flattery “the worst” “unaccomodated man” Patience nothing Imagery Insults Foul fiend, madness Swearing by Gods Astrology

7 King Lear Seeing motif Act 1 Act 3
“Hence and avoid my sight” “Out of my sight!” “See better, Lear” “If it be nothing, I shall not need spectacles” Act 3 “Pluck out his eyes” “I would not see thy cruel nails pluck out his poor old eyes” “I shall see the winged vengeance overtake such children” “See it shalt thou never”

8 King Lear Seeing motif Act 4 “I stumbled when I saw”
“Might I but live to see thee in my touch, I’d say I had eyes again” Act 5 “As for the mercy Which he intends to Lear and to Cordelia, The battle done, and they within our power, Shall never see his pardon” “Do you see this? Look on her, look, her lips, Look there, look there!”

9 King Lear Motifs and Imagery
Seeing Judging Flattery “the worst” “unaccomodated man” Patience nothing Imagery Insults Foul fiend, madness Swearing by Gods Astrology

10 King Lear Themes Parent/child relationship Flattery Madness Judgment
Appearance vs. reality world view of Renaissance Christian Humanist and Machiavellian

11 Kent to serve Lear as Caius
King Lear -- Act I Scene 1 Lear divides country, Disowns Cordelia Cordelia bids farewell to sisters Scene 2 Edmund soliloquy Conspiracy theory Advice to Edgar Scene 3 Goneril and Oswald Scene 4 Kent to serve Lear as Caius Lear and Fool Lear and Goneril Scene 5 Lear sends Kent to Regan Lear and Fool

12 King Lear, Act I, scene 1 Lear Fool Goneril Cordelia Regan Kent Albany
Cornwall Regan Kent

13 King Lear -- Act II Scene 1 Edmund and Edgar Cornwall/Regan
and Gloucester Scene 2 Oswald and Kent Glou/Corn/Regan Kent in stocks Scene 3 Edgar Scene 4 Lear/Fool and Kent Lear and Regan Goneril comes

14 King Lear -- Act III Scene 1 Kent and Gentleman Scene 2
Lear on the Heath Scene 3 Gloucester And Edmund Scene 4 Lear in hovel Talks with Edgar as Poor Tom Scene 5 Cornwall and Edmund Scene 6 Lear Trial scene Scene 7 Blinding of Gloucester

15 King Lear -- Act IV Scene 1 Edgar and Gloucester Scene 2
Goneril and Edmund Albany and Goneril Albany and Gentleman Scene 3 Kent and Gentleman Scene 4 Cordelia and Doctor Scene 5 Regan and Oswald Scene 6 Edgar and Gloucester Gloucester and Lear Oswald and Edgar Scene 7 Cordelia and Kent with Lear

16 Lear carries Cordelia in
King Lear -- Act V Scene 1 Edmund and Regan Goneril and Albany Edgar to Albany Edmund Scene 2 Edgar and Gloucester Scene 3 Edmund with Lear and Cordelia Albany Edgar and Edmund fight Goneril and Regan dead Lear carries Cordelia in Restoration of Order

17 King Lear, Act V, scene 3 Lear Goneril Cordelia Regan Albany Kent

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