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King Lear : Triangles Seminar By: Alyssa, Emily, Ryan, Alicia & Scott Ms. Patterson ENG4U1 October 17th, 2012.

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1 King Lear : Triangles Seminar By: Alyssa, Emily, Ryan, Alicia & Scott Ms. Patterson ENG4U1 October 17th, 2012.

2 Triangle #1 Edmund ReganGoneril LOVE TRIANGLE Goneril and Regan by Edwin Austin Abbey

3 Background/Timeline Edmund and Goneril travel together Goneril falls in love with Edmund: gives him a ‘favour’ After Cornwall dies,Regan wants to marry Edmund Goneril is jealous of Regan: poisons her Goneril kills herself

4 Motives: POWER Edmund: Power & Political Gain Wants to marry a ruler of Briton Goneril: Loss of Love & Power No longer cares for Albany, knows Edmund is a powerful person Regan: Reinsertion of Power After Cornwall dies, needs to find a husband to remain powerful

5 Edmund Becomes all-powerful over Goneril and Regan shows he is self-centred Enjoys manipulating them (does not love them) Hopes to become all-powerful over Briton, but fails “To both these sisters have I sworn my love; / Each jealous of the other, as the stung / Are of the adder.” (V, ii, 55)

6 Goneril Albany refuses to fight the French Goneril views him as weak Wishes to be with a more powerful person Suggests that Edmund kill Albany so they can be together “It is the cowish terror of his spirit, / That dares not undertake.” (IV, ii, 12)

7 Regan Cornwall dies, so she loses her half of the kingdom Needs to marry someone else to regain power Edmund is powerful, so he is suitable Mutually beneficial for Edmund “Edmund and I have talked; / And more convenient is he for my hand / Than for your lady’s.” (IV, v, 31)

8 Relation to Plot, Character & Theme Tension (conflict) caused between Goneril and Regan Leads Goneril to poison Regan and kill herself These relationships demonstrate the need for power

9 Triangle #2 Cordelia GonerilRegan THE THREE SISTERS Cordelia, Regan, and Goneril

10 Connections King Lear Intuition / objectives family-related

11 Motives Different motives, same target Different approach Actions and motivations allows the theme to develop and become more complex

12 Cordelia Truly loves Lear- despises others for their acts Able to see past the mask of greed Intuitions and wisdom is what allows her to become more successful (Queen of France)

13 Goneril & Regan Deceiving, liars- want father’s gold and power Depend on each other to survive in this ‘game’ Not trust worthy ( turn on each other) Always felt on the lesser hand of their father that affected their relationship

14 Relationships The naive, the destructive (2), and the wise one Complicated, interesting… distressed (relationship, plot, character development) “The unbalanced relationship” allows the theme and plot to develop unfortunately

15 Patterns When deceived by daughters, Lear always refers to weather or higher power: Rumble thy bellyful! Spit fire, spout rain!/ Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire are my daughters:/ I tax you not, you elements, with unkindness./ I never gave you kingdom, called you children,/ you owe me no subscription… O ho, ‘tis foul! (III,ii,14) Cordelia -loyal Goneril and Regan- consistent in deceiving

16 Triangle #3 Cordelia EdgarKent THE BANISHED Kent, Cordelia, King Lear, and Edgar

17 Background All banished Share a loyalty towards King Lear Want to reinstate the king’s power, even though they have no influence

18 Motives Trying to help the king: leads to their exile Want the best for the kingdom: honest and well-intentioned

19 Connections All banished from their own homes Were misunderstood Good get banished, overwhelming source of evil remains

20 Relation to Themes Edgar becomes Poor Tom, and becomes wise: you must be a fool to be wise Cordelia has nothing when she is banished, but gains everything when she King of France: nothing is everything Loyalty grows stronger even through betrayal

21 Kent Foolishly loyal to King Lear Comes back from banishment to continue to monitor the King “Now, banish'd Kent, If thou canst serve where thou dost stand condemn'd, So may it come, thy master, whom thou lovest, Shall find thee full of labours.”(I,iv, 4)

22 Edgar Power will be granted to those that deserve it the most After becoming Poor Tom, Edgar is empowered by the new found wisdom Poor Tom and Edgar create a new Edgar which is superior to Edmund “The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices Make instruments to plague us: The dark and vicious place where thee he got Cost him his eyes.” (V,iii,171)

23 Cordelia Cordelia has honest intentions Her love for her father is unmatched by that of her sisters All that she does as the Queen of France was for King Lear “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave My heart into my mouth: I love your majesty According to my bond; no more nor less.” (I,i, 91)

24 Triangle #4 The Fool EdgarKent THE DISGUISED Kent, Edgar, King Lear, and the Fool

25 Connections Each hold good morals, and want what is best for the kingdom. Each are positive male examples that play virtuous roles in the play. Only when disguised can they enlighten others of the truth around them.

26 Disguises Intellectual Wiseman >>> The Fool [Artificial Fool] Nobleman Kent >>> The Peasant Caius [Loyal to Lear] Legitimate Edgar >>> Poor Beggar Tom [Son of Gloucester]

27 Patterns Each man is loyal to their master. - Fool and Kent loyal to Lear - Edgar loyal to Gloucester While disguised, they provide insightful information about the truth. - Fool remains disguised and wise throughout the play, and sees the truth in Regan and Goneril - Kent becomes disguised as Caius, and sees the truth in the King’s intentions and actions. - Edgar disguises himself as Poor Tom, and becomes enlightened; he discovers that Edmund is evil.

28 Triangle #5 Gloucester EdgarEdmund THE SUB-PLOT Gloucester and Edgar

29 Background Father and two sons Legitimate son vs. bastard Resentment

30 Motives Gloucester Treatment of Edmund Finding Edgar Realization of the truth Edgar Heir to the throne Madness Edmund Jealousy Power and Respect

31 Connections Family Relationship Reversal of Personality Illusion vs. Reality Parallel to Lear’s triangle (the Three Sisters)

32 Bibliography

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