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INTRODUCES. CoFEA Chain of Franchised Equestrian Accommodations ITS BUSINESS CONCEPT.

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2 CoFEA Chain of Franchised Equestrian Accommodations ITS BUSINESS CONCEPT


4 What is “CoFEA”, The First Horse Barn ? First, there is the HORSE an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of Modern WORLD Beautiful, Strong as Powerful & Vulnerable, Instinctive, and Reactive with very ancient and special bond with Human being: Ideal creature from generations of breeding, The Center, the Heart, the Soul and the Spirit of Marc Campus’ up- market Program, it is a wonderful federative and inspiring living Creature: An A-temporal Bridge between Past-Present-Future but also between social categories, religious beliefs, generation gap and nationalities. A Living Creature Hyper sensitive to its Environment.


6 Obviously the HORSE BARN, is Horse place to live in from Human creation; Here we have a CONCEPT of facility designs to accommodate North American Travelers and their Horse(s), and each one who share the love for Horse environment, Old fashion way of living adapted to Modern time; Whether coming in its ENTIRE VERSION in a wonderful natural setting which deserves to pass by and to sojourn, or as a SINGLE UNIT in an urban surroundings to stop by and enjoy a break and the treasures of our “Chuck Wagon” Cooks, or in another combination, they shares the same strong visual and high end Horse Identity, the noblest conquest on human being! Among its KEY features: 1/ Horse Motel,10 Stall Barn; 2/ B&B accommodation type, from 5 to 25 Bedrooms; 3/ Coffee Room or Lounge or Restaurant; 4/ Equipment Showroom with factory outlet; 5/ Covered Arena


8 Finally THE FIRST HORSE BARN CoFEA high end concept An ECONOMY BASED ON TOP-OF-THE-LINE INDUSTRY Human activities badly impact the earth and it should be a duty to come back to “good sense” and natural practices. It’s time to switch from the industry of “disposable goods” which pollutes the world in a vicious circle without consciousness. Up market industry allows and generates better salary than in other type of industry but also offers interesting, creative and motivating jobs as well as renders people more responsible and clever about consumption.


10 CoFEA is a smart & modular building structure, wood siding with large covered decks; A Modular building concept, easy to built/to implement, landscape integrated, environmentally advanced and ecologically sustainable, with strong Distinctive HORSE identity, Medium size building designed to become a landmark and to allow Human scale management.



13 LIST of PRODUCTS to be presented across the CoFEA Showroom Titanium & Aluminum Horse Trailer, Recreational Vehicle, Cargo Trailer 4x4 Vehicles Equestrian Complex & Facilities Covered & Open Arena Paddock Fence Hydraulic Horse WalkerTraining Track Trunk – Box – Luggage Rider Bedroom Furniture Small Models & construction game Saddle Rack Saddle Aluminum Horseshoes Farrier Tooling & Knives Clothes for those the Equestrian Sports Boots Branded Items Horse Feed & Complement Art Posters

14 THE LARGER PICTURE Inspired from the Ancient CARAVANSERAIL, an accommodation network along the antique trade roads, to the PONY EXPRESS relays, Stagecoaches Line, the CoFEA Concept is designed to accommodate travelers of today’s world where Horse is no longer used to transport people or goods for trade & exchange purpose, no longer war horse, in very few spots still work horse but always Sport Horse and Unique companion. Contrary to the Old time, now, Horse arrives to the location carried by human made vehicle to perform particular task. Horse re- connects people with natural world, with FREEDOM & CONTENTMENT experience trough several Horse activities, such competition or horse trekking, as professional or amateur. The program intends to create a Network connecting the several versions of the CoFEA around the world.


16 “To be or not to Be”: It’s not the Question, it’s the Answer!

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