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The Begetting of Information Literacy Tutorials: Third-Wave Tutorials for the iPod Generation Susan Metcalf 2 O-Singer University of Southern IndianaUniversity.

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1 The Begetting of Information Literacy Tutorials: Third-Wave Tutorials for the iPod Generation Susan Metcalf Meg @+H 2 O-Singer University of Southern IndianaUniversity of Evansville



4 UEL Webmaster I’m it! XHTML CSS JavaScript Photoshop Patience Boston, MA



7 Good TILT Games Live searches of catalog & databases Quizzes gave instant feedback –Faculty could assign as graded exercise More advanced library sessions

8 Bad TILT Length of Modules Frames 2 versions to maintain (Flash & NF)

9 Searchpath


11 3 Modules  6 Modules Added content & Flash animations Freed from Frames (except quizzes) Rewrote Quizzes into PHP 1 version – Flash but with NF options

12 inflite


14 6 Modules – no numbers –Research = continuous process More Flash animations

15 Design over Time Frames  Frameless HTML  XHTML CSS –Separating content from design

16 Frames History Released January 1996 Netscape feature Soon supported by other browsers

17 Frames

18 Bottom Frame Top Frame Content Frame

19 Quiz Frames


21 Other Sites that Frame This American Life Google Images WorldCat





26 HTML  XHTML Extensible HyperText Markup Language HTML reformulated & extended in XML Device-independent –Code page once and it can be viewed on PCs, tablets, PDAs, cell phones, etc. Interoperable with other XML languages

27 XHTML for inflite Added Document Types Replaced Depreciated Tags Removed Design tags –Font tags –Color Validated XHTML

28 CSS @ UE Separates Design from Content

29 CSS







36 CSS @ UE Separates Design from Content Easier to edit –1 files v. 1000 files –Backgrounds –Links –Headings Different styles for printing, handheld, tv, aural, Braille, etc.

37 Accessibility Everyone Can Use Website –Slow connections –Screen reading devices –Mobile surfing Non-Flash versions No fixed font size – scalable


39 Usability Ease-of-use/quality of interface design –Learnability –Efficiency –Memorability –Errors –Satisfaction

40 Usability People LEAVE a website if –Difficult to use –Hard to read –Get lost –Unclear Test – students attempting representative tasks

41 Usability Testing does NOT test the user! It tests the product!

42 Usability IUPUI librarian/expert user Rename buttons

43 Usability Renamed buttons

44 Can Students Use inflite? Good Question! Few studies on TILT, Searchpath or inflite Summer project Goals –Navigate through modules –Skip to games –Take quizzes

45 Customize How’d they do that?


47 Customize Local Branding –Your Catalog –Your Database of choice –School Colors Time = 2 weeks Online Catalog module – most challenging

48 High-Tech to Low-Tech From web-authoring skills to web-publishing software html coding XHTML cascading style sheets XML Microsoft MovieMaker

49 Penn State’s The Information Cycle as benchmark:


51 Penn State’s The Information Cycle as benchmark: Given a staff of one, what can be created along the lines of The Information Cycle? can it be created in Breeze instead of with Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks? can it be shorter? can it be made easy to update? can one easily create and insert an entertaining video clip?

52 Demos:  Research Roller Coasters: using a variety of sources (geared to first-year students) Research Roller Coasters  Roller Coaster “movie trailer” created with Microsoft Movie Maker Microsoft MovieMaker Click for video ↑ Click for tutorial ↑

53 How did they compare? Easy to update graphics and audio Current Topic: Hurricane Katrina Update time: less than 1 hour Still in the experimental stages, but has potential 1 librarian 3 weeks 3.44 minutes PowerPoint and Breeze Presenter Research Roller Coasters Somewhat dated: Subject: Columbine (last updated 2004) High quality 2 content developers 1 designer 1 program developer 6-months 9 minutes Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks The Information Cycle Updatable Resulting product Staff Production time Length Software

54 When is Flash a breeze? When one uses Breeze Presenter to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Flash movie.

55 How does Breeze Presenter work? Create slides in PowerPoint Record audio narration Listen and edit narration as needed Publish to the hard-drive or Breeze Server for web access 1.Record Audio 2.Publish 3.Insert Flash 4.Create Quizzes 4 basic features:

56 1 Any added notes will serve as a script when you are ready to record.


58 2




62 3

63 When is Breeze not a breeze? If one creates a video Microsoft Movie Maker (like the roller coaster clip) and then attempts to insert that video into a PowerPoint presentation and publish In Breeze, numerous problems may arise: Continuous looping of the video and problems getting the video to stop without hitting Ctrl Alt Del PowerPoint slides would rearrange themselves in the Slide Sorter View The video would not reset itself back to the beginning until the presentation was closed and reopened Supposedly one can easily insert Flash video into Breeze. Microsoft MovieMaker

64 4



67 Sample quiz created in Breeze

68 How much is it? Breeze Presenter - Unclear. See Macromedia Breeze’s website ucation_pricing.html Captivate - Education pricing: $199.00

69 Capture screen shots of every mouse click made while simultaneously narrating the steps for the viewer Embed interactive content in a Breeze presentation or Captivate can stand alone Publish to the hard-drive or Breeze Server for web access As with Breeze, there is also a quiz feature How does Captivate work?







76 After the countdown, start recording your mouse clicks as you narrate what you are doing. When you’ve finished recording, press the End key.


78 Sample video created with Captivate: Citing from EBSCO databases

79 Game to try? Captivate - Education pricing: $199.00 Check with your campus’s IT services. They may have software they’ve purchased for faculty use. See handout for URLS to free trial downloads for both Breeze Presenter and Captivate.

80 What’s it take? cSS html editing XHTML Courage Patience Skill Software Creativity

81 Thank You! Meg Atwater-Singer Susan Metcalf Presentation available at:

82 Bibliography – Photograph credits and video permission All images accessed March 29, 2006 Music CD Bachman-Turn Overdrive. “Takin’ Care of Business.” A Knights Tale [Movie Soundtrack], Sony, 2001. Note: Music, lyrics, and music video: “up to 10 percent of the work but no more than 30 seconds of the music or lyrics from an individual musical work,” University of Maryland University College,

83 Bibliography TILT Project Development and Acknowledgements. (n.d.). Retrieved April 27, 2006, from Nielsen, J. (2003, Aug 25). Usability 101: Introduction to Usability. Retrieved April 27, 2006, from Atwater-Singer, M. (2005). How did they do that? Retrieved April 30, 2006, from Related Links Penn State’s Information Cycle Creative Commons “Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works.” Flickr (Photo-sharing) Video conversion software to convert.wmv to.swf (flash) video Sorenson Squeeze’s 30-day trial at

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