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BRI Energy Solutions Ltd. Registered trade name VBINE ENERGY

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1 BRI Energy Solutions Ltd. Registered trade name VBINE ENERGY
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Vbine (VAWT) Barry Ireland, CEO Dwight Siman, Director of Sales Perry Palahicky, Lead Technician

2 VBINE ENERGY BRI was formed in November 2005 to develop a revolutionary Vertical Axis Turbine utilising a Permanent Magnet Generator. BRI is a public company but; it is not publicly traded. We have shareholders from Canada the United Kingdom, USA and Mexico. Originally the generator was to be developed for factory smoke stacks to take advantage of wind created by emissions.


4 Communication Towers While the industrial setting is of great interest to Vbine, the communication market became a priority. A tower company from Europe approached Vbine and requested us to develop some prototype units to test in various tower settings.


6 Advantages The Vbine VAWT allows wires to go through the unit without the possibility of becoming entangled in the turbine. The highest point of the Vbine VAWT is stationary allowing antenna, dishes, and lightning rods to be mounted above the generator. The wind drive blades are attached directly to the housing of the Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG); this creates a 100% or near 100% conversion of Horse Power. Since the center of the unit does not have a drive shaft and only the weight of the unit is resting on the shaft or hollow tubing, there is no danger of a drive shaft twisting off or bearing damage happening sooner than natural bearing wear. Low RPM reduces vibration, increases the safety for workers or general public that could be in the area. Low RPM means little to no RF interference. Since the stator does not rotate, there is no need for brushes or slip ring parts that require maintenance. Can take wind from any direction or “dirty wind”.

7 Advantages The blades are on 2 different planes, allowing the air to dissipate easier; thus not wasting extra Horse Power that is needed for driving the generator. Only 2 long life bearings with a low maintenance level. Can be assembled on the tower if needed in a remote area situation. Blade design enforces a maximum RPM of 200 RPM. Regardless of higher wind speeds. 15 to 20 year life expectancy, with little maintenance.

8 Uses Communication towers; estimated 12 million existing towers worldwide and approximately 1 million assembled each year. Factory smoke stacks; estimated 60 million stacks worldwide. High rise building roof tops. Utility Poles. Abandoned offshore oil rigs. Farms Water Towers Low Profile Airports Many other applications.


10 VBINE ENERGY Scale of market (virtually endless) Power where needed
Scalable from W to MW Untapped market World wide patent pending. World wide registered trade name

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