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Advocacy Project The Universal Pre-School Ashley Lynn, Kimberly Willbanks, & Alyssa Dorsett.

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1 Advocacy Project The Universal Pre-School Ashley Lynn, Kimberly Willbanks, & Alyssa Dorsett

2 The Universal Pre-School What is Universal Pre-School? The universal preschool is an international movement that would make preschool education available to all families.

3 Why we chose to advocate for universal Pre-School We chose to advocate for Universal Pre- School because as Early Childhood Educators we know how important it is for children to start learning at an early age, especially with the implementation of common core. We feel that all families should have the opportunity to send their children to pre-school, no matter what their financial situation is.

4 Why we chose to advocate for the universal pre-school cont. In today’s classroom, the expectations of our students have increased substantially compared to ten years ago. Children who attend pre-school come to Kindergarten with the social skills they need in order to be successful.

5 President Obama calls for access to Universal Pre-School  From birth to age 5 a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in their life.  Fewer than 3/10 3 year olds are enrolled in a high-quality pre-school program.  Make high quality pre-school available to every child in America.  hyn98 hyn98

6 What does research say:  Sending disadvantaged children to preschool more than pays for itself in reduced remedial education, social welfare, and judicial costs later on.  The sooner a child starts learning the better he/she does down the road.

7 What does research say? Cont.  Children from lower-income families tend to gain more from a good pre-school education than do more advantaged children.  Children from higher-income households have an educational advantage through environmental factors. Wealthier parents are more likely to read and speak to their kids, and the amount of words a child hears correlates with his or her academic achievement.

8 What does research say? Cont.

9 Poverty Rates in Jonesboro Arkansas

10 Poverty rates by family type

11 Opposing Arguments  The cost, some argue that the universal preschool costs too much and almost always costs more than originally intended.  Most parents are already paying for pre- school. If parents can’t afford pre-school there are free programs such as, head start.  It’s a waste of the taxpayers money, and that money will be squandered on ineffective programs.

12 Our response to opposing arguments  1.1 million students across the country are enrolled in federally financed programs and others attend private preschools but that still leaves millions of children on the side lines.  The effectiveness of the program will increase upon the hiring of more qualified teachers.  Early education advocates and business leaders see pre- school as an important component of future job readiness.  Allison de la Torre, executive director of the coalition of the Alabama School Readiness Alliance states that, “We’re trying to invest in a work force that can compete in 20 years with other states and other nations.”  Lisa Guernsey, director of early education at the New American Foundation, states that “We haven’t yet tried to replicate high-quality preschool programs, because we haven’t yet tried to pay preschool teachers the same that we’re paying our K-12 teachers.”

13 Resources  2507 2507  sheet/wp/2013/04/10/universal-preschool-important- but-no-panaceal sheet/wp/2013/04/10/universal-preschool-important- but-no-panaceal  -answer-poverty// -answer-poverty//  pays-to-invest-in-early-education-says-a-nobel- economist-who-boosts-kids-iq.html pays-to-invest-in-early-education-says-a-nobel- economist-who-boosts-kids-iq.html  Jonesboro-Arkansas.html Jonesboro-Arkansas.html 

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