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Keeps Florida working, companies thriving and children learning.

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1 Keeps Florida working, companies thriving and children learning.

2 What is the Child Care Executive Partnership? The CCEP is a public/private partnership that matches funding for child care costs to … Help businesses hire and maintain effective and reliable employees Build a stronger and dependable work force Help children enter school ready to learn Empower families to work and contribute directly to economic stability Pave the opportunity for children to learn during critical development stages of life Cultivate Florida’s future work force by reducing the need for social service programs as children grow

3 The CCEP matches funding for child care costs… Funded by federal and state sources Dollars are “matched” with: Businesses Local governments Charitable foundations Employed parents contribute to their child care costs based on a sliding fee scale Funds are managed by early learning coalitions

4 Why is child care important to your business? Creating a compassionate work environment for employees improves performance, better assists customers and clients, and improves communities. Employees and associates display increased productivity for customers and clients when they are able to balance the many competing demands in their lives.

5 Why involve the private sector? Because quality child care: Prepares children for future school success and creates a foundation for learning Strengthens the future work force through stability and education “ For every dollar invested in quality care for children, more than $7 is realized by society.” High/Scope Perry Preschool Project

6 Why should your business participate? Participating in the CCEP program will help your business improve its bottom-line… When working parents feel confident that their child is receiving optimal care, the businesses they work for experience: Less absenteeism and turnover Increased productivity Improved work quality Better employee morale

7 Why should your business participate? There are tax benefits. Federal Tax Benefits: Business Expense Deductions Charitable Contribution Deductions Dependent Care Assistance Plans (DCAPs) State Tax Benefits: Corporate Income Tax (CIT) or Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) Tax Credits Start-up costs for child care facilities Operation of a child care facility Payments to a child care facility on behalf of employees

8 Why should your business participate in the CCEP? To develop a positive public image in your community. As a CCEP participant, you will: Improve the lives of your community’s children by ensuring they are safe Show community leaders and working parents that you are a “company that cares” by helping employees balance the challenges of caring for family and managing a career Serve as a leader who wants to remedy the challenges facing your community’s business economy Prove that investing in employee child care leads to economic success

9 What CCEP participants have said in the past… More than half say that by offering the CCEP program as a work-life benefit for employees, employee recruitment increased. Sixty-one percent of employees say they are more loyal to their employer as a result of being offered the CCEP program, while 68 percent say their morale at work has improved. Fifty percent say employee tardiness has reduced and 56 percent experience less absenteeism and better work attendance.

10 Continued… More than sixty percent reported an increase in employee productivity. Seventy percent of businesses agreed that participating in the program improved their corporate and community image. Ninety-four percent of participants would recommend the CCEP program to another company or organization.

11 How will your community know that you have joined the CCEP? Staff will find opportunities through earned media: Press releases Speaking opportunities Business trend stories Education stories Local columns

12 How can your business participate? In two ways: 1) Employee Benefit - Private businesses and government entities participate in the CCEP program to provide child care financial assistance for their eligible employees. 2) Purchasing Pool - Funds that are used to serve all eligible children according to the local coalition’s service priorities. Funds can be contributed by both private and public sources.

13 How does the CCEP work? Early learning coalitions work with their local business leaders to attract CCEP partners. Coalitions help businesses and their employees understand the benefits of the program.

14 How does the funding work? Employers designate child care financial assistance contributions for employees or charitable child care financial assistance contributions are made to purchasing pools. Parents and coalitions process child care financial assistance.

15 Next steps for business owners… Talk with employees. Conduct a needs assessment survey. Are my employees eligible? Your employees might already be receiving subsidized child care. Why would I want to offer to pay for my employees child care if they are already receiving it for free? Because parents who earn 200% below the poverty line qualify for the program. Under the current system, only parents who earn 150% or below the poverty line qualify for subsidized programs. When changes occur to their income levels--even small ones--funding to help these parents fall short and their child care becomes unreliable, affecting your business.

16 Next steps for parents… Determine eligibility. Employed parents must be at or below 200% poverty level. A family of four may earn as much as $38,700 a year and qualify for the program. Contact your local early learning coalition for a list of quality providers and find out about the current reimbursement rate and process.

17 FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact you local early learning coalition or Child Care Executive Partnership Natalie K. Sellars 107 E. Madison Street Suite 100, MSC#140 Tallahassee, FL 32399-4143 850-921-3180

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