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Presented by Adam Brierley and Kaitlyn Stockermans September 5 th, 2011.

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1 Presented by Adam Brierley and Kaitlyn Stockermans September 5 th, 2011

2 Your goals for the next 4 years

3 Avoiding CA (Continue in Alternate)  Cannot accumulate more than 5.0 credits of discredit (F, ABS, FND) in all courses taken including courses not required for the program and ESLA.  Cannot have consecutive AW (Academic Warning) in APE (Academic Performance Evaluation). AW-ND-AW is considered as consecutive AW and AW-GS-AW is not.  Cannot have 3 failures (F,ABS,FND) in the same course.

4 Avoiding DP (Dismissed from Program)  CGPA must be greater than 1.0 in APE (Academic Performance Evaluation). Avoiding both  Don’t wait until it’s too late  Talk to an advisor

5 What’s available to you

6  Recognizes extracurricular activities Clubs & societies Community service Leadership Opportunities 

7 CUSA Clubs and Societies Create your own: s.html Athletics 12 varsity teams and a number of intramurals Engineering CSES, CSCE, CMAS, IEEE, SCEsoc and many more!

8 Cinema Politica Engineers Without Borders Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students (H.O.L.A.S) Womyn’s Center Garden Spot And many more..

9  25% of people who volunteer more than five times a year say volunteering has helped them lose weight (20% overall)  63% of 25 to 34-year-olds say volunteering helps them feel less stressed.

10 Know your limit!

11 What percent of drownings are alcohol related? 1 in 3

12  Alcohol can affect both motor skills and your perception of the world around you.  To prevent injury, avoid swimming and other physical activities when under the influence of alcohol.

13 Vomiting is the body’s natural defense to prevent more alcohol from being digested

14  If you come across someone that is puking ensure: ◦ They are lying on their side to prevent choking ◦ Contact CUSERT or medical assistance ◦ Don’t leave them unattended

15 How many drinks do you need to consume in a night to be considered a binge drinker? 5 for men, 4 for women

16  Several factors influence how alcohol will affect a person: age, gender, physical condition, amount of food eaten and other drugs or medicines taken.  Make sure you don’t binge drink  Space out your drinks over several hours  Markers, bottle caps, can tabs Know your limit and when to stop.

17  Drinking alcohol in combination with carbonated beverages can increase the speed at which your body absorbs alcohol.  Mixing caffeine with alcohol increases the risk of heart rhythm problems

18  Recent research has shown that students who mix alcohol with energy drinks are more likely to suffer alcohol related consequences  These students were more likely to be hurt or injured, require medical attention and were even more likely to ride with a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.

19  Alcohol is metabolized by the liver into an acetate that can be used as a source of energy  Alcohol holds very little nutritional value and the acetate from alcohol is used immediately and cannot be stored for future energy use.  Because your body uses the fuel from alcohol before it uses fats and carbohydrates, you may not metabolize (burn) the fats and carbohydrates you would normally. This may increase the amount of fat in your body.

20 E-Chug is an anonymous online survey that allows students to track their alcohol consumption and learn about some of the financial and physical impacts their drinking habits have.

21  Compares the calories that you drink in a typical month to its equivalent in cheeseburgers  Puts the amount you spend on alcohol into context by comparing it to other things you buy i.e. a new laptop or a spring break vacation  Estimates your Blood Alcohol Level during a typical week of drinking  Explains if you are at high risk of developing future alcohol dependence problems  Strategies to help cut down on drinking

22  Learn if you are at risk of developing future alcohol related problems  Compare your drinking habits to the national habits  Learn what impact binge drinking has on the body  Learn what healthy drinking is for your body type  Learn how alcohol interacts with common medications

23 Yep…

24  Campus health clinic  Student service centers  Res fellows Healthy relationships and safe sexual encounters can be a part of everyone’s life regardless of sexual orientation.

25 Emergency Contraception is available at the campus health clinic or at any Pharmacy – just ask the pharmacist. You have a 3-5 day window but the sooner it’s taken the BETTER.

26 How many students question their sexual orientation?

27 a. 25% of college men say they’ve kissed another man b. 18% of college men say they’ve kissed another man. c. 5% of college men say they’ve kissed another man d. 1% of college men say they’ve kissed another man

28 a. 20% of college women say they’ve kissed another woman. b. 13% of college women say they’ve kissed another woman c. 5% of college women say they’ve kissed another woman d. 35% of college women say they’ve kissed another woman

29 People discover their sexual orientation in different ways. Some are sure from the time they are very young. Others spend years trying to figure things out. The #1 health issue affecting LGBT people is the stress of coping with prejudice and discrimination.

30 Campus GLBTQ centre Room 427 University Centre GLBTQ Community Centre of Ottawa Pink Triangle Q

31 Alcohol is the #1 drug used in sexual assaults

32 Be aware that alcohol and other drugs can:  Inhibit clear thinking  Make talking and listening more difficult  Make it harder to assess risk  Render you unconscious or incapacitated People are more reckless and careless when drunk.

33 Ottawa Civic Hospital - Sexual Assault Program located in the Emergency Department Health and Counselling Services on campus Equity Services – Room 503 Robertson Hall

34 That your Student drug plan covers 80 % of the cost of the HPV vaccine? (Human Papilloma Virus))

35 HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause genital warts for both men and women and can lead to different types cancers in both.

36 Both men and women, regardless of sexual orientation, can get a prescription for the vaccine from their family doctor or a doctor at the campus health clinic. The vaccine is available at the campus pharmacy. Without the plan the cost is over $450.00 for the 3 shots. Most parents’ plans do not cover this vaccine – something to consider if thinking of opting out of the student plan. Resource

37 How to save & spend like a boss

38  Students should not work over 15 hours/week  myCareer: accessible through Carleton Central On Campus: - Dining Services - Athletics - Library/bookstore - CUSA/RRRA Off Campus - South Keys Shopping Complex - Rideau Centre - FSWEP

39 1. Make a budget ◦ Divide your money among the essentials 2. Keep track of spending ◦ Write it all down (every last penny) 3. Take responsibility for your money ◦ You should know about all your finances 4. Expect changes in price (everyday items) ◦ Don’t be surprised if prices change due to inflation/shortages, etc

40 5. Investigate the best student bank account ◦ Watch out for annoying service fees 6. Spend in moderation ◦ Go out two nights instead of four 7. Credit cards and OSAP are not free money ◦ Don’t get excited by large sums of money and go on a spree 8. Shop for deals ◦ If you’re going to buy, buy wisely 9. Know when you say no ◦ Balance your needs and wants

41 Entertainment  Take advantage of free campus facilities and events  Find out about free events in the Ottawa community  Rather than eat out, invite friends for a potluck dinner  Swap books, magazines and movies with friends  Wait until cheap Tuesdays to go to the theatre Food  Whenever possible cook your own food / brew your own coffee  Buy common items in bulk (Bulk Barn at Greenboro station)  Bring snacks/juice/pop instead of buying from vending machines or convenience stores

42 Textbooks  Don’t buy books before your professor confirms which ones are mandatory  Shop around: Haven Books, online stores, “used” section of campus bookstore  Share textbooks with classmates  Professors sometimes have textbooks on reserve in the library Travel  Make use of your new U-Pass (bus and O-Train)!  Take the bus, carpool, bike, rollerblade or walk whenever possible  Get an ISIC card to reduce air/bus/train fares

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