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College Survival 101 Tips and Advice to Getting Through College.

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1 College Survival 101 Tips and Advice to Getting Through College

2 Stay Awake In Class Get sleep the night before!!! –Being rested for class will help keep you from having your head bob during class Drink caffeine –Be careful not to consume too much, but the caffeine will give you extra energy Chew peppermint gum –Peppermint is a stimulant that will keep you awake

3 Exam Essays Write something! Dont leave any question unanswered! Most professors will give partial credit for your work. Make an outline as you write your essay. Make notes on the side if you need to. Concentrate on writing about things you know. Limit guessing and making up things.

4 Multiple Choice Exams Read each question and its answers completely and carefully. Look out for words like only, all of the above, or none of the above. Eliminate the answers that are obviously incorrect and narrow your guess from there. Answer every question and do not waste time over a single question.

5 Eating Find eating buddies, so you can share a meal with others. Use your meal plan and manage any debit card points you may have wisely, so you do not run out of meals and points prior to the end of the semester. Go to extracurricular activities that your residence hall, house, or certain clubs and organizations offer. Most offer free food to encourage participation and involvement.

6 Budget Limit the use of your car. Take the bus or carpool with friends. Limit the amount of times you go out to activities that involve spending money. Buy used books. You save 33% with used books compared to new ones. Go to free events offered by the university like movies, concerts, and speakers.

7 Extracurricular Activities Meet people!!! The college experience is much more enjoyable when you have friends to spend time with. Join a club or organization. Be involved. You will be able to add another item to your resume and it has been proven that students that are involved in their university are more likely to succeed in college.

8 Relax! College is not just about studying and examinations. Kick back a bit and take your mind off the books every now and then. Go to Student Recreation Center or join an intramural sport. Get some exercise and avoid the freshman fifteen! Go to sporting events. Football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, track… Play some video games.

9 Combating Boredom Join your residence hall government. Help put on BBQs, dances, movie nights, or other programs. Go watch a movie at an inexpensive theatre in your community. Find the theatre that is cheap! Study. You can always get ahead in your classes and be prepared for the next test.

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