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Preparing Your Community College Students to Transfer to a Private College.

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1 Preparing Your Community College Students to Transfer to a Private College

2  Who are we?  Nicola Place Transfer Services, Diablo Valley College (retired) Chair, Transfer Advocacy Committee, WACAC  Jerred Thompson Admission Counselor, University of the Pacific  Debbie Woods Associate Dean of Transfer Admission, Mills College  Who are you?  Who are your students?

3 Frank Cruz Founder, Telemundo Juanita Millender-McDonald Congresswoman George Lucas Filmaker East LA CC USC LA Harbor Community College University of Redlands Modesto College USC What Do They Have in Common?

4  Watch for the myths!

5 Private Four-Year College/University (120+ units) Option #1 Option #2 Community College 1 to 60+ units Private Four-Year College/University Bachelor’s Degree

6  Clean Slate  SAT/ACT often optional  Affordable  Small Classes  Diverse Population  Transfer Pathway

7 Workforce Training & Retraining Workforce Training & Retraining Personal Enrichment Certificates Associate’s Degrees Transfer Preparation Basic Skills Development

8 General Ed. Major Preparation Electives 1. Take solid General Education classes: IGETC and CSU GE courses. Math and English first priority. 2. Major Preparation Consider taking courses toward your major before you transfer. And: 60 units are NOT required for admission to private universities! Completion of General Education courses is NOT required before transfer!

9 Academic benefits  Inherent support: Peers all focused on same outcome: Getting a bachelors degree!  Easier access to the classes you may need to graduate soonest: ◦ Lower division courses ◦ Courses needed for the major  More chance to sample that school’s courses

10 Social and personal benefits Greater opportunities to engage with: ◦ Clubs ◦ Student government ◦ Athletics ◦ Study Abroad ◦ Work study jobs ◦ Faculty

11  More time to get to know faculty who can provide: ◦ Academic support (office hours, referrals to other campus resources) ◦ Research opportunities ◦ Referrals to internships ◦ Recommendations for graduate school and employment

12  How privates view IGETC and CSU General Ed Go to: CaliforniaColleges.Edu and then click on:  Admissions  California Independent Colleges  Admission Requirements  Transfer Admission  Articulation Information ◦ -independent-colleges/articulation_information.asp

13 -independent-colleges/articulation_information.asp

14  UC Transferable coursework ◦ Generally will transfer to a private university ◦ Check the ASSIST website for what is UC (and CSU) transferable  Pre-articulation sheets and programs ◦ Many universities have pre-articulation sheets and programs for local community colleges

15 Consider – and please teach your students: 1.“Sticker Price” is higher - but private schools award a lot of scholarships and other aid. 2.Students often finish faster – so they will save on the TOTAL cost for their degree.

16  For students at AICCU Schools: ◦ 79% Receive Institutional Grants ◦ 35% Federal/Pell Grants ◦ 18% Cal Grants  Transfer Scholarships ◦ Merit based: Based on transfer GPA ◦ Program based: Awards related to program

17 So: $20K x 3 yrs = $60K Compare to: $30K x 2 yrs = $60K Plus done a year sooner!

18  Community spaces for transfer students  Housing ◦ Various options ◦ Families ◦ Resumers/re-entry  Childcare  Pre-Orientation  Priority course registration  Orientation  Advising  Academic support ◦ tutoring, writing center

19  Visibility ◦ Web site ◦ College brochures ◦ Tour guides  Representation ◦ Student government ◦ Campus-wide committees

20  Personalized process: ◦ Access to a transfer admission counselor ◦ Reach a live person on the phone ◦ One-on-one appointments  Common Application  Fall and spring applications  High school transcript  Writing Sample  Recommendations  Cross-registration

21 Transfer Fosters Life Skills: Resilience Adaptability Persistence Resourcefulness

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