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Why Executive Education Executive Master of Business Administration INNOVATIVE| FLEXIBLE | INTERACTIVE.

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1 Why Executive Education Executive Master of Business Administration INNOVATIVE| FLEXIBLE | INTERACTIVE

2 Business Leadership Rapid changes reshaping business today require leaders who stay ahead of the speed of change Executive Education programs offer you the latest knowledge,applied research and best practices.

3 IMPACT AND SUCCESS When it comes to business Executive Education, learning is not enough.It is about returning to work prepared to make an IMPACT.That is the true measure of SUCCESS

4 Benefits of Executive Education Executive Education programs are designed for organisations,leaders,business professionals,managers,and executives from many different functions who strive for professional and personal growth. Programs are developed to help executives lead organisations from both the private and the public sectors achieve operational excellence and results.

5 Executive Education programs are designed to have an immediate positive impact on performance,minimise time away from the office,and provide relevant tools and frameworks that add value to any business.

6 Driven by real world applicability,Executive Education Programs will give you the foresight and depth to make strategically sound decisions for your enterprise,boosting your ability to lead in an increasingly complex and volatile global economy.

7 You will be immersed in strategies for effective leadership and management,including problem solving,team building and change management skills. Your knowledge base will expand with proven and timely tactics for immediate and long term organisational impact. A deeper understanding of your organisation's key areas will emerge,so you can better coordinate disparate activities and functions,find ways to challenge organisational paradigms and creatively implement change. The participants (your peers)are dynamic,forward thinking business leaders who seek innovative,fact based management strategies and tools to guide their organisations and advance their career.

8 Executive Master of Business Administration HEC-ULg

9 Introducing Executive Master of Business Administration Building on our strength and reputation Curriculum designed and delivered by experienced faculty Comprehensive career services from nationally recognised experts A schedule to fit the lifestyle of ambitious working professionals

10 Why pursue an Executive Master of Business Administration Knowledge-Gain a deeper understanding of business functions Credentials-credibility to advance within-or beyond-your organisation Immediate impact-learn methods that can be applied sooner rather than later Flexibility-dedicate a few months to develop your career for a lifetime Networking- develop a broad network of peers across many industries

11 Benefits Confidence & ability to address complex issues Emphasis on team dynamics development of strategic management perspective Enhanced ability to communicate your ideas effectively Learning anywhere anytime concept

12 Reputation of HEC-ULg HEC-ULg continues to enjoy a growing reputation with much renowned recognition:- QS World University Ranking 248 in the year 2010 Rank under 300 Academic Ranking of the World Universities(ARWU)2011 Listed in Jiaoyu Shewai Jianguan Xinxi Wang,Ministry of Education,the People's Republic of China.

13 HEC-ULg Campus


15 15 About HEC University of Liege HEC Management School (a private business school) merged with University of Liege (a public University) in 2005. History of University of Liege dates back to 1817. Currently – 2,300 students 15% international students 13,000 HEC-Ulg graduates For History see:

16 The classroom experience Comprehensive overview of the functional areas of business Focus on faculty & participant interaction Harvard case method Elective courses that are relevant to market and industry demand

17 Business game week CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE..........Make a difference and add value to your organisation

18 The classroom experience.....what and How will you learn?

19 What sets us apart Best Faculty Best Real Life Business Game Best Case Study Method Best practices Best technology

20 EMBA Faculty

21 Hand picked for academic &industry experience Well respected in international business and academic communities Teaching excellence and research Ready to engage and challenge you to excel in the classroom and your career

22 22 HEC-ULg Faculty EMAM511 Finance EMAM515 Business Game EMAM512 Global Marketing Program Coordinator EMAM514 People Management EMAM516 Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility

23 Executive Master of Business Administration Experience requirement Location Class Schedule Program Structure

24 Next step:Join us Materials required:- Application form filled Professional resume Scanned copies of university certificates and transcripts Recommendation letters

25 International immersion A study of:- International business policy Capital markets Strategy Company site visits focus one emerging markets


27 HEC-ULg Alumni A network of 13,000 in high responsibility jobs worldwide ConHection newsletter Professional and friendly relations between its members

28 –Newton D Baker Educator,Statesman,Humanitarian “The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after."

29 29 End of Preview Thank you very much for your time

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