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MAC Industry Choices And Meeting Objectives Stephen O. Andersen Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership.

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1 MAC Industry Choices And Meeting Objectives Stephen O. Andersen Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership

2 Introductions Please Name & Affiliation Only Conveners Andersen & Taddonio SAE International Co-Sponsors Speakers Participants

3 Thanks to SAE International For Refreshments


5 EPA Congratulates MAC Community 1988CFC-12 Recover & Recycle 1990Global Choice HFC-134a to Replace CFC-12 1994Global CFC-12 Phaseout in New Cars/Trucks 1994-97EC RACE CO 2 Consortium 1998First Annual SAE Phoenix Forum 1999Mobile AC Climate Protection Partnership 2000+SAE CRPs, Standards, Leadership… 2000+MAC Summits: EC & USA 2000+EC F-Gas Directive, EC B-Cool… 2000+California ARB Integrated Refrigerant/Fuel Initiatives 2000+EPA/Delphi 152a, EPA/UNEP/Centro Ricerche Fiat, SNAP… 2006+GM/SAE/EPA/JAMA GREEN MAC LCCP 2007Mobile AC Society (MACS) Training Upgrade + 2008Next Generation Refrigerant Choices

6 New American Presidency New Goals –Economy, Security, Earth-in-Peril –Change, Sooner-rather-than-later New Team –Can-Do, Motivated, Ambitious New MAC Opportunity –GHG reduction paid by fuel savings –Suite of complementary regulations –Implemented globally at cost-effective pace

7 The Audacity of Engineering Genius Political change invites new climate thinking With “Yes We Can” technical optimism Disciplined by Life-Cycle Climate Performance Making the most of natural refrigerants Embracing low-GWP HFCs -- where superior Cooperating worldwide to rapidly transform markets to the next generation of technology Reducing greenhouse gas emissions far more than can be achieved with a regional approach

8 Earth Protection Vision: Superior Refrigerants Globally One refrigerant implemented quickly worldwide Competitively produced and affordably priced No trade barriers or excessive profits Achieving the highest energy efficiency Supported with standards and regulations Serviced professionally and without emissions Saving money in fuel and repair Protecting the climate Satisfying new car customers

9 HFC-1234yf: Japan, US, Non-VDA EC Choice Benefits –Near drop-in for direct expansion MAC systems –Ready for conventional, hybrid, electric, & fuel cell –Low global warming potential (GWP = 4); non-toxic –Superior Life-Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) Challenges –Mildly flammable –Higher refrigerant cost –Not yet produced in commercial quantities –Pending SNAP regulatory approval in US markets

10 R744: VDA Choice Benefits: –Particularly suitable for mild European climates where people prefer less air conditioning –Supported by the VDA, some suppliers, and EC companies claiming patent rights –Very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 1 Challenges: –Total system re-design, high pressure, toxic, costly –Poor small car fuel efficiency, cooling, & drivability –Pending SNAP regulatory approval in US markets

11 HFC-152a: Backup for HFC-1234yf Benefits –Good energy efficiency and cooling performance –Medium global warming potential (GWP = 124) –Superior LCCP if leak-tight systems with idle stop –SNAP Listed; Low cost and unprotected by patents Challenges –Mildly flammable –Safe in direct expansion systems only with detection and discharge or other safety systems –Safe in secondary-loop systems properly designed

12 Hydrocarbons (HC): Choice of No One Benefits –Good cooling performance and energy efficiency –Low Global Warming Potential (GWP = ~5) Challenges –Highly flammable, easily ignited –Not safe in direct expansion MAC systems –Secondary-loop air conditioning systems and other safety mitigation does not yet satisfy automobile industry safety concerns –Prohibited by many environmental & safety authorities; Not SNAP listed

13 Steve’s Crystal Ball Environmental authorities and citizens worldwide will pursue fuel-efficient, GWP<150, technology for mobile & stationary AC VDA, with the support of Greenpeace, will pursue R-744 for domestic EC markets Japan, USA, and EC companies will pursue R- 1234yf for markets in hot and humid climates demanding energy & LCCP performance Market transformation outside EC may start sooner and finish faster than F-gas Directive

14 Today Refrigerant Choice SAE Cooperative Research Programs SAE Standards Barrier Removal & Prospect Business Acumen for Climate Protection GREEN-MAC LCCP Consensus & Way Forward

15 EPA Contact Information Dr Stephen O. Andersen, + 1 202 343 9069 Drusilla Hufford +1 202 343 9101 Kristen N. Taddonio +1 202 343 9234 Karen Thundiyil +1 202 343 9464

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