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San Mateo Behavioral Health and Recovery Services AVATAR 2010 Upgrade.

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1 San Mateo Behavioral Health and Recovery Services AVATAR 2010 Upgrade

2 What is Avatar 2010? Avatar 2010 is an upgrade to the Avatar application. Avatar 2010 will be installed on all user accounts. Use the same Avatar icon from the Start menu or desktop.

3 Why upgrade to Avatar 2010? State and Federal regulations mandate that confidentiality of the AOD chart be maintained separately from the Mental Health chart. The upgrade to Avatar 2010 will meet these requirements. To maintain confidentiality, Mental Health providers will have a new “System Code” to use to login. This new System Code is SMMH. AOD providers will have a different System Code when they sign/log on to access AOD records. * System Code Exceptions: There are some users that will not use SMMH (Program Office & Call Center). You will be notified if you have another system code.

4 When will the upgrade happen? The upgrade is happening over the weekend of June 2 & 3. AVATAR will be unavailable from Friday, June 1 at 5:30 pm until Monday, June 4 at 6:00 a.m. When you sign on to Avatar on Monday, June 4, Mental Health providers will use the System Code (“SMMH”) and will be using Avatar 2010. *see System Code Exception Only, previous slide

5 What’s new? A. There is a new look to the opening screen of Avatar

6 Y our User Name and Password are the same. Only the System Code changes. Your Caseload and “To Do” list will be brought forward to your Avatar 2010 Homepage. New Code B. New System Code - SMMH SMMH Your User ID Your Password

7 C. Avatar Homepage also has a new look and the screen has new color and spacing. Not Used Same Tasks Frame New Tasks Bar matches picture icons

8 D. Menu Frame- the Menu Frame remains the same E. Below the Task Frame are Picture Icons that match with the Tasks Bar. The Tasks Bar now includes the Picture Icons!

9 Other changes to the Tasks bar include: My “To Do” list - now shows a number: number The first number on the left is the total number of “To Do” items The number after the colon on the right is the number of “To Do” items added in the last 24 hours. This shows 4 TO DO items and 1 item added in past 24 Hours

10 “My Preferences”: From “My Preferences”, on the Start Up Tab set the opening Avatar screen be your “To Do” list or “My Favorites” Uncheck the box to prevent the empty “Did You Know…” box from appearing.

11 F. My Caseload: Clients will be listed and with indicators preceding client names. If the client is new to the caseload the client name will be highlighted in yellow. If there are NO TO DO items older than 24 hours there will be If the chart has one or more client documents overdue, is there will be If the chart has “To Do” items that are more than 24 hours old there will be

12 Chart has NO To Do items older than 24 hours Chart has To Do items over 24 hours old New Client highlighted and with TO DO more than 24 hours old Charts has one or more client documents that are overdue My Caseload Illustration Clients will be listed but there will now be indicators preceding a client name.

13 G. “Did You Know...” window on the right hand side of the screen. Currently not working and will not be used. You can turn off the window in “My Preferences”.

14 H. “Color Vision Deficiency” setting is now available. Submit a Help Desk request to your supervisor or the Avatar team and your “user code” can be changed to “Color Vision Deficient”. Once this change is activated, items in the “red” required fields will show in BOLD and will be Underlined.

15 All field labels will appear in BLACK with required fields BOLD and underlined. If a field or component of a field has the focus it will be outlined. “Color Vision Deficiency”

16 I. Select Client Screen: This screen has a different look... Client search results now show in the bottom half of the screen. Alternative look-up is still there. The Up and down arrows on the keyboard can be used to scroll through names and the Enter key can be used to highlight a row. Here’s the Alternative Look Up Search Enter Key will highlight the row

17 J. Date Fields All Date fields in the Avatar 2010 application have a new ‘Date Picker’ calendar icon outside of date entry box that brings up a calendar for selecting a Date. Once a date is selected it will default into the field. The date calendar can also be accessed by double-clicking in the Date field.

18 All fields in any document are important and should be completed if there is information to do so. The new Avatar 2010 feature is to “Flag” each empty required field and each Tab where the field appears when the document is saved. “Flags” will make it easier to find what is missing from a document saved as DRAFT, or if a document has some fields incomplete or missing an entry. The “Flag” will not appear as you are entering information. When you submit your document, if any required fields are missing data, a message box notifies you there is a missing field. Click OK and a visual indicator or “Flag” appears next to each missing field, and each tab containing a missing required field (s). When all required fields are filled in, the flag on the tab will clear. If none of the tabs on a form have a “Flag”, all required fields have been filled in. J. Missing “Required Field” indicators

19 Tab Flags Field Flags Calendar Missing “Required Field” indicators

20 K. Spelling Error Indicators In scrolling and non scrolling text fields, any misspelled words will have a visual cue, similar to Microsoft Word or Outlook. “Name” and “Process Search” fields do not have these indicators. Mis-spelling Cue

21 L. Progress Notes DRAFT Status and the Draft Watermark: When DRAFT is selected, the watermark automatically appears in the background.

22 M. Chart Review Launch Chart Review as stand alone function without having to first open another option! The Menu Path is CWS→ Reports→ Chart Review You can also Right click on a client either in “My Caseload” or “My Session” and select Chart Review. From Chart Review, exit the screen by clicking on Dismiss. Chart Review will still be available whenever another document or report opens! You can select Chart Review from this Pop Up RIGHT click on the client’s name in either My Caseload or My Session.

23 N. New Fields and Drop Down List Selections Because of the upgrade to Avatar 2010, you may see some changes to selections in the drop down lists. Continue to use the one(s) most appropriate to your client(s). Some forms will have new fields. For example, on the Admission form, next to each phone number is the question “OK to contact?”. Use the new fields if they apply to your client(s).

24 Questions? If you have questions about the changes or problems using Avatar, contact the ISD Help Desk at 650-573-3400 or For more Avatar information, please visit

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