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I’m Pregnant…What are my options???. What options does a teenager have if she were to get pregnant during high school?

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1 I’m Pregnant…What are my options???

2 What options does a teenager have if she were to get pregnant during high school?

3 Option #1…Abortion Let’s watch and see the thought process while a minor struggles with the decision of abortion… scene 3, 5 (rewind), 6 and 7 (pause when she fills out forms)

4 Discussion Questions: 1.What steps did Juno complete to start the abortion process? 2.Does Juno, a minor, have to get her parent’s permission? Pauly’s? 3. Does she have to tell them what she is doing? What about Pauly? Let’s look at NJ’s Laws regarding abortion… 4. What is the minimum age someone can have an abortion in NJ? NO MINIMUM! 5. How would a minor pay for an abortion? What if her parents won’t help? National Abortion Federation Hotline at 1-800-772-9100 and they can provide information on charities and other ways to obtain financial assistance for an abortion. What methods of abortion are there? 6. Do you agree with Juno’s decision?

5 Abortion Methods… The Abortion Pill -Safe and Effective -Available at Planned Parenthood Centers -Cost $300 to $800 -Can be used up to 9 weeks after the your last period

6 The Abortion Pill Before the Pill -Medical History and other options discussed -Lab tests taken -Physical Exam with ultrasound -Sign documents Step 1 The Abortion Pill -Blocks progesterone hormones -Lining of Uterus breaks down -Pregnancy cannot continue Step 2 Misoprostol -Causes the uterus to empty -Heavy bleeding and cramping -Blood clots or tissue can be seen during bleeding -Abortion can happen from 4 hours to a few days

7 The Abortion Pill Continued… Step 3 Follow-up Exam -Done within 2 weeks from taking the pill -Ultrasound or blood test necessary to ensure effectiveness -If still pregnant, options discussed (unlikely)

8 In-Clinic Abortion In-Clinic Abortion Procedure -Medical Procedure that ends pregnancy -Safe and Effective -Available at many planned parenthood centers -Cost $300 to $1,000 during 1 st Trimester -Two types of procedures

9 In-Clinic Abortion Aspiration Method -Used up to 16 weeks from last period -An examination of uterus is done -Pain medication taken -Speculum inserted into vagina -Tube inserted into uterus -Uterus gently vacuumed out -Procedure takes about 5 to 10 minutes

10 In-Clinic Abortion Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) -Performed later than 16 weeks after last period -Sedation offered with pain medication -Speculum inserted into vagina -Cervix numbed -Uterus emptied with medical instruments and suction -Takes 10 to 20 minutes -Extensive Follow-up procedure

11 Making the Decision… Talk to family, friends, the father and others who can provide advice… Take time to make such heavy decision, think it through… Locate nearby centers through: -Phonebook searches -Internet searches -Referrals

12 Let’s watch and see what Juno does as she struggles with the decision… scene 7 (from pause), 8 and 9

13 With the next two decisions, the mother will have to endure Labor and Childbirth…

14 Labor Labor: The process by which contractions gradually push the baby out of the uterus and into the vagina to be born. First Stage: -Contractions slowly open the cervix to 4cm (dilation) -Baby’s head pushes against the amniotic sac causing it to break (water breaking) -May be up to 12 hours or more

15 Stages of Labor: Second Stage: -Cervix fully dilated (10cm) -Mother pushes along with contractions -Mother pushes until entire baby is delivered (up to 2hrs) -An Episiotomy, or an incision made from the vagina toward the anus to enlarge the opening for delivery may be done.

16 Stages of Labor Third Stage: -Contractions separate the placenta from uterine wall -Placenta is pushed out (afterbirth) -Lasts about 20 minutes

17 Other Options Cesarean Birth, or a C-Section, is a method of delivery in which a surgical incision is made through the abdominal wall and uterus. In 1965, only 4.5% of births were by Cesarean Section. In 2010, 32.8% of births were by Cesarean Section.

18 Medications Natural – Labor and Birth with no medication Epidural – Used during C-Sections and some vaginal births to alleviate the labors pains associated with labor and delivery. -Injected directly into the lower spine -Used in 1st stage of labor (2 nd is too late) -Some argue it drugs the baby

19 Option #2…Adoption Discussion Questions: 1.What did Juno do to start the adoption process? What can you do? They can contact the National Council for Adoption and the Independent Adoption Center. The phone number is 1-888-251-0075. 3. How did Juno’s parents handle the news? Would your parents handle it the same way? 4. Do you think it would be hard to give up your baby as a mother? As the father? 5. Would you want updates on your baby as they grow? 6. Do you agree with Juno’s decision?

20 Giving your baby for Adoption 1.Find a private adoption agency and log on: 2.Locate your state (NJ) and choose the closest city to where you live 3.Call the toll-free number and set up an appointment 4.Learn your options for financial, nutritional, medical and emotional support (Most private agencies will cover all costs associated with the adoption) Religious Affiliation: 1.Find an Adoption agency specifically associated with your religion through internet searches or by contacting your church 2. Make an appointment with them and learn your options Non-Religious Affiliation:

21 Adoption continued… Arranged Adoption: 1.Locate parents-to-be from newspapers, online forums, word of mouth, etc. 2.Arrange an appointment with the adoptive parents 3.Have a lawyer present and create legal documents 4.Arrange financial, medical and other types of assistance

22 Option #3…Raise the baby 1.Do you have the money?Do you have the money? 2.Do you have the time? 3.Would your parents/guardians support you and the baby? 4.How would impact your schooling? Career plans? Social life? Relationships?

23 Pregnant! Read the story about your best friend and begin to think about your answer.

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