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1. Location of Hyogo Prefecture Pacific Ocean Sea of Japan Kyoto Osaka Hyogo Kansai Region Kansai Int’l Airport Shinkansen Seto Inland Sea Sapporo Tokyo.

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1 1

2 Location of Hyogo Prefecture Pacific Ocean Sea of Japan Kyoto Osaka Hyogo Kansai Region Kansai Int’l Airport Shinkansen Seto Inland Sea Sapporo Tokyo Okinawa Hiroshima Beautiful Hyogo 2

3 Hyogo 100 km Nara Kyoto Kansai Int’l Airport Osaka WakayamaShikoku Region Chugoku Region Beautiful Hyogo Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai Region 3

4 Access to Hyogo-Kobe Kobe Awaji Island Kyoto Osaka Himeji Kansai Int’l Airport 20 min by train Kobe Airport 20 min 65 min by bus 30 min by high-speed boat Arima Hot Springs 30 min by train 50 min by train 1:15 from Tokyo 2:15 from Okinawa 1:50 from Sapporo 2:50 by Shinkansen from Tokyo 40 min by train Beautiful Hyogo 4

5 太平洋 日本海 The purple area is a Government Ordinance City, pink areas are cities, yellow areas are towns. Total 29 cities and 12 towns. Basic data 姫路 神戸 豊岡 Outline of Hyogo Beautiful Hyogo Area: 8,396 km 2 (12 th in Japan) Population: 5.57 million (7 th in Japan) Real GDP: 20 trillion 631.4 billion yen = 257.5 billion dollars * Almost as large as that of Finland 5 Toyooka Himeji Kobe

6 Oriental White Stork Nojigiku (Wild Chrysanthemum) Special Natural Monument of Japan Small, white or yellow flowers bloom in mid November. Hyogo is the northern and eastern limit of its wild habitat. Large evergreen tree in Lauraceae family. Produces unique smell from branches and leaves. Camphor Laurel Hyogo’s Mascot: Habatan Symbols of Hyogo Beautiful Hyogo 6

7 Enjoyable experiences in Hyogo “ gourmet, sightseeing, hot springs, and more…” For Tourists Beautiful Hyogo 7

8 Cake lovers’ paradise, Kobe Universally acclaimed “Kobe Beef” Matsuba crab “Gourmet Kingdom” Hyogo Beautiful Hyogo 8

9 Oysters from Harimanada Akashi Octopus Awaji Puffer Fish Akashi Sea Bream Beautiful Hyogo 9

10 【 Kobe 】 Nada– Japanese Sake Brewery Area Nada is the largest sake brewing area in Japan. It occupies 30% share of the sake production market in Japan. Many of the traditional brewers present their old breweries as museums. Sake tasting is also available. Beautiful Hyogo 10

11 Pan-fried udon noodles with organ meats (Sayo) The “B-Class” Local Gourmet Foods in Hyogo Katsumeshi (Cutlet on rice) (Kakogawa) Bokkake (Nagata in Kobe) Tamago-yaki (Akashi) Himeji Oden (Himeji) Steamed pork buns (Nankinmachi in Kobe)

12 One of three most beautiful night views in Japan 【 Kobe 】 Night View from Mt. Rokko Beautiful Hyogo 12

13 The longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (3,911 m) 【 Kobe 】 The Longest Suspension Bridge in the World Beautiful Hyogo 13

14 Awaji Hanasajiki Awaji Yumebutai Entire park designed by Ando Tadao 【 Awaji 】 Flowery Island Awaji Beautiful Hyogo 14

15 Naruto Whirlpools - One of world’s biggest whirlpools Awaji Puppet Theater 【 Awaji 】 Naruto Whirlpools Beautiful Hyogo 15

16 The Greatest Castle in Japan: Himeji Castle (World Heritage) 【 Himeji 】 Himeji Castle - World Heritage site Beautiful Hyogo 16

17 Engyoji Temple on Mt. Shosha: “The Last Samurai” shooting location 【 Himeji 】 Engyoji Temple Beautiful Hyogo 17

18 Takarazuka Revue - one of the most popular shows in Japan Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum “The father” of Japanese animation 【 Kobe 】 Takarazuka Area Beautiful Hyogo 18

19 【 Kobe 】 Arima Hot Springs -The greatest hot springs in Japan -The greatest hot springs in Japan Only 30 minutes from downtown Kobe Two types of spring water: gold-colored and transparent Traditional performing arts by 13 geisha Beautiful Hyogo 19

20 Ako Samurai Festival Nada Fighting Festival Kobe Luminarie Seasonal Events in Hyogo Sakura festivals in various locations Beautiful Hyogo 20

21 Enjoy Skiing in Hyogo! Sites Open from Dec. to Mar. Tajima ・ Kannabe Kogen Ski Ground ・ Hachi Kita Ski Ground ・ Hyper Bowl Tohachi Ski Ground ・ New Ojiro Ski Ground ・ Mikata Snow Park ・ Tajima Bokujo Koen Ski Ground ・ Wakasugi Kogen Ohya Ski Ground…And more! Harima ・ Chikusa Kogen Ski Ground ・ Banshu Tokura Snow Park KOBE ・ Mt Rokko Ski Ground Beautiful Hyogo 21

22 Kinosaki Hot Springs: Relax as you stroll around the nation’s top hot spring destination Matsuba Crab Copyight © Hyogo Prefectural Government Beautiful Hyogo Seasonal Events in Hyogo 22

23 Kobe Downtown Area Outlet Mall Department stores Lovely cafes and shops Kobe Bay shopping site Kobe downtown Arima Hot Springs Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Marine Pia Kobe Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets Exciting Shopping Spot “Kobe” Beautiful Hyogo 23

24 Fruitful experiences in Hyogo For Business Beautiful Hyogo 24

25 Appeals of Hyogo: Domestic & international trasnportation network ◆ Gateway to the world: Kansai Int’l Airport Three domestic/international airports (to 73 cities in 27 countries; 26 cities in Japan) Kansai Int’l Airport ◆ Domestic hubs: Osaka-Itami & Kobe Airports Three airports in Kansai Beautiful Hyogo 25 Kobe Airport Kansai Int’l Airport

26 Appeals of Hyogo: Social infrastructure Traffic & logistics network Chugoku Expwy Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expwy Meishin Expwy Sanyo Expwy Bantan Renraku Road Sea access Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Shinkansen Tajima Airport Port of Kobe Kobe Airport Kansai Int’l Airport Osaka Int’l Airport Beautiful Hyogo 26

27 Harima Science Garden City - Global radiation research hub - Large-scale synchrotron radiation facility SPring-8 - X-ray Free Electron Laser facility SACLA ○Himeji Cutting costs & time for new drug discovery Highly functional/reliable next-generation batteries and energy conservation materials Inspiring innovation by connecting Hyogo’s two intellectual creation bases Appeals of Hyogo: State-of-the-art Science & Technology Bases Beautiful Hyogo K supercomputer 4 th fastest in the world Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster Global life science research hub 27

28 Large-scale Synchrotron Radiation Facility SPring-8 (Since Oct. 1997) A large synchrotron radiation facility located in Harima Science Garden City that can produce the world’s most powerful synchrotron radiation (1,000,000,000 times brighter than X-rays). The radiation is widely used for research into nanotechnology and biotechnology, as well as for industrial uses. X-ray Free Electron Laser Facility (SACLA) (Since Mar. 2012) Succeeded for the first time in oscillating the world’s shortest wavelength X-ray laser (1.2 Å ) through the use of XFEL in June 2011. Capable of capturing instantaneous movements of substances at an atomic level, thus capable of observing very short period reactions enabling R&D of new materials SPring-8 & SACLA K Supercomputer (Since Sep. 2012) ・ RIKEN established the world’s fastest performing ultra-high speed computational system in Kobe (Port Island) as one of the “Key Technologies of National Importance.” K Supercomputer Versatile Usage: (1) Manufacturing, (2) Nanotechnology, (3) Disaster Risk Reduction, (4) Aviation/Space, (5) Life science, (6) Earth Science Beautiful Hyogo Cutting-edge S&T facilities 28

29 Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster Cutting-edge S&T facilities Beautiful Hyogo 29 ■ A core facility for the life science industry under an academia-industry-government partnership in the Keihanshin area : ◆ Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation ◆ RIKEN (Molecular Imaging Science Research Center & Center for Developmental Biology, etc.) Kobe is Home to 14 cluster bases! 272 top-class research organizations and medical related companies in Hyogo/Kobe (out of which 24 are foreign/foreign- affiliated companies) [ As of the end of Apr. 2014] 272 top-class research organizations and medical related companies in Hyogo/Kobe (out of which 24 are foreign/foreign- affiliated companies) [ As of the end of Apr. 2014] ◆ Encourage activities of Hyogo Industry-Academia-Government Coordinators Hyogo promotes activities to reinforce the coordinator network and improve their skills in ways corresponding to industrial and academic partnership demands from companies and universities. This is with the aim of fostering the growth of industry through industry-academic-government partnerships. ◆ Formation of Hyogo-Kobe Science Cluster Council meetings are held by academic, industrial and governmental organizations located in Kobe Port Island in order to promote organic partnership of research facilities and researchers. Creating New Technology & Industries – Hyogo’s Efforts Corporate Research Facilities ・ Boehringer Ingelheim Japan (Germany) ・ Johnson & Johnson K.K (U.S.A.) ・ GE Healthcare Japan (U.S.A.) ・ Olympus (Japan)

30 ► From Heavy Industry to SMEs ・ Total product shipment is approx. 14 trillion 347 billion yen, National share of 5.0 % (ranked 5th in the nation ) (Source: 2012 Industrial Statistics) (Toyooka) (Himeji and Kakogawa) Railway Vehicles Ships Power Generation Turbines Car Navigation Li-ion Batteries Nickel batteries Solar Panels Railway vehicle electric equipment Ironmaking/steel plates Hyogo Total Shipment: \14 trillion 347 bil. \7 trillion 589.5 bil \186.5 bil. \301.2 bil. \588.2 bil. \5 trillion710.1 bil. Thin TV Panels Motorcycles A Wealth of Manufacturing Industries Beautiful Hyogo 30

31 Top-class companies in global niche market Many “Global Niche Top Companies” aiming at the top share in niche fields of growing markets are located in Hyogo. 〔 Examples 〕 ・ Sysmex Corporation Medical testing equipment (Hematology analyzer) ・ Teikoku El ec tri c Mfg. Co. Ltd Canned motor pump for chemical agents, etc. ・ Nakamura Koki Co, Ltd. Accumulator ・ Tacmina Corporation Precision pump ・ Itoh D e n k i Co., Ltd. Internally motorized conveyor roller ・ Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. Radar for ships Beautiful Hyogo A Wealth of Manufacturing Industries 31

32 Foreign/Foreign-Affiliated Companies in Hyogo ・近年の主な進出企業 Umicore Japan (Belgium, 2011) Airbus Helicopters Japan (France, 2012) IKEA Japan (Sweden, 2008) Air Liquide Japan (France, 2008) (Toyo Keizai Inc. “Foreign affiliated companies in Japan, a comprehensive directory 2012” Costco Wholesale Japan (USA, 2012) 320 companies have invested in Hyogo since1998 (Research by International Economic Development Division, Hyogo Prefectural Government) Recent FDIs in Hyogo PrefectureNo. of HQs of foreign companies National share (%) 1 Tokyo2,33175.5 2 Kanagawa2779.0 3 Osaka1234.0 4 Hyogo822.7 5 Chiba501.6 6 Aichi361.2 7 Saitama33 1.1 8 Shizuoka18 0.6 Others1364.4 Total3,086100 Number of Foreign Companies’ HQs Major companies recently moved in Beautiful Hyogo 32 Number

33 Kobe Asian Business Support Center (KABSC) Hyogo-Kobe Investment Support Center (HKIS) Hyogo Business Support Center in Tokyo Todofuken Kaikan Building (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) To Expand Economic Exchange Beautiful Hyogo Hyogo-Kobe International Business Square (Kobe Commerce, Industry and Trade Center Building) 33 Hyogo International Business Center (HIBC) JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC Kobe) One-stop Service

34 Governo da Provincia de Hyogo-Japao Escritorio no Brasil Hyogo Business and Tourism Centre (Hong Kong) Hyogo Prefectural Government Culture Centre (Western Australia) The European Representative Office of Hyogo Prefecture (Paris) The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center (Washington) Hyogo’s Overseas Network Enhancing economic functions of Hyogo's overseas offices ・ Develop systems of cooperation with local specialists (legal, tax, accounting) through overseas offices Increasing/enhancing functions of Hyogo International Business Support Desks ・ Additional offices in major Asian cities, in cooperation with local private sectors ・ Strengthen consulting functions in cooperation with local specialists China (Guangdong, Shanghai, Dalian), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), India (Delhi) Indonesia (Jakarta), Thailand (Bangkok) International Business Support Desks Support Hyogo- based companies in business & sales channel expansion Beautiful Hyogo 34

35 Beautiful Hyogo Fruitful experiences in Hyogo 35

36 Comfortable Living Environment for All Beautiful Hyogo Medical care 4,000 medical institutions accessible in foreign languages Education 12 international schools (Canadian Academy, Kobe Chinese School, Deutsche Schule Kobe, Marist Brothers International School, etc.) 100,000 expatriates from 142 countries live in Hyogo. Hyogo has long accepted many expatriates and as such, boasts a comfortable living environment for all. Consultation service Information and Advisory Service Center 36

37 There are many foreign students studying abroad in universities in Hyogo. Number of foreign students in universities, graduate schools, colleges, high schools, etc: Approx. 5,100 (8 th largest in Japan) Universities in Hyogo with 100 or more foreign students studying abroad Comfortable Living Environment for All Beautiful Hyogo Name Under- graduate Graduate school Research students Total Kobe Univ.1077203281,155 Kwansei Gakuin Univ.462124117703 Univ. of Marketing and Distribution Sciences 3674150458 Japan Univ. of Economics373 Kobe International Univ.28279361 Univ. of Hyogo599720176 Himeji Dokkyo Univ.1521210174 Ashiya Univ.10012103 University of Hyogo 37

38 Comfortable Living Environment for All Beautiful Hyogo Religion Many religious facilities within 5 km radius in Kobe City Various religious facilities show that Hyogo has a long history of welcoming expatriates. Kobe Muslim MosqueKitano Church Kanteibyo Chua Hoa Lac (Vietnamese temple) Jain Temple Jewish church 38

39 Comfortable Living Environment for All Beautiful Hyogo Hyogo is home to many foreign communities. Foreign Communities Kobe Club, Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club, Comunidade Brasileira de Kansai, Comunidad Latina Hyogo, etc. Salon Carnival by CBK Native language class by Comunidad Latina Hyogo Comunidade Brasileira Kansai (CBK) Kobe Club Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club 39

40 A Destination Every Visitor Will Love 40

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