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Development of a Surveillance Society By: Tyler Madden (Comp 1631, Winter 2011)

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1 Development of a Surveillance Society By: Tyler Madden (Comp 1631, Winter 2011)

2 What is a surveillance society? A surveillance society is were citizens and other people are watched by government to insure the safety of the society. o Ex. Police cameras, traffic cameras, and cameras in public places.

3 History of Surveillance In ancient Egypt, rulers would keep records of taxation, military service, and immigration. The Norman government had records of all English land-holders. It was used to maintain power in their civilization by finding anyone working against them.

4 Modern Surveillance Cameras are set up in cities that watch 24/7. The use of social networks. Use of Id cards. Cell phone uses. GPS and satellites. No where is this more evident then in London

5 GPS Tracking Police/private investigators will put GPS receivers in handbags, cars, and other bags. Using four satellites, you can pick up the signal of wherever you placed the receiver at any time. Used to watch people under house arrest, parents wanting to know where their kids are, and in the workplace.

6 Mobile Phone Tracking Mobile phones can be tracked simply by their signal from any cell tower. o This is also called phone triangulation. Newer phones, like BlackBerry and IPhone 4, have GPS implanted in them; making the location of the phone much more accurate. This is used for families and by authorities currently.

7 London London, England is one of the most watched city in the world. There is 1 CCTV camera to every 14 people. A BBC article predicts that by 2016 people will be scanned before entering public buildings. In one day a person may be viewed on camera over a hundred times.

8 Big Brother The Government has access to your personal information and knows what you are doing. o Using your credit card, phone, GPS, or walking outside allows for the government to see what you are doing. Can we trust the government or security agencies to keep our lives private? o Or will it be like George Orwell’s 1984 where people are watched and then arrested because of any slight infringement?

9 Why use surveillance? Surveillance is used to protect society. o Ex. 9/11, IRA bombings, Oklahoma City bombing, ect... By citizens giving up some of their rights they can live in a safer environment. Surveillance is used, originally, to keep the public safe.

10 The PATRIOT Act Made in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. Violation of personal freedoms and rights. o If you are suspected of terrorism you can be held without just cause. o The ability to look into your personal information like phone records, credit card usage, and others. o The act enables citizens to give up their privacy rights to try and catch terrorists.

11 Personal Data How much personal data does the Canadian government have? o Close to 10% of the population is in the national police computer. o Tax, job, purchasing, and other information. Due to a large expansion of information storage the government can store more information on computers.

12 The future of surveillance societies Some examples of new technologies that will increase surveillance: – Airports Iris and finger print scans. As well as passport chips. Criminal information, visa, health information and more. – Shopping Use of RFID scanners to pay for goods. Implanted chip in arm that can hold cash.

13 The future of surveillance societies – School Cards that monitor the food that the child is eating. Also includes attendance, marks, and after school programs. – Public Video cameras are installed through out cities. Important buildings will be barricaded in. – Jobs Employees are monitored on the computer. Physical and mental testing to insure proper health of employees. And gym attendance and lifestyle records may become electronic.

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16 Big Brother is ALWAYS Watching

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