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CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO) Data Services for GFOI Brian Killough NASA LaRC, CEOS SEO Presented at SDCG-6 Oslo, Norway October 22-24, 2014.

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1 CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO) Data Services for GFOI Brian Killough NASA LaRC, CEOS SEO Presented at SDCG-6 Oslo, Norway October 22-24, 2014

2 Agenda SDCG-5 Actions for SEO COVE Tool Coverage Analyzer Tool Data Services Prototypes Kenya SPOT Analysis Country Reports (details on Day 2) Data Cube Space Data Management System (SDMS) Demo (presented by Sanjay Gowda/ Brian Williams)

3 SDCG-5 Actions for SEO (1 of 2)  SDCG-5-2: Brian Killough to follow-up with Johannes Roeder on the Sentinel-2 global grid system, including a draft KML for evaluation. CLOSED... Added to COVE as an overlay  SDCG-5-3: CEOS SEO to work with Ake and Shimada to test the upload of the 50m ALOS PALSAR mosaics into the CEOS Google Maps Engine account for evaluation in Earth Engine. OPEN... Issues with Google Maps Engine not resolved. Working with George Dyke. Remains OPEN.  SDCG-5-9: CEOS SEO to develop a country-based needs matrix to support Data Services prototype development. CLOSED... Presented tomorrow.  SDCG-5-22: SDCG EXEC/CEOS SEO (Brian Killough) to draft a timeline summary of data availability from archives, and current and future data streams. CLOSED... Summary of GFOI missions already in data acquisition plan. The SEO is working linkages to mission archives for COVE coverage analyses. 3

4 SDCG-5 Actions for SEO (2 of 2)  SDCG-5-23: CEOS SEO to include a summary of archive data in future country reports where archive search tools are available. CLOSED... Country reports completed for SDCG-6 “country day”. Only Landsat archives are reported. COVE links to other archives are in progress. The COVE Coverage Analyzer has a new Beta release... More details are in this presentation.  SDCG-5-24: CEOS SEO to work with Helmut Staudenrausch and DLR to respond to the TanDEM-X DEM Announcement of Opportunity with a view to evaluating the data set for application to GFOI. CLOSED... SEO submitted proposal in March. Proposal accepted in June. Data access provided in early October. SEO has downloaded and installed 24 images. More details are in this presentation. 4

5 5 COVE links to Mission Archives  Linking the COVE tool to mission archives is extremely valuable to CEOS. We DO NOT want the actual data, but only the metadata for images... when, where, optical browse images.  Only Landsat and Radarsat archive links are working well. Others have issues.  CNES... Airbus recently changed the metadata access process for SPOT and Pleaides. SEO is working...  TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X.. Recent archive data working well. Search for older archive data slow. Working with DLR to resolve the performance issues.  JAXA... Plans to link directly with ALOS-1 archive. Working with Satoko Miura. Looking positive...  ISRO... Desire to link to ResourceSat-1/2. Working with WGISS to resolve. May not be possible to resolve.  ESA... Desire to link to Envisat, ERS and Sentinel-1A. Working with Mirko Albani.

6 Coverage Analyzer Tool New release is available!!! Improved menu selections for Region, Past/Future, Dates, Missions, Discretization. Improved processing performance. Output in global or table format. Selection of cloud filtering, color scaling. KML and CSV export. 6 Example on Right >>> Landsat-8, Jan-Sept, 2014, <20% cloudy, Kenya

7 7 GFOI Data Services Prototypes Pilot Project Key Participants CountriesDatasetsProcessing Tools FAO Pilot for UN- REDD (SDMS) SEO, FAO, KSAT, Norway Ecuador, Tanzania, Uganda Landsat-7 2013 only (16TB) Open Foris Geospatial Toolkit (from FAO) Kenya Pilot SEO, Clinton Foundation, SLEEK Program, Australia Kenya Landsat-7/8 (from 2013/2014), 66 scenes (128GB) Local (TBD) Colombia DEM PilotSEO, DLRColombia TanDEM-X 24 Tiles (~15GB) Local (TBD)

8 8 Data Services Prototypes... FAO and Colombia  FAO – Contract between KSAT (Norway) and AMA (SEO contractor) in place (Aug 13) with a prototype delivery in late October. This task will deliver a simplified SDMS for 3 countries with limited Landsat data (L7 in 2013) and OpenForis tools for processing.  Colombia – SEO proposal for TanDEM-X datasets (submitted in March) was accepted in June. Link to data was received on Oct 7, following a lengthy approval process (licenses, funding confirmation). Expect data to flow to Colombia, via a data services system, by the end of October.

9 9 Kenya Summary  Landsat 7+8 datasets (2013-2014) provided to Kenya in June 2014 on a USB disk for in-country testing. No report received from Kenya.  Landsat could be used for a baseline back to 2009. Prior to that, there are not enough clear scenes. SPOT could probably be used to baseline <2009.  The SEO has expanded its archive analysis report for Landsat (5,7,8) and SPOT (1,2,4,5) back to 2000. The SEO will send this report to SDCG and Kenya for review by mid-November.

10 10 Kenya coverage with SPOT  An analysis of the SPOT archive was completed for Kenya back to 2000.  Results are below for 2000 through 2008, <20% cloudy scenes.  An 80% country baseline may be possible in 2003 or 2004, but not prior. 2000 2001200220032004 2005 2006 2007 2008

11 Country Packages Each country in attendance (Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh) will receive a detailed “country package”. Country packages contain... Forest cover information, monthly cloud cover, monthly rainfall, Landsat WRS-2 path-row range, and a detailed Landsat historical coverage by path-row for 2012 thru 2014. Analysis results for each country assess the acceptability of available Landsat scenes for forest mapping, considering cloud cover.

12 Data Cube Pilot Project The SEO and GA have decided to focus on Tanzania for a Data Cube project. Tanzania has both GFOI (forest cover) and GEOGLAM (agriculture) interest. GA has provided SEO with a “Virtual Data Cube” to install on a PC for testing. Preliminary plans are to use only Landsat (5/7/8) data and expand to MODIS and Sentinal later. Sample products would be NDVI, Fractional Cover and Anomaly detection. A future meeting will be held at GA in early 2015 to work out additional details and train the SEO to create a data cube and implement API tools.

13 Big Data Issues Australia’s approach... 200TB for 360 Landsat scenes. National Computational Infrastructure at Australian National University houses is the worlds 32 nd largest supercomputer Tanzania scales to 13% of Australia.... 26TB and 47 Landsat scenes. The SEO is uncertain where it will create the Tanzania Data Cube. The SEO is working with WGISS and NASA on possible solutions. If the Data Cube approach is promising, then we will need to consider regional “Big Data” Nodes to create and host other country-level Data Cubes.

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