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Statit’s Performance Indicator & Management Dashboard.

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1 Statit’s Performance Indicator & Management Dashboard

2 STATIT Insights for Objective, Sustainable & Defendable Decisions “I need to get the right information to the right people at the right time.” WITH STATIT piMD, I CAN.

3 Key Features Benefit—Save time, money and resources by automatically generating reports and analyses, accessing existing data and providing current information daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually—helps make your decision timely. Distribute reports via your internal intranet site; only need a browser We do not “own” the data; we access your existing data wherever on the network it may be User login/password allow you to provide reports to only those with the correct permissions Customizable—provide the information the way your information consumers want it. Access and display real-time information Sent automated email alerts when new data comes in, validations are made or action plans devised. Provide objective analyses to third party payers, JCAHO, CMS, etc. to assist in their evaluations

4 STATIT Insights for Objective, Sustainable & Defendable Decisions “I need to know that improving the bottom line also means improving patient care.” WITH STATIT piMD, I CAN.

5 Key Features Benefit—Compete and win consumer and payer organization business by reducing costs while improving quality. Analysis provided by Statit is objective, sustainable & defendable, clearly showing your “quality” advantage. “Predictable quality at a predictable cost”—by managing costs while maintaining or improving quality, you improve efficiency and profitability Compliant with the various regulatory and accrediting bodies Engages physicians in improvement activities and prepares them for pay for performance Compare and contrast clinical, operational, financial and quality key performance indicators for a single facility or a multi-facility enterprise

6 STATIT Insights for Objective, Sustainable & Defendable Decisions “I need to know how I can make a difference in the quality of patient care.” WITH STATIT piMD, I CAN.

7 Key Features Benefit—Using quality benchmarks in operational dashboards and translating those data to drive performance excellence is a strategic imperative. Personalized “my dashboard” allowing users access to specific indicators of interest Ability to validate data before releasing analysis to user community Business Owners and Content Experts can create corrective action plans interactively Dashboard and scorecard views present information in easy to understand red/yellow/green output to alert staff to status Access to information is frequent and timely Build understanding and consensus

8 STATIT Insights for Objective, Sustainable & Defendable Decisions “I need to know that if we make clinical changes, they will have the right impact.” WITH STATIT piMD, I CAN.

9 Key Features Benefit—Insights through our analyses based on current practices make current, mid and long-term decisions factually based. Trend charts comparing actual results to targets Phase charts that begin a new initiative and compare past to present User-defined triggers with automated emails if/when business rules are violated Communicate relevant quality control measures with internal and external parties Points out costly and/or unplanned variation Prioritizes areas of greatest opportunity Promotes positive change

10 STATIT Insights for Objective, Sustainable & Defendable Decisions “I need to know how my performance compares to my peers.” WITH STATIT piMD, I CAN.

11 Key Features Benefit—Provides physicians and clinical managers intuitive “pictures” of the quality of care they provide compared with their internal and other benchmarks dramatically reducing variation and saving millions of dollars and measurably improving quality Measure against peers relative to best practice and clinical pathways Provide the greatest opportunity for desired outcome Reduce “variation” costs Increase patient satisfaction Numerous analytic techniques to help pave the way to better understanding Objective analyses; not subjective Drill-down to finer granularity each step of the way

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