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1 Turning data into meaningful knowledge ADVantis™

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1 1 Turning data into meaningful knowledge ADVantis™

2 ADVantis Overview ADVantis is an easy to use and affordable interoperable connectivity solution that combines provider/hospital clinical data and payer administrative data and displays it as a combined report presented at point of care. This would change providers’ daily workflow, improve efficiency, decrease duplicate testing and help improve care coordination. Technology partner IGI Health

3 ACO Market Overview ACO is a new approach to healthcare delivery aimed at achieving the triple aim: better care, better health and lower cost trend There are 32 Pioneer and 116 MSSP ACOs. Commercial and Medicaid ACOs are also being formed. The key difference between Pioneer and MSSP is that Pioneers bear more financial risk but with greater reward.

4 CMS Pioneer ACO Case Study – Franciscan Alliance ACO 14 hospitals throughout Indiana & Illinois; awarded the Pioneer ACO in December 2011 Pioneer ACO focused on 3 Central Indiana Region (CIR) Hospitals in Indianapolis MSA ACO includes both employed and independent providers Epic EMR for employed physicians; independent providers on many disparate systems including Nextgen and Meditech Currently has 22,000 beneficiaries but expected to grow to over 100,000 in 2013 ACO Support System (ADVantis) went live on May 7 th, 2012 and is aggregating daily clinical and quality data files for the 22,000 beneficiaries from the hospitals Overall, they are collecting 21 of the 33 required CMS Quality measures Clinical and Quality data is combined with the claims data from CMS for the entire beneficiary population.

5 ADVantis Data Flow

6 User Data and Access Facility and EMR interfacing of clinical and quality data Claims data from Payer (CMS) Provider Portal Access Provider Single Sign On (SSO) Patient Access Patient Portal iOS and Android Mobile “Apps”

7 Provider Portal Access: Patient Search

8 Provider Portal Access: Patient Health Summary Dashboard

9 Single Sign On (SSO) from EPIC to display Portal Dashboard Ambulatory Screen Inpatient Screen

10 Episode Results Across Care Givers

11 Clinical Data from EHR/EMR interface

12 Provider Analytics Dashboard Overview Creates an up-to-date view of the patient’s care gaps by combining claims with clinical and quality data. Patient dashboard also displays past 12 month encounters and spending. Provider dashboard displays utilization, financial and quality reports for each provider’s panel of patients.

13 Combining Claims, Clinical and Quality data Claims Data

14 Combining Claims, Clinical and Quality data



17 Provider Dashboard: Disease Registry

18 ADVantis THANK YOU Anthony Akosa,MD,MBA VP of Medical Affairs & Informatics, ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc. (317) 816-6700

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