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Made by: Egri Dóra Class 7. c. MENU Gyopáros The main square Sand mine Well museum.

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1 Made by: Egri Dóra Class 7. c

2 MENU Gyopáros The main square Sand mine Well museum

3 GYOPÁROS Lake system Spa Outdoor pools Water park Saunapark

4 LAKE SYSTEM Lake of Gyopáros is in connection with other 4lakes: o South Lake o Lake Peace/Lake Sand mine o Lake Brickyard o Lake New Sand mine

5 SPA Rheumatic Medical treatment Illnesses

6 RHEUMATICS Medical gymnastic Masseur Physiotherapy Water exercises

7 ILLNESSES Physio- and balnealtherapy Centre awaits its guests with the latest healing devices and efficient medical treatments. Specialists assure individual and complex medical treatment according to the patients’ status and the type of their illnesses. The proposed period of the treatment at Gyopáros is 2-3 weeks. The natural curing effect of the water is supplied with different medical treatments and modern holistic medicine methods.

8 OUTDOOR POOLS The park and the outdoor pools offer traditional bathing facilities including the oldest medicinal pool covered by a unique glass roof, the tower pool, the swimming pool, children’s pool and outdoor medicinal pools.

9 WATER PARK The adventure pools were commissioned in May 2004 an investment carried out with governmental support on a territory more than 6000 square meters. The complexity disposes of 4 indoor and 3 outdoor pools, 2 huge slides, adventure elements, a fitness and a conference room, a drink bar and restaurants.

10 SAUNA PARK There are traditional and special sauna cabins like: light therapy, aromatic cabin, danarium, steam, infrared cabin, Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, plunge pool and a resting terrace.

11 THE MAIN SQUARE Our main square symbolizes that how important role water plays in our town.

12 SAND MINES Sand mines are popular places for fishing and resting.

13 THE WELL MUSEUM This well museum is the only one in Hungary. A local person, Kiss-Horváth Sándor collected the wells for 20 years then he offered them to the town. The museum has won the prize „the museum of the year” twice.


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